VIRTUAL Resources

Keeping our families busy and involved these days can be a bit of a challenge. Luckily the Internet has provided a few great opportunities to stay active, connected, boost education, and fulfill random interests.

The following is a list of VIRTUAL opportunities, some FREE & some PAID, I will provide links and a bit of info for YOU to check it out and decide if it is for you. [*please note, being listed here does NOT indicate any form of endorsement by me]

And don’t forget to check online resources on your local library’s website, your library card is usually needed for access.

I will up date this list as I find more opportunities.


Varsity Tutors ~ Virtual Field Trips

“Here young adventurers can sail the seven seas, explore languages and faraway cultures, and tour ancient civilizations—all in an afternoon’s work. Bring your curiosity, your sense of adventure—and maybe an after-school snack for the journey.


Tour Six Southern National Parks

“Thanks to national park virtual tours provided by the U.S. National Parks Service and Google Earth, you can see waterfalls, mountain views and a whole lot more from the comfort of your home.”


FREE 20-Minute Yoga Meditation Class

” Meditation is a powerful practice that disciplines the fluctuations of the mind so that in our everyday lives, we experience sharper focus, more confidence, creativity, problem solving, reduced stress and healing up those old, unresolved emotional blocks.”


Free Online First Aid, CPR and AED Courses

“Learn to save a life. You will need to create a FREE account.”


Living, Breathing, Writing

“Develop creative writing skills with the original blogs that the Living, Writing, Breathing Amazon Kindle Blog was based on, created by Author Chelle Cordero.”


FREE College Level Classes

“Take as many online college courses as you’d like. Zero tuition. Nominal fee for final exams for units of semester credit that could be applied to your degree when you enroll at a university.”