Book Promo: The Dead Gigolo Caper

The Dead Gigolo Caper
(Suds and Sam Book 4)
by Stella Marie Alden

The Dead Gigolo Caper (Suds and Sam Book 4) Kindle Edition

available 2/2/2020

This time, it’s murder but there’s no body and no motive. In fact, there’s no evidence of any foul play except for the word of a nosy busy-body with night-vision binoculars.

Despite big bucks, I suggest we pass on this case but Sam’s family butts in and of course, it explodes in our face. Now, we’re hip deep in a whole lot of shit better left to the police.

The good news? No more Joey. We moved into the loft above our new office space.
The bad news? They’re demolishing the place next door and the jackhammer’s sent our kitten into therapy.

Did I mention I had to gut the bathroom and we have no shower?

“Bill paying?”
“You can have that.”
“I can help.”
“I’ll do laundry as long as you throw your stuff in the hamper.”
“What’s a hamper?”
“I’ll man-splain it to you when we get home.”

Join Suds and Sam in another hilarious, kick-ass adventure. Warning, can become addicting.  Happily ever after guaranteed.

Pre-order Price: $3.99 to be auto-delivered to your Kindle on February 20, 2020

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“Do It To Myself” from Nova Miller

Nova Miller time travels listeners

with her new 70s inspired video for 

Do It To Myself

Nova Miller takes listeners on a time travel with the new music video to her bop “Do It To Myself” – listen here.  The single, which is about one recognizing their own toxic behavior, showcases Nova’s retro pop sound. In the video, we’re able to see different sides of Nova Miller as she travels through a 70s inspired vintage nightclub only to realize that the performer onstage looks just like herself. Nova explains the video from her perspective, “it gave me space to have fun and showcase the different sides of myself. As people, we have layers and I got to give my layers characters. You won’t see any emo Nova though, I’m all about keeping it positive.” 
With a sound that blends new school pop with vintage aesthetics, like the fluttering strings and harmonies of 60’s era groups, Nova Miller stands out from the crowd and she knows it. She elaborates saying, “Some of the challenges I face as a new artist are ‘don’t look to old, don’t look too young, be different! As a young girl I am discovering and realizing that I am different, I am enough, there is only one me and I’m super grateful to live my dream.” Nova Miller’s eccentric personality and her striking vocals have gained mass attention on her Tik Tok page (@novamillermusic). She shows off her acoustic capabilities and range, with videos hitting up to 570k views and over 500k followers.
The “Do It To Myself” video combines glam with soul, demonstrating Nova Miller’s style and showcasing the video direction from Chandler Lass. Nova Miller describes her favorite aspects of the video, ”First thing I wanna say is HAIR. I was living my best hair life. I had my long silky Cher hair, the Bridget Bardot boufount happening, we had the cute vintage Nancy Sinatra flick and some Nova Miller real girl hair going on too.” 
The track features The Mama’s & The Papa’s Sample ‘California Dreamin’ and is produced by The Monsters and the Strangerz, the production team behind Zedd’s “Middle” featuring Maren Morris, Grey, and Ariana Grande.
From sleeping in her father’s guitar case backstage while on tour with her parents to performing for the Crown Princess of Sweden, music has always been a part of Nova Miller’s life. Discovered by former artist turned music executive Lolene in a Stockholm dance studio at age 12, Nova has spent much of her life in the studio or on stage and she wouldn’t have it any other way. The multi-instrumentalist and 5 octave vocalist quickly learnt that dealing with opinionated personalities and constantly being underestimated in the music industry was a daily occurrence.
However, those experiences only made her stronger. “As girls, we have to be better, we have to do more to be seen. I’ll take that fight. I’ll work a bit harder, and I’ll prove myself.” Remarkably at just 18, that same unwavering sense of identity and strong minded lyrical narrative is at the heart of every word she writes, with empowering lyrics layered over shimmering splashes of pop. Not to mention perfect pitch!
Find Nova Miller online:

HEART OF MALENESS (on-sale 1/28/20)

French philosopher & sociologist Raphael Liogier
responds to #MeToo with “incisive critique
of the Western cultural construct of maleness”


Philosopher and sociologist Raphaël Liogier has closely followed the staggering outpouring of accounts of sexual harassment and rape from the many women’s voices that comprise the #MeToo movement.  Compelled by the movement’s importance, and fueled by a personal sense of disgust and dismay, Liogier draws on his academic expertise to lay bare the pernicious and disturbing logics at the core of gender in equality in HEART OF MALENESS: An Exploration (Other Press Paperback Original; On-Sale January 28, 2020). In the brazenness of Donald Trump, who brags about groping women, in the hypocrisy of outspoken progressives whose private behavior belies their so-called feminist ideals, and even occasionally in the good intentions of men such as Liogier who strive to be allies, we discover the influence of a deep-seated fantasy of male dominance. Conscious of his position as a white, affluent, heterosexual, cisgender male, Liogier does not engage with #MeToo through the privilege of a false sense of distance nor does he attempt to speak for women. Instead, Liogier uses his own distress, self-questioning, and academic training to dissect the contradictions guiding men’s perceptions of women. HEART OF MALENESS anatomizes the cultural imagination that shapes misogyny, demonstrating how stunning inequalities are sustained through common perceptions and everyday behaviors that rest on long histories.

With candor and sharp-edged clarity, Liogier demonstrates how the archetypal Prince Charming and a serial predator like Harvey Weinstein are two sides of the same coin – products of a worldview that not only places men’s desires above women’s, but also fundamentally doubts that women are even capable of knowing what they want. From the heroes of fairy tales and epic quests that “rescue” passive women, to the public catcallers and men who feel justified in pursuing women who have turned them down, the fantasy of male dominance recurs over and over again as a denial of women as free subjects in the philosophical sense.  Liogier makes visible the contemporary influence and damaging impact of the powerful and prevalent fiction that the free will of women is somehow incomplete, that their modes of expressing their will are always somehow deficient, and that their own desires remain a mystery to them.

Recent years have witnessed significant progress toward gender equality, from the ousting of prominent men accused of sexual misconduct to the unprecedented popularity of the 2019 Women’s World Cup. HEART OF MALENESS maps out the crucial work still to be done, first and foremost by addressing the core male fantasy about women’s bodies and minds.

By Raphaël Liogier; Translated by Antony Shugaar
Other Press Paperback Original • ISBN: 9781635429930
On Sale Date: January 28, 2020 • Price: $14.99

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“What Liogier has done here is to begin the long and arduous process of unknotting generations’ worth of thought, experience, and manipulation that have created a system of power and inequality that endangers all of us. It’s no easy task, but as Heart of Maleness shows, the dangerous and profoundly unfair status quo of gender must be reassessed, reexamined, and deconstructed, and ultimately replaced. This is an incredibly important beginning.”
 Jared Yates Sexton, author of The Man They Wanted Me to Be: Toxic Masculinity and a Crisis of Our Own Making

Mobile Life Support Services Honors Co-founder

Mobile Life Support Services Honors Co-founder,

Rick Metzger, 20 Years After Passing

It has been 20 years since the death of Frederick “Rick” Metzger, co-founder of Mobile Life Support Services. Rick and his wife Gayle established the company in 1981, and it has grown from a four-person operation to the largest ambulance service in the Hudson Valley. Last week, Gayle and her Mobile Life family honored Rick with a video testimonial celebrating his life and legacy that lives on in the emergency medical services industry.

Rick started his EMS career in the 1960s and became one of the first ever NYS-certified Paramedics in 1971. He later helped to found the Hudson Valley Regional Emergency Services Council, on which he served in multiple roles, including president and treasurer. Rick also held the position of president for the New York State Ambulance Association. A man ahead of his own time and industry innovator, he practiced what would eventually become EMS policies and procedures. He was an educator and a true expert in his field. He was an industry titan, caring for those in need and paving the way for future EMS providers.

Mobile Life began almost 40 years ago in the City of Newburgh. Now, the company provides emergency services to communities and healthcare facilities throughout the region, including the counties of Dutchess, Orange, Rockland, Ulster and Westchester. It operates a fleet of more than 70 emergency vehicles and employs approximately 500 emergency medical and office professionals.

“Rick’s dedication to emergency medical services and the creation of Mobile Life Support Services have touched countless lives. His impact reaches far beyond this company and into how emergency medicine is practiced in this region. He led by example as one of the most compassionate, intelligent and competent providers in the business. He’d be so proud of the continued fostering of the values and principles that were the foundation of our company as well as the education and training Mobile Life is able to provide – not just to its own staff, but also members of the community. All of these things are a reflection of our commitment to carry on his legacy by providing the highest quality of patient care to all who need it,” said Gayle Metzger, Mobile Life Owner and Chairman of the Board.

The company used its social media accounts to honor Rick on the 20th anniversary of his passing with a video montage featuring firsthand accounts of Rick’s life and legacy.

“He was our founder, original leader and, to many, a mentor, father figure and friend. Although 20 years have gone by since his passing, those who knew him, loved him, and those who loved him will forever remember him as kind, brilliant, fair and dedicated to his craft. May we continue to honor him every day by providing care and comfort to those in need without bias or judgement, as he did,” read the accompanying Facebook post shared by Mobile Life.

The video included stories shared by Gayle and several past and present Mobile Life employees, each with their own emotional, funny, honest and very genuine tributes.

“I remember the day I met Rick Metzger in October of 1985. I was a brand-new paramedic, and I walked into Mobile Life’s one and only station on Bridge Street in Newburgh and got a chance to actually sit down with Rick and talk a little about EMS and how I would fit in with Mobile Life. There’s one thing about the man that I think everyone who knew him would speak of: He was a mentor, he was a leader, he was all those things you apply to those people who are so formative in your life. A truly amazing man,” said Scott Woebse, current Mobile Life President & CEO.

To view the memorial video, visit Mobile Life Support Services on their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube page. To learn more about Mobile Life, visit Individuals interested in employment opportunities with Mobile Life should visit the company’s website to submit an application or inquire about educational opportunities to become certified.

About Mobile Life Support Services, Inc.

Mobile Life Support Services, Inc. is a New York State Certified Advanced Life Support paramedic ambulance company that provides emergency services to communities and healthcare facilities throughout the Hudson Valley Region of New York State, including the counties of Dutchess, Orange, Rockland, Ulster, and Westchester. Founded in 1981 by Rick and Gayle Metzger, Mobile Life is composed of more than 500 EMS professionals across the region and operates a fleet of more than 60 ambulances and 26 stations. With a collective population of more than 1,000,000 residents, Mobile Life handles approximately 100,000 calls per year. For more information, visit

Book Promo: Spinning Wheels by Eve Langlais

Spinning Wheels

(Mecha Origin Book 3)

by Eve Langlais

Best friends Zak and Ray have only one goal in life: Upgrade their bodies until they’re more metal than flesh.

But to do that, they need to find more gears. And who better to help them find lost treasure than a seer who can predict the future and decipher the past?

Funny how she didn’t predict her own kidnapping.

Nema isn’t impressed with her supposed rescue by the Siyborghs. Part male. Part metal. She doesn’t approve of the parasitic cogs in their bodies. Especially since they pose a danger.

That doesn’t stop her from desiring them.

Even more tantalizing, they both want her, too.

Can her ability to predict the future
help them find the objects of their desire?

Eve Langlais is a
New York Times and
USA Today Bestselling Author



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 The Fire This Time Festival, the destination for early career and emerging playwrights from the African diaspora, announces its 2020 dates. The 14-day festival, presented in collaboration with FRIGID New York, which annually honors Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. will take place from January 20 to February 2, 2020. This year, seven commissioned dramatists will be presented in repertoire as part of the annual celebration held at the Kraine Theater in the East Village.

The featured playwrights — Cyrus Aaron, Niccolo Aeed, Natyna Bean, Tyler English-Beckwith, Jay Mazyck, Deneen Reynolds-Knott, and Mario (Mars) Wolfe — in TFTT’s signature ten-minute play program wrestle with the pressing social issues that Black and brown communities have grappled with for decades. Some of the themes to be explored in January will include facing change as gentrification makes its way into a community; the psychological toll and skyrocketing costs of being a patient in the antepartum unit at a hospital in the U.S.; Afro-futurism and dystopia through the lens of environmental devastation; and, how we as a society benefit by affirming the lives Black trans women.

The OBIE award-winning company, founded by Kelley N. Girod is recognized as a springboard for Black playwrights, a destination for diverse audiences, producers and artists seeking new possibilities in contemporary theater. Girod further explains, “Building on the promise of the collective work we have steadfastly co-created, I am excited to focus on our organization’s sustainability and development. To secure this smooth transition, joining our producing team is Julienne Hairston (an accomplished playwright and TFTT alum) who will work closely with TFTT producers Cezar Williams and A.J. Muhammad. Our track-record of identifying playwrights and presenting plays in developmental stages that have gone on to successful Off-Broadway, regional and international productions speaks for itself; and building upon the strides we have accomplished together for our playwrights and our community require my laser focused attention as executive director and executive producer. Development and sustainability with a concentration on fundraising will ensure the work of our next-gen playwrights can count on the The Fire This Time Festival as a secure launching pad for their careers and artistic advancement.”

Synopsis of Ten-Minute Plays and Playwright Bios

Panopticon by Cyrus Aaron

Things are heating up outside, and two middle-aged men take a familiar spot in their neighborhood and shoot the breeze. They must face the fact that everything around them is changing drastically, but the one thing they intend to keep is their perspective.

Cyrus Aaron hails from Chicago and is a Brooklyn based creative writer. In 2016, Aaron wrote, directed and produced his first original play “Someday,” about the psychological plight of bias and conventional racism. In 2017 The Flea Theater presented a workshop of his short play “Coping Mechanism.” This play and “Make or Break,” a romantic comedy, were both staged at the Wild Project. His work has also been presented at other New York City venues including BRIC and SOHO HOUSE. When he’s not writing, Aaron spends his time empowering the youth.

One Morning Soon by Niccolo Aeed

“One Morning Soon” is about what happens after a Messiah is killed. It follows a community of believers as the messiah’s religion grows and twists and changes. It’s a play for anyone who wonders: why hasn’t God saved us yet?

Niccolo Aeed is a black/Palestinian writer and director based in New York.  He is half the comedy duo Marina & Nicco, whose sketches have appeared on “The New Yorker” and “Funny or Die.” Recent plays include: “Room 4” (The PIT), “Unpacking: A Ghost Story Told in the Dark” (HERE Arts) and “If You Do This Right You’ll Probably Break Their Chest” (Ars Nova.)  Nicco is a resident writer at Serials at The Flea Theater. He teaches storytelling with the Moth and sketch comedy at the UCB Theater.

Assumed Positions by Natyna Bean

During the first night in her new home, Naya discovers how easily a little distance can create a huge impact. When she finds herself arrested by the sudden shifts of someone she previously believed to know even better than herself, she is faced with the conundrum of whether or not she is willing – or able – to get to know this newfound stranger.

Natyna Bean is a Blk queer-femme educator-playwright from Philly. She listens, hears, and writes the world around her. The world reemerges in her plays: “malignant,” “outside clothes,” “GRAYS FERRY,” and “the meek,” and more. Her work has been developed in collaboration with Tectonic Theatre Company, Cape Cod Theater Project, Moving Arts Theater, 24 Hour Plays Nationals, etc. She’s a graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. Natyna’s been published in Beat&Prose; Not Here, Nor There; For Harriet: Soar and SpreadMassLOVE and is the recipient of a Kennedy Center Playwriting Award. She is currently pursuing an MFA in Playwriting at the New School University.

Maya and Rivers by Tyler English-Beckwith

Maya and Rivers are from a dead earth in search of a new life. They find it together, on the moon.

Tyler English-Beckwith is a recent graduate of the Dramatic Writing MFA program at NYU. She holds a B.A. in African and African Diaspora Studies as well as a B.A. in Theater and Dance from The University of Texas at Austin. Originally from Dallas, Texas, Tyler currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. Her plays include Mingus for which she received the 2018 KCACTF Paula Vogel Playwriting Award, was a 2019 O’Neill National Playwrights Conference finalist, and was a finalist for the 2018 Goldberg Playwriting Prize. Her play ”TWENTYEIGHT,” received a world premiere in 2017 at The Vortex in Austin, Texas where it received Honorable Mention on The Austin Chronicle’s Top Ten Plays of 2017. She is currently writing, co-directing, and starring in original content for Meow Wolf’s new narrative chapter, “The Rift” which can be seen online at and in their flagship exhibit House of Eternal Return in Santa Fe, NM.

 If Men Were Flowers by Jay Mazyck

Three flowers and a tree have noticed that the plants in their garden has been decreasing in numbers. As their vitality is put into question, they realize their sweet gardner, Dalia, is hiding a truth that will shake the very ground they call their home.

Jay Mazyck is from Brooklyn, NY. He is currently receiving acting training at Rutgers University. He starred in the Off-Broadway production of Chisa Hutchinson’s “Surely Goodness and Mercy” (Keen Company) after having participated in many college/high school shows and readings. A reading of his first full length play, “MAD,” was included in the Corkscrew Theater Festival. He is an alumnus of LaGuardia High School.

Antepartum by Deneen Reynolds-Knott

Two pregnant women navigate bedrest and broken expectations in a hospital’s Antepartum Unit.

Deneen Reynolds-Knott has developed work with Liberation Theatre Company’s Writing Residency, Project Y’s Playwrights Group, Rising Circle’s INKtank Development Lab and Frank Silvera Workshop’s 3in3 Playwright Residency. Her full-length play, “BATON,” was selected for the 2018 Premiere Play Festival and received a workshop reading at Premiere Stages, the 2017 Playfest at the Orlando Shakespeare Company and finalist for the 2017 PlayPenn and Bay Area Playwrights conferences. Deneen is a member of Clubbed Thumb 2019/2020 Early-Career Writers’ Group and was a finalist for their 2018 Open-Application Commission. Deneen is the co-creator and executive producer of “BULK,” a web series about friendships and romances within the gay bear community in New York City. She received her MFA in film from Columbia University.

I Wish I Could P. (Pay It No Mind) by Mario (Mars) Wolfe

Ariel and Jamil consider the next steps in their future, while Marsha P. Johnson shepherds the lost back home.

Mario (Mars) Wolfe is a genderqueer playwright, librettist, and performance activist from central Florida. Mars’s plays – “Bus 74”, “Middle ‘merica Mutations,” and “Click Fate” – have been read and performed at Victory Gardens, The Arc, Studio@620, and NoMads Art Collective. Mars was recently featured in the ArciTEXT Festival (“Goddess, Forbid”), Activate: Midwest Festival (“1st Imani 22nd Six”), and the Uncharted Festival with The New Colony (“Bertha Van Ation 3.0”). Mars’s plays “Party Goin On LIVE” and “Turnt the Screw; or a trigger warning” are currently being developed in Chicago. Education: The Theatre School at DePaul (2016); Juilliard (2018); Carnegie Mellon, MFA (upcoming 2022).

About The Fire This Time Festival:

The Fire This Time Festival was founded in 2009 by Kelley Girod to provide a platform for playwrights of African and African-American descent to write and produce evocative material for diverse audiences. Since the debut of the first 10-minute play program in 2010, presented in collaboration with Horse Trade Theater Group, The Fire This Time Festival has expanded into an annual theater festival which includes a flagship 10-minute play program, staged readings, a panel discussion and other programs.

Notable playwrights whose work has been featured by The Fire This Time Festival over the past decade include Katori Hall (book writer for “Tina: The Tina Turner Musical”; “The Mountaintop”; “The Hot Wing King,” “Our Lady of Kibeho,” “Hurt Village”), Dominique Morisseau (2018 MacArthur Fellow, book writer for the Broadway musical “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg: The Life and Times of The Temptations,” “Confederates,” “Paradise Blue,” “Pipeline,” “Skeleton Crew,” and “Detroit ’67”), Marcus Gardley (“The House That Will Not Stand,” “X: Or Betty Shabazz v. The Nation”), Antoinette Nwandu (2017-2018 Paula Vogel Playwriting Award; Colt Coeur 2017-2018 Commissioned Playwright; “Tuvalu Or, The Saddest Song,” “Pass Over”), Jocelyn Bioh (“School Girls, or the African Mean Girls,” “Nollywood Dreams,” “Goddess”), James Anthony Tyler (“Artney Jackson,” “Some Old Black Man,” “Dolphins and Sharks”), Jordan E. Cooper (“Ain’t No Mo'”); Jireh Breon Holder (“…What The End Will Be,” “Too Heavy For Your Pockets”); Aziza Barnes (“BLKS”); Charly Evon Simpson (“Behind The Sheet,” “Stained,” “Jump”); C.A. Johnson (“All The Natalie Portmans,” “The Climb,”),  Jonathan Payne (“A Human Being, of A Sort,” “The Revolving Cycles Truly and Steadily Roll’d”) and Nathan Yungerburg (“Esai’s Table”).

About FRIGID New York:

FRIGID New York at The Kraine Theater (formerly known as Horse Trade) is a theater development group dedicated to incubating and producing boundary pushing theater all year round at its East Village base. Through its Resident Artist Program, FRIGID New York at The Kraine Theater offers residence to a select group of independent theater artists by pooling together a great deal of talent and energy while focusing on their individuality as independent companies. FRIGID New York is an outgrowth of the annual FRIGID Festival, the first and only festival of its kind in New York City to offer artists 100% of their box office proceeds and The Kraine Theater, a self-sustaining theater development and management group.

For more information on The Fire This Time Festival, visit:

The Fire This Time Festival

Book Promo – Suds and Sam For Hire

Suds and Sam For Hire

by Stella Marie Alden

I made her promise.
Absolutely, positively,
no field work while I’m out of town.

When I find my forged signature and a rental car, I’m ready to wring her pretty, little, neck, except I can’t find her. How the hell did she get lost in a snow storm in Vermont?

Sam and Suds are at it again in this action-filled hilarious new adventure.

Pre-Order NOW on Amazon – KINDLE releases December 30

About Stella Marie Alden

Join her newsletter at:
Also, you can find me here:’s a born and bred Vermonter, musician, writer, programmer, and a do-it-yourself-er kind of woman who loves yoga, Zumba, jazz, her two cats, and of course, a good party!