Catskills Cabaret at Neve Shalom featuring Kenny Ellis

Kenny Ellis is perfectly at home performing at a Catskill’s resort, The Copacabana, The Improv, the Miami Beach club scene, a kibbutz, army camp or the national radio in Israel – or the stage in any synagogue here or abroad. With early career years spent working his way through the New York performing arts scene, from Broadway to upstate, Ellis counts singing with Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach z”l at the Roosevelt Hotel as one of the highlights of his career.

Ellis is most well known for his 2005 Hanukkah Swings CD, still a consistent top seller in its category on Amazon Music. “Part of my life’s work has been discovering new entertaining avenues to show what Jewish life can be. [The CD] is a celebration of Jewish life and music, not just for people of our culture and faith, but for everybody,” Ellis says of this work.

When he’s not performing or teaching, the Philadelphia-born Ellis serves as the cantor at Temple Beth Ami in Santa Clarita, CA (Los Angeles area), where he has worked since 2010. Prior to Temple Beth Ami, he was the cantor at Temple Beth Haverim in Agoura Hills, CA for 15 years.

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directions to:
Neve Shalom, 250 Grove Avenue, Metuchen NJ 08840

Book Promo: Prairie Fever by Tessa Layne

Playing doctor has never been so sexy.

Confirmed bachelor Gunnar Hansen, has successfully resisted the matchmaking efforts of Dottie Grace and her posse of granny wannabe’s. There’s no room in his life for love, or for starting a family of his own. Not when his hands are full running Hansen Stables and heading up the board of Prairie’s new medical clinic. But everything turns upside down when the socialite who ditched him at the altar years ago turns out to be Prairie’s new doctor.

Four years ago, fresh out of medical school, Suzannah Winslow took a gamble on a sweet-talking cowboy who left her high and dry… and pregnant. With her residency behind her, and an offer to become Prairie’s first and only physician, she can finally provide her daughter with stability she’s longed for. She has no interest in taking a second chance on a silver-tongued cowboy full of empty promises. Even if his smile still melts her panties.

But Gunnar has other ideas, and when he mounts a full-scale campaign to win back the woman he lost, will little Lula Beth become his unlikely ally or the wedge that drives them apart for good?

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View the Cowboys of the Flint Hills series.

About the author:

In Tessa Layne’s words, “I write smokin’ hot contemporary cowboy and military romances filled with tenderhearted tough guys and sassy strong women who capture their hearts.”

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What Del’s wife wants for her birthday

Please help this plea to go viral, thank you.

a kidney for Del Du-Bois

Today, September 5, is Bobi’s birthday.

Happy Birthday!

This is her biggest wish for her birthday…

Today is my birthday. I have received many warm well wishes from friends and family. I am very grateful for all of the wonderful expressions for continued health, happiness and much joy. However, the gift I truly desire is a viable kidney for Del, my partner, my husband, father of our children, and love of my life.

Please help save Del’s life. He desperately needs a kidney and has been on the kidney transplant list for over 4 and a half years. The waiting lists for transplants are excessively long and hardly enough to meet the needs. I am asking for each one of you to please spread the word to family, friends, co-workers and anyone else who will listen that we need someone to donate a kidney for my husband, Del. If…

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Book Review: The Little Blue Book for Authors: 101 Clues to Get More Out of Facebook by Gisela Hausmann


As always, Ms. Hausmann is right on target!

Gisela Hausmann doesn’t mince words, she doesn’t waste time building your ego, but she does put a lot of time building expertise. I’ve read several of her books and each one has presented an Ah-hah moment and made me examine how I’ve done things to date and how I could improve.
She certainly says it best, “Unhinge the Titanic’s doors and use them to build rafts!” – Gisela Hausmann


The Little Blue Book for Authors:
101 Clues to Get More Out of Facebook

by Gisela Hausmann (Author), Divya Lavanya (Editor)
Tens of thousands of authors network on Facebook. Most of them complain that many of their friends and fans don’t see their postings.

Gisela Hausmann, author of the naked, no-fluff book series for authors reveals 101 Clues to get more out of Facebook. Content: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket Basics & Legalities Data Concept & Problem Profile page/Friend page Facebook Fan Pages Facebook Ads Facebook Groups Group Discussions Aligning Your Goals With Facebook’s Goals Videos Final Thoughts

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A New Author, a New Book: Chasing Love by Meredith McNeil

Chasing Love

Megan didn’t have a great start in life. When she was eighteen months old she was diagnosed with an illness that would prove to change the direction of her life. As a child, she was bullied relentlessly which caused her to build walls and prevented her from making connections with her peers. She never felt completely loved or accepted by any man and feared she would never find true love. Megan decided to join the Army and move away from all that she knew to start over. She meets Jay while stationed in South Korea, and finds that they have an instant connection that is unexplained. Their relationship faces many obstacles including alcohol, sex, third party situations, and pregnancy. Megan and Jay can not seem to stay away from one another. She believes that Jay is her soulmate, but his engagement proves to be an obstacle in moving their relationship to the next level. Their attraction is a magnet that continues to bring them back together even when they know that it is wrong. This book is the first in a series on Megan’s quest for self discovery and to capture the heart of her twin flame.
Amazon review:
5 starsCouldn’t put the book down. Excellent book really tugs at the heart and has one feeling the need to squeeze and hug Meagan.
Excellent writing and easy reading. Can’t wait for the next book in series. Huge hugs to a great author. Hope not to wait too long to keep reading.

A Tribute to Barbara Bush

The following article, written by Tom Rosshirt, was published in 1972 by Creators Syndication. I have permission to reprint this article which talks of Mrs. Bush’s remarkable compassion.

1925 – 2018

Thank You, Mrs. Bush

My brother Matt died of AIDS 26 years ago today, passing away in his bed in my parents’ home in Houston.
It was a benighted time for people with AIDS. There were no antiretrovirals then. There was nothing much you could do for an AIDS patient but hold his hand. And many people still thought you could get AIDS by touching. My parents knew of individuals who’d been fired from their jobs for volunteering for AIDS organizations. That’s how crazy the fear was.
As Matt was dying, we were befriended by a man named Lou Tesconi, a volunteer from the local AIDS organization. Lou came by to visit with Matt and to offer whatever service and kindness he could to my mom and dad.
Shortly after Matt died, Lou began studies to become a Catholic priest. Within the year, he was diagnosed with AIDS and kicked out of the seminary. Lou was a lawyer by training and temperament. He appealed the judgment to a Catholic bishop, who then asked Lou to found and head a ministry for people with AIDS. It was called Damien Ministries and was established in a poor part of Washington, D.C.
In early 1989, when the country was still very ignorant and fearful of AIDS, Lou got a call from the White House. First lady Barbara Bush was planning to visit Grandma’s House, a home for infants with AIDS. It was one of the very first outings in her tenure as first lady, and Lou was asked to join a team of people to brief her privately before the event.
During the briefing, Lou told me later, he said: “Mrs. Bush, it is a fantastic thing that you are holding these babies with AIDS. But the country sees them as innocent and the rest of us with AIDS as guilty. The whole suffering AIDS community needs a collective embrace from you today.”
Lou thought he was speaking metaphorically. Apparently, Mrs. Bush doesn’t do metaphor. She stood up, walked over to Lou and gave him a big hug.
After the briefing, Mrs. Bush took a tour of the facility as she talked to the press. She hugged, kissed and played with three little girls and then nailed the message: “You can hug and pick up babies and people who have … HIV. … There is a need for compassion.”
At the news conference afterward, Lou stood by his point on Mrs. Bush’s visit: “I’m afraid that it may send a message that babies are innocent and can be helped,” he said, “but that the rest of us aren’t.” He added: “I told her it would certainly help to get a collective hug from the first lady.”
Then, again, this time in front of the cameras, Mrs. Bush wrapped Lou up in a big embrace.
Mrs. Bush wrote of this visit in her memoirs. She noted that “even then, people still thought that touching a person with the virus was dangerous.” But she didn’t give herself any credit for dealing a blow against stigma by embracing a gay man with AIDS in 1989.
Lou had a buzz from that hug that never went away.
In the fall of 1991, near Thanksgiving, I got a call from a friend that Lou had gone into the hospital again. He didn’t have to tell me that it was for the last time. I called the White House and asked whether I could speak to the first lady’s office. I was a nobody press secretary on the Hill. I didn’t expect anyone in the White House to talk to me. Suddenly, I was speaking with the first lady’s press secretary, Anna Perez, who had accompanied Mrs. Bush to Grandma’s House that day. I began to recount the events of two years before, and she saved me the time: “I remember Mr. Tesconi,” she said. I explained Lou’s condition and said, “It would be so comforting for him to receive a letter from Mrs. Bush.”
A few days later, I went to see Lou in the hospital. As soon as he saw me, he reached beside his bed with a slow and shaky hand and pulled out a letter: “Look what I got,” he said.
The letter was unflinching and full of love. She didn’t duck the issue that Lou was dying. She used it as a pivot to say, “Well-done.” At the bottom, in her own hand, she wrote to Lou that his life mattered, that he had made an impact.
That was a long time ago. But some things you don’t forget — and shouldn’t. In a time of ignorance, her wise touch eased the sting of exclusion for my friend and many others.
Thank you, Mrs. Bush.

Tom Rosshirt was a national security speechwriter for President Bill Clinton and a foreign affairs spokesman for Vice President Al Gore. To find read features by Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate webpage at COPYRIGHT 2018 CREATORS.COM

Review of: Crossed Lines by Jessica Cross

I needed to turn the pages to know what was coming

Ms. Cross tells an intriguing tale of mistakes and losses and yet the heroine still rises from the ashes. Crossed Lines is a tale that kept me turning pages NEEDING to know what would happen next. I strongly recommend this book.
~ reviewed by Chelle Cordero, Author of Passion & Suspense


Crossed Lines: How Could She Have Known That What She Desired The Most Would Become Her Undoing

As she taps on the computer, using writing as part of her recovery from a debilitating stroke at age 35, Jessica Cross not only overcomes the worst thing that happened in her young life ― she finds her true calling! In her debut story, Crossed Lines: What Lies Buried Within the Heart, we meet Sandra, a woman who believes she’s living the “perfect life” until her dreams expose an unfulfilled longing. But it’s what happens after she satisfies that longing that propels her life into a downward spiral as secrets and passions collide for a cataclysmic undoing of not only Sandra’s world, but the lives of many others, in an intriguing tale of love, greed and karma.

In her new novel, Jessica Cross explores the mythical “perfect life” and how a closer examination can expose an emptiness that demands to be filled, whatever the cost. The well-paced storyline and believable characters combine to create a raw and profoundly beautiful book that readers will find hard to put down.

Some of Crossed Lines might have come straight from Cross’s own experiences. After bearing a child at the age of 17, she doggedly pursued an education that led to her own dream life: a rewarding career, a loving husband and children. But at the age of 35, she was dealt a crippling blow: a stroke that left her hospitalized for months with a paralyzed right side and an inability to work.

Two years later, still in rehabilitation and out of work, Cross began punching at a computer keyboard to restore function to her arm and hand. Having little interest in typing mindlessly, she began writing what would become Crossed Lines.

In addition to writing, Cross is a motivational speaker, an activist in education and wellness, and an advocate for women’s empowerment.

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Crossed Lines: What Lies Buried Within the Heart
The Luvv Syc Alliance
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