Appear on the Potpourri Parlor

The Potpourri Parlor

Features book promotions, interviews and profiles, 
entertainment reviews and guest bloggers about anything writing-related.

(the following is the normal schedule)

Mondays: Book Promos  – Send me a short blurb about your book, attach a jpeg of your cover, send me a buy-link, if it hasn’t been released yet send me the expected release date, and a few sentences about the author. Include a short excerpt if you would like.


Wednesdays: Interviews or Guest Blogs – I can send you sample questions or you can write a blog post (any topic except straight promo) approx. 350 words. Submit BRIEF bio, headshot/author pic, book cover or company logo, links, etc. Will also feature WOMAN IN CHARGE (see suggested questions below)


Fridays: Entertainment Reviews – Send me a review about your own book AND details about your book, or send a review that YOU wrote about a book, movie or TV show, include details about the book, etc. You must be sure you are allowed to share the review. NO negative reviews will be posted.

*Please note, I RE-POST reviews & rarely write my own. If you send a book unsolicited I will not promise to review it, it depends on my other commitments and time – you are welcome to query first. Thanks.


Saturday/Sunday: Weekend Guest Blog – Send me an essay (approximately 300-350 words) about ANYthing writing related. This can be informational, humorous, personal experience, etc. Use your imagination. I will consider NON-writing related posts at my discretion.


Send all contributions to:  Please put POTPOURRI in the subject line & the feature you would like to be featured in. I will send you a link to publicize when you are featured – depending on the feature it takes an average of 1 week to 2 months. (I will feature all books BUT my blog is PG-13 at worst so some words may be substituted or some book covers may not be shown at MY discretion) Be sure to include YOUR important links. 

~suggested questions for Woman-in-Charge:

You can either answer the questions (you choose only what you want to answer) directly – or write two to four paragraphs from your own perspective:

1)      Can you briefly describe your job/position? Tell us a little bit about your company.

2)      How long have you been in this position? Did you move into this spot from another position in the same company? What did it take to advance to this spot?

3)      Have there been any major changes in the position’s responsibilities/description since you have been in the spot?

4)      What kind of education or training do you have? Was this current position a goal of yours? What were your original career goals?

5)      What is the basic male to female ratio at your company? Do you feel that this was a factor in your earning your position? In what way?

6)      Do you have any staff “above you”? Is your immediate supervisor male or female?

7)      Did this position exist before you were placed in it? Are you the first female to hold this position in your company?

8)      How are you received by others in your place of employment? By males in your company? By other females in your company?

9)      Are there any other factors that you know of that might influence your reception by others? (ie: ethnic, family connections, school alumni, age, etc.)

10)   Have there been any negatives because you are a female in this spot? Is your salary on par with other personnel, specifically males, in this or similar positions? Do you feel that you receive the respect and cooperation your position is entitled to?

11)   How does the outside world treat you as a female in this position? Is this normally a male-dominated spot?

12)   What advice would you give to a young woman who might be looking at your type of position/career in the future?

Please include your full name (as used at work) and title (Ms, Miss, Mrs)

What is your exact Job Title?

Do you have a personal web-site? And/or a company web-site?

Would you be willing to check back at this site in a day or two after your blog appears to respond to any comments from readers?

 Thanks for being a part of this!


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