The Costigan Family Secrets series by Charmaine Gordon

It begins with a dream.

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Reconstructing Charlie

A teen age girl in Minnesota in a family lives in fear of a drunken father who returns every Friday night to take advantage of his oldest daughter and pretty wife. The daughter, Charlie, protects Mom when he attempts to strike her with a tire iron. This time the strong Charlie wrests it from his filthy hands to strike him. Blood pours all over the linoleum floor. His eyes are empty. Her mother packs a suitcase and sends her off to the bus station with a note. This is my daughter. Embrace her as if she were her your own.

Determined, Charlie begins again. Alone with her secret.


Sin of Omission

A rose by any other name is still as sweet.
Shelley Jackson, roommate and best friend of Charlie Costigan has a secret. She has fallen in love with Jimmy Costigan, Charlie’s younger brother, encouraged him to attend and finish architech college to highest honors and sees her way out on the graduation grounds holding two tiny white baby boys. Her lovely Gran is there with her. He’s shocked. Rushing to see her and the babies, he knows they are his. All the brilliant Shelley wants is for him to name one. He’ll have to think about it but first he touches one and then the other. Captured by the white twins, he offers a home. The story begins otherwise the story will end.

 The Catch

Tom Donnelly finds himself at the lowest ladder of the law firm he belongs to. In a family of cops, Tom doesn’t fit anywhere and now he must climb back after making new friends. He meets Joanne Mckenna Friedman and the world begins for him. And for her.

About the Author, Charmaine Gordon:

Charmaine -10 sATURATED_pp8x10g-72yYears of experience as an actor on daytime drama. Stage, spokesperson and commercials plus writing sketches for Air Force shows helped prepare me for the wonders of a writing career. Of course, I didn’t realize it at the time when immersed in the written words of others, that I was like a sponge, soaking up how to construct a scene, write dialogue, and paint the setting.

My writing effort came later when I wrote a two page story, sent it to son, Paul who commented, “Cool. Can you write ten pages?” Seemed impossible but the story poured from my fingers and seventy thousand words later, I typed The End.

I kissed my acting career goodbye, leaving on a high note with the lead in an Off Broadway play, “The Fourth Commandment” author Rich Knipe. It was great fun and time to move on. Movies like “Working Girl”, “Road to Wellsville” and having the pleasure of Anthony Hopkins company at lunch, working with Mike Nichols in “Regarding Henry” and singing outside with Harrison Ford, crying with Gene Wilder over loss on another set, When “Harry Met Sally” with the whole gang singing It Had to Be You. Lots of fond memories. My first job as stand-in leg model for Geraldine Ferraro in a Diet Pepsi commercial with Secret Service men guarding her and her daughters. A sweet time.

One last memory and a funny one at that. A casting call went out for an actor with a Betty White voice. Talent in the tri-state area scouted and I was the only one who fit the bill. A voice-over accomplished for a nutritious drink for seniors; another credit added to my resume. I smile every time I see and hear Ms White on television and recall yet another sweet time.

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Together,  Again. There are two more sisters left behind in Utah where the the Wicked mother has left them behind. Twin sisters, remarkably athletic and capable in all subjects.. Big sister Charlie steps in to help out with the basketball team and get them into other subjects. Like the other Costigans, they will bring adventure and honor to the Alfred family.