Book Promo: Prairie Fever by Tessa Layne

Playing doctor has never been so sexy.

Confirmed bachelor Gunnar Hansen, has successfully resisted the matchmaking efforts of Dottie Grace and her posse of granny wannabe’s. There’s no room in his life for love, or for starting a family of his own. Not when his hands are full running Hansen Stables and heading up the board of Prairie’s new medical clinic. But everything turns upside down when the socialite who ditched him at the altar years ago turns out to be Prairie’s new doctor.

Four years ago, fresh out of medical school, Suzannah Winslow took a gamble on a sweet-talking cowboy who left her high and dry… and pregnant. With her residency behind her, and an offer to become Prairie’s first and only physician, she can finally provide her daughter with stability she’s longed for. She has no interest in taking a second chance on a silver-tongued cowboy full of empty promises. Even if his smile still melts her panties.

But Gunnar has other ideas, and when he mounts a full-scale campaign to win back the woman he lost, will little Lula Beth become his unlikely ally or the wedge that drives them apart for good?

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View the Cowboys of the Flint Hills series.

About the author:

In Tessa Layne’s words, “I write smokin’ hot contemporary cowboy and military romances filled with tenderhearted tough guys and sassy strong women who capture their hearts.”

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Book Promo: Rope a Falling Star by Siobhan Muir

Rope a Falling Star
(Triple Star Ranch Book 1)

Three time bronc-riding champion Tom Colton’s dream of a fourth title ends when he draws Wooden Nickel, a mean little bronc with more twists than a maze. With his heart no longer in rodeo, he figures it’s time to go home to the Triple Star Ranch, the PTSD therapy ranch he and his dad founded to help others with trauma in their pasts. Tom just wants a little time to nurse his hurts and consider his next move.

Amber Hillcrest started out as a Triple Star client and stayed on as a massage therapist. Her dog Nimbus keeps her PTSD in check, but her heart remains bruised. She knows she’s too old and too broken for love, especially with the son of her boss, but he’s hot enough to fill her fantasies for years to come.

Amber tries to keep it professional between them, but Tom proves too irresistible with his big heart and charm. But someone is sabotaging the Triple Star and the neighboring Fantasy Ranch, and an ex-girlfriend keeps coming around, trying to reconnect with Tom. Tom’s hands are full of problems instead of the luscious massage therapist. But when Amber gets kidnapped, Tom will move heaven and earth to get her back and tell her how he truly feels.

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About the Author

  Siobhan Muir lives in Cheyenne, Wyoming, with her husband, two daughters, and a vegetarian cat she swears is a shape-shifter, though he’s never shifted when she can see him. When not writing, she can be found looking down a microscope at fossil fox teeth, pursuing her other love, paleontology. An avid reader of science fiction/fantasy, her husband gave her a paranormal romance for Christmas one year, and she was hooked for good.

In previous lives, Siobhan has been an actor at the Colorado Renaissance Festival, a field geologist in the Aleutian Islands, and restored inter-planetary imagery at the USGS. She’s hiked to the top of Mount St. Helens and to the bottom of Meteor Crater.

Siobhan writes kick-ass adventure with hot sex for men and women to enjoy. She’s the recent winner of the Best Paranormal Romance for 2014 Dream Awards. She believes in happily ever after, redemption, and communication, all of which you will find in her paranormal romance stories.

Book Promo: Lassoing A Groom, Sweet Historical Western Romance Short Stories

Lassoing A Groom

by Jacquie Rogers, Tracy Garrett, Kirsten Lynn, Kristy McCaffrey, Linda Hubalek and Kathleen Rice Adams

Sweet Historical Western Romance Short Stories

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How is a woman supposed to catch a husband? In the wild, wild west, she’s got to find a way to Lasso a Groom! Some of them are lawmen…some are outlaws. Ranchers and homesteaders are fair game, as well—none of ’em safe from love’s lariat, or the women who finally manage to rope ’em in!

DON’T GO SNARING MY HEART by Jacquie Rogers 
Can rancher Dex Madsen get past loner Betsy Lynch’s goats and killer chicken to help save her mining claim and win her heart? 

RACE TO MARRY by Kirsten Lynn 
He’s in town to tame a man-killer. She’s accused of being one. When she proposes marriage the race is on. 

WANTED: THE SHERIFF by Tracy Garrett 
He’s a confirmed bachelor…but she’ll capture his heart. 

CANYON CROSSING by Kristy McCaffrey 
In search of her brother, Annabel Cross enters Grand Canyon. When U.S. Deputy Marshal Angus Docherty rescues her from a cliff side, her most guarded secret might save them. 

Will a dangerous man from Gussie Hamner’s past sabotage the future she’s building with Noah Wilerson? 

THE WORST OUTLAW IN THE WEST by Kathleen Rice Adams 
An inept bank robber and a bossy spinster team up to rob an empty vault. What could go wrong?

5.0 out of 5 stars As Good As It Gets
By Rising Star Reviews

Lassoing a Groom is as good as its counterpart, Lassoing a Bride.

In this anthology, you will read stories that will make you smile, chuckle, and laugh right out loud.

Jacquie Rogers writes a trademark tale, one that we have come to identify with her. A great romp of fun and hilarity until feisty Becky Lynch finally snares her man–good hearted Dex Madsen.

Kirsten Lynn’s story is very clever and well-written. Who would think of a Race for a Bride but Kirsten? When Cal Renner encounters this brave and wily woman, he can’t resist helping her.

Tracy Garrett uses her wonderful talent of writing romance and manages to get a groom for spinster Martha Bittner. She’s waited four years to snag Sheriff Matthew Tate, and now she’s not waiting anymore. Wait until you see what she does.

Kristy McCaffrey pairs a determined woman with a more determined U.S. Marshal in this fun read. From the first page to the last, you’ll wonder who is the mysterious figure who whispers in Annabel’s ear–and why.

Linda Hubalek has a heroine who has just bought an abandoned homestead. But the ex-owner shows up for his own reasons to reclaim it. When push comes to shove, the citizens of the town step in to help the couple move along to their happily ever after.

Kathleen Rice Adams–who but this writer could think of this plot. I promise, you will love the worst outlaw in the west when he encounters a spinster who is desperate to save her bank. Man, does she have ideas!

Book Review: Murder for Greenhorns


Things Are Not Always As They Seem

By Jim Duggins, Ph.D.  (Rancho Mirage, CA USA)
This Amazon review is from: Murder for Greenhorns (Warbonnet Mystery) (Paperback)
For an interesting diversion for mystery/hystorical novel aficionados try “Murder for Greenhorns” by Robert Kresge, a pleasant beach book read. This story is fast moving, offers the expected bashful cowboy and a gal fleeing her eastern past for a position as schoolmarm in the western town of Wasrbonnet, Wyoming. There, two strangers are accompanied by famed marshal Sasm Taggart when they are bushwhacked and the marshal is killed.

The two, Kate Shaw and Monday Malone team up to try to find out who dunnit. The clever plot then twists as the cowboy assumes the identity of the dead marshal and give his name to the cadaver, buried as Sam Taggart. As the new marshal replacing the dead man, “Murder for Greenhorns” then revolves around a two week period they have to solve problems which is then tensed by their acceptance by the townspeople who know nothing of the lie [the death of the legitimate marshal], they’ve invented as a “cover.” while they search for the murderer(s).

“Murder for Greenhorns” is an engaging fast read as its plot develops amidst an increasing set of twists and turns, the puritanical values regulated for women vs. the women-hungry miners and ranchers in the area. A strength and weakness may lie in the language of these folks – no four letter words we’d censor in a YA novel, but sometimes artificial among men on a ranch or working a mine.

While the plot is complicated enough to hold your attention and to entertain you, characterization is too “expected.” Good against bad, and cardboard roles that are defended but never maturely developed. A good fast read for plane or beach.

Book Description:

When lawman Sam Taggart is killed by a long-range rifle shot, his two traveling companions, newly-minted schoolteacher Kate Shaw and Texas cowboy Monday Malone, are left unharmed. The shooter’s tracks point toward their destination, the town of Warbonnet. Since Kate and the marshal were hired sight-unseen, on the basis of letters, she persuades a reluctant Monday to take Taggart’s identity in hopes of rooting out the killer.

Now these two greenhorns have to survive long enough to find a murderer. Can they also endure the bitter secrets each of them carries in their hearts?

After a career as a CIA senior analyst, Rob Kresge was inspired by early Wyoming history, a territory and state which, to paraphrase Churchill on the Balkans, “manufactured more history than could be consumed locally.” Kresge took pieces from his own background (such as learning to ride in Wyoming’s Tetons) to craft a story made possible by the lack of identity documents in the early West. “Basically, you could be anyone you claimed to be. Unless you met up with someone who knew better.”

About the Author:

Rob Kresge grew up in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC, but got to travel to the West as a boy. He graduated from the University of Missouri with a bachelor of journalism degree in 1968, served four years on active duty in the Army (including 1969-70 in Vietnam), got married in 1973 and joined the CIA that same year. He worked as an analyst on Vietnam, North Korea, international terrorism (two tours, including as a founding member of the Counterterrorist Center), gray market arms dealers (like terrorists, but with suits, yachts, and private jets), and sanctions on the former Yugoslavia that contributed to the Dayton Peace Accords in the Balkans.

Rob retired from the Army Reserve in 1998 and from the CIA in 2002. Since then, he has lived and written in Albuquerque, New Mexico with his wife and first reader, Julie.

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Native American romance set among the Apsaroke/Crow in the 1830s.

Moon Hawk is playing a dangerous game. Her heart is set on Winter Man, but why would a man with so many lovers want to take a wife?
Challengining his virility captures Winter Man’s attention, but their tease and spar soon spirals beyond control, threatening Moon Hawk and her family with ridicule and shame. Is this Winter Man’s intention, or is a deeper, more cunning plan coming to fruition?

From buffalo hunting to horse raiding, this is a story of honor among rival warrior societies and one woman’s determination to wed the man of her dreams.

The cold water of the creek had been unusually invigorating. Perhaps it had merely been the company and the circumstance. Moon Hawk believed so, but it seemed imprudent to delve too deeply into the reasons for her intensified senses. She walked at Winter Man’s side seeing new colours in the dry, over-grazed pasture they trod, a different beauty in the cloud formations above their heads. The air seemed never to have smelled so sweet, or the breeze to have felt so vital. She locked her arm about her husband’s for the sheer enjoyment of his touch, and listened to him laugh and joke with the young men who constantly called out to him.
Meat was waiting outside their tipi, a kettleful already cooked. It steamed busily when she removed the lid.
“I think we are about to entertain guests,” Winter Man mused, raising a jocular eyebrow.
Moon Hawk lifted the kettle into the lodge and lost no time in preparing a fire for it to sit over. She brushed Winter Man’s hair as a wife should, and painted his face as he directed. Then she sat and let him brush her hair and let him paint her face. She felt as proud as any married woman ever could. It was a husband’s act of love and devotion that everyone in the village could see.

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Native American romance set among the Apsaroke/Crow in the 1830s.

Moon Hawk is playing a dangerous game. Her heart is set on Winter Man, but why would a man with so many lovers want to take a wife?
Challengining his virility captures Winter Man’s attention, but their tease and spar soon spirals beyond control, threatening Moon Hawk and her family with ridicule and shame. Is this Winter Man’s intention, or is a deeper, more cunning plan coming to fruition?
From buffalo hunting to horse raiding, this is a story of honor among rival warrior societies and one woman’s determination to wed the man of her dreams.


‘Did you throw that?’
Moon Hawk swallowed her fear and lifted her chin. ‘I didn’t mean to hit you,’ she said. ‘My throw was wild.’
‘Wild? No woman’s throw can be that wild!’
Moon Hawk flashed her eyes at him to give her words more vehemence. ‘I slipped,’ she said, and pointed behind her to some imaginary obstacle in the grass. ‘Do you think I would waste a hit on you?’
She glanced across to the young people disporting themselves in the sunshine. As she knew he would, Winter Man followed her gaze.
She looked back at him in time to see his face registering utter disbelief that any young woman would prefer someone of no account to him.
‘I am Winter Man!’ he bellowed indignantly. ‘I am a Good Young Man.’
Moon Hawk gave a casual shrug of her shoulders. ‘I know that.’
Her reply seemed to cut him to the quick. She took a step towards her friends.
‘Ha!’ Winter Man spat after her. ‘Your lover seems to have deserted you. No boy waits for you that I can see.’
Moon Hawk’s heart sang. He’d drawn on the bait as her mother had said he would. She swallowed her smile of excitement and turned back to him with a look of disdain.
‘Lover? I have no lover! I am chaste. There’s not a man alive who can entice me.’

Available as ebook and paperback
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