Book Promo: Out There: A Story of Ultra Recovery By David Clark

Out There: The Zen Of Recovery, Weight Loss,
Compassion And Competition

Transforming from a 320+ pound alcoholic and addict into a healthy and happy Buddhist, Libertarian, vegan and elite athlete took David Clark way out there. Now, with ten years of sobriety, his unique perspective is inspiring others to reach deep inside and break free of destructive habits. He shares his amazing story in a bestselling book, Out There: A Story of Ultra Recovery.

“Healthy mind and body is where I found peace,” says Clark.  “My hope is that people are able to see, through my story, that there are no boundaries to what we can achieve.” He credits extreme endurance sports for his path to recovery. He ran the Boston Marathon four times in a single day last year, and recently ran four consecutive 50K ultramarathons in four days on a treadmill while attending this year’s ISPO Show in Munich, Germany.

Clark’s spiritual transformation into a practicing Buddhist combined with a fierce drive to compete and win give him a balanced view of a world where compassion and competition seldom work in tandem. Out There is a candid story of addiction and recovery; the lessons learned provide inspiration to never give up despite life’s challenges. It is brutally and unflinchingly honest—and a testament to the power of redemption and the human spirit.

A running coach, sponsored runner and inspirational speaker, David Clark owns a gym near Boulder, Colorado. Prior to running his Quad Boston, he has competed in some of the most difficult endurance races on the planet. An elite athlete, Clark is well respected in the national running community.

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By David Clark
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by Shmarye Primack

Shmarye Primack has completed his most recent book “Sure-Fire Weight Reduction & Longevity Program”:  a true solution for life, details methods of weight loss that are recommended and taught in weight loss clinics.

Published by Fulton Books, Shmarye Primack’s book features a philosophy for healthy living spiritually, emotionally, and physically proving fruitful for anyone wanting to be morally strong and extraordinarily fulfilled.

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Arlene Maletta, B.A., B.S., M.S., Ph.D. says, “As a nutritionist, I have referred to information, such as that espoused in “Sure-Fire Weight Reduction and Longevity Program” quite often. In addition, I adhere to many of the practices mentioned in this book in my own life. Combining a philosophy for healthy living spiritually, emotionally, and physically, certainly can prove fruitful for anyone wanting to be morally strong and extraordinarily fulfilled.”

“Sure-Fire Weight Reduction and Longevity Program” is a comprehensive and effective program that can help everyone to lose the weight they need to lose, keep it off and live a longer and healthier life. The methods recommended are the same as we teach our weight loss patients in our clinic.

I highly recommend “Sure-Fire Weight Reduction and Longevity Program” as the ultimate manual on the subject of weight loss andlongevity.” —Dr. Earnest C. Didde-Esteban, Ph.D., OMD, DCH, L.Ac., Dr. Pamela Rae Davis, Ph.D., OMD, DCH, L.Ac

Readers who wish to experience this life changing work can purchase“Sure-Fire Weight Reduction & Longevity Program” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.