Book Promo: The (not so) Little Book of Surprises by Deirdre Hade & William Arntz

A Mystical Journey Into The Beauty
And Awe Of Life, And The Daily Power Of Transcendence Through Surprise

What is surprise in your life but an instant opportunity for transformation? A moment that can send you ascending into joy and wonder, or spiraling into deep thought and life-changing new awareness.

An eye-catching beautiful and whimsical book The (not so) Little Book of Surprises brings that home in—of course—surprising ways! A mystical journey into consciousness, an exploration of what touches our hearts, a glimmering reflection on nature and our selves, and a plea for becoming our better angels are just some of the touchstones in store for readers as they experience the poetic exquisiteness of this gem.

This rumination on surprise comes courtesy of William Arntz, the creator and producer who surprised, confounded and delighted with his remarkable film What the Bleep Do We Know!? Now he teams with his wife, internationally renowned spiritual teacher and poet Deirdre Hade and award-winning photographer Endre Balogh to create something else quite special.

The (not so) Little Book of Surprises is anchored with Hade’s visionary and lyrical poetry skipping lightly about over the stunning images curated by Balogh. Each breathtaking page creates an emotional resonance with the reader … using surprise as the doorway to transformation and transcendence. The images in the book are part eye candy/part soul candy. They pile on a sensory experience that mounts the sense of surprise page by page.

About the Authors

Deirdre Hade is a Modern Day Mystic. A spiritual adept since childhood she has spent her life communicating with the unseen. At sixteen her mother was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer, it was at this time that Deirdre discovered the healing powers of light enabling her mother to live thirteen years longer than expected. As a member of the Transformational Leadership Council her wisdom has been cited, in Marci Shimoff’s Love for No Reason. Her work is taught by Jack Canfield, America’s Success Coach. Ms. Hade founded Radiance Healing and Meditation in 2007 as a system of mindfulness for our modern time, reaching thousands globally with her Radiance Pure Energy program. Years of deep study into the spiritual traditions combined with a direct perception of what those traditions were alluding to has given her the rare ability to imbue her written worlds with the wisdom of the ages: past, present, and future.

William Arntz began his professional career as a research laser physicist, developing wave optics simulators for high energy lasing systems. He then wrote a systems management software system called AutoSys. Embraced by Fortune 500 companies around the world, he sold his company and retired. Or so he thought…
After some months on the beach William became interested in disseminating some of the principles gleaned from his decades of spiritual inquiry to the general public. He realized he could satisfy a life-long dream and use the software proceeds to make a movie. That movie started its life as a small documentary about Spirit and Science, but grew in scope (and budget) and became What the BLEEP Do We Know!? Producing, scripting, and co-directing the film, What the BLEEP went on to become a global phenomenon, with well over 100 million viewers experiencing the BLEEP. The companion book to the film What the Bleep has sold over 150,000 copies and has been translated into 20 languages.

Andre Balogh (Photography and Images) continues as an internationally regarded concert violinist. And through life’s mystery and surprise, they emerged as something else entirely, which makes them imminently qualified to bring forth a meditation in print on the gifts of surprise.

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Donna Karan, Fashion Icon, Philanthropist, Founder of Urban Zen:  “In the world of chaos we live in, Deirdre is the connector to your higher self. She has the ability to connect you to an energy and love that makes you available to inner states of peace.”

Book Review ~ Becoming a Sage: Discovering Life’s Lessons, One Story at a Time Paperback – February 16, 2016 by Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse

Becoming A Sage: Discovering Life’s Lessons,
One Story at a Time by Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse

The art of becoming a sage mixes personal life experience with learning from ancient and historical people who have gathered their own wisdom. Sages know that they stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before.

In Becoming a Sage, international bestselling author and master storyteller Wegscheider-Cruse encourages readers to find their own personal path through a series of short stories, lessons learned and prudent quotes that validate each experience. Her stories span deep lows and soaring highs―a lifelong journey of lessons learned and a celebration of living with those lessons. Each tale will bring solace, comfort, and joy to readers, and inspire and teach them how to record their own stories. It will bring readers through guilt, fear, and forgiveness to reach personal transformation.

Wegscheider-Cruse knows that it’s not always easy to tell our stories; they can be scary or feel too private. But, as we grow older, we find courage and confidence by deciding to become “a teller of the truth.” Our sharing is the legacy that we leave to family and friends; Becoming a Sage is the remarkable legacy Wegscheider-Cruse leaves to us all.

If you hate knowledge, then close your eyes to this wisdom

“Courageous, transparent, and insightful. Here is a memoir of a different and delightful sort.  From an early onset storyteller through challenges, successes, and failures, Sharon emerges as an elder who is aging consciously and positively—an authentic sage. Reading Sharon’s memoir is like sitting with her, sipping tea, and being in the presence of incarnate wisdom  and inspiration.”
 –Jack Williamson, chaplain, Colonel, USAF (Ret), co-facilitator, Boulder, Colorado, chapter of Sage-ing International

The force is with Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse in her latest book Becoming A Sage: Discovering Life’s Lessons, One Story at a Time (HCI Books — $15.95). As a framework for gaining wisdom, Wegscheider-Cruse reveals the secret elements that give power to becoming a “human ‘being’ rather than a human ‘doing’.”

“Sages are powerful and wise…Sages take their earned wisdom and manifest it in their outer worlds…”

Confined into a two-part book, Wegscheider-Cruse generously offers lessons she has learned from her personal experiences from the early years to the golden years and ends with a finishing touch on the essentials of being a sage. This book is purposed to encourage everyone to reflect their own experiences, write them down and rather than ignoring them, share them over and over again. Becoming A Sage is a blueprint for the world to share their experiences. “When we have meetings of sages, imagine the wisdom shared!”

In part one, Wegscheider-Cruse shares short, clipped memories of her own life journey—”the deep lows, the soaring highs, the mundane and the magnificent.” In a cozy storytelling manner, she builds a relationship with her readers as if they were her very own child. Each short story is accompanied with the lesson she learned from that moment in her life.

“Transformation is the path to becoming a sage… We are never finished products; each time we add new learning to what we know, we become wiser…It is important that our stories do not wither and die with us.”

Part two briefly and concisely defines what a sage is and how to become one. With nurturing precision, each sentence in part two offers clarity on how an individual fulfills their life’s purpose. “Experience. Glean wisdom. Transform. Change… We transform as we fully experience life.”

Highlights from the book of Sage qualities include:

•    Think clearly. They are not overwhelmed or scattered.
•    Work out problems. They don’t stay stuck or confused.
•    Make decisions. They don’t procrastinate or waver.
•    Make things happen. They know someday is now.
•    Influence events. They are leaders rather that followers.
•    Win the respect of others. They don’t demand it.
•    Take charge of a situation. They don’t wait needlessly.
•    Have a vision and carry it out. They don’t accept current circumstances.
•    Be a force that unifies. They are creators, not destroyers.

The short stories, the lessons learned and the wisdom given in Becoming A Sage helps the reader to find tranquility as they examine their own life. This is a book to pay attention to for many generations to come, as wisdom is always timeless. This book will never leave the reader’s bookshelf, and just might have sitting next to it a collection of the reader’s own short stories and life lessons.

About the Author:

Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse is the founding Chairperson of the National Association of Children of Alcoholics, and founder of Onsite Workshops. She has brought hope and healing to millions as an author, counselor, trainer, consultant, and lecturer.  She has written 18 books translated into 13 languages, and broke ground and fostered a movement with her works, Another Chance: Hope and Health for the Alcoholic Family and Learning to Love Yourself. Sharon has traveled the world and developed programs in the United States, Europe, Australia, and Canada, and has appeared on The Phil Donahue Show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and The Larry King Show, as well as in multiple media events.

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Becoming a Sage: Discovering Life’s Lessons, One Story at a Time
ISBN: 978-0-7573-1904-4

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