Game: The Resurrection Of Tim Tebow

Game: The Resurrection Of Tim Tebow by Marc Shapiro

Riverdale Avenue Books is pleased to announce the publication of Game: The Resurrection of Tim Tebow, which tells a different kind of sports story. The book, by New York Times-bestselling Author Marc Shapiro, does not focus on his virginity, his religious beliefs, his bigger than life ‘nice guy’ character and the millions of Tebow maniacs that live and breathe his every move and pronouncement. Game: The Resurrection of Tim Tebow is a hard and detailed look at the rise of a football player and the situations, cynicism and politics that can ultimately sidetrack, delay and ultimately destroy a career.

“At the end of the day all most football fans wanted to know was ‘could Tim Tebow play the game,” says Shapiro. “They could care less about who he’s dating, is he having sex and how much of a nice guy he is. They just want to know if he can play the damned game. And that’s the question I’ve attempted to answer. This is the ultimate gridiron dance. It’s what Tebow brings to the game and how the various levels of football have accepted or, as we have found out, rejected it. This is a facts and figures book, the kind of things the tabloids and TMZ won’t touch. But for the millions of hardcore fans who live and die by football, this is the reality.”

Game: The Resurrection Of Tim Tebow begins in his youth where a seemingly rigid and yes possibly corrupt education system conspired to keep Tebow out of the sport.  It focuses on how closed and immature a society regional high school football can be, especially when there’s a player in their midst who is so overwhelmingly good. There’s his triumphs in college ball, followed by his entry into the NFL where he truly performed miracles in Denver only to be shoved aside like yesterday’s news. Then he is picked up by The New York Jets whose indecisiveness ended with a wasted year and finally a shot in New England that ended this month when he was cut. The book also follows his interaction with future killer and teammate Aaron Hernandez.

“It’s not that Tebow is not at fault here,” declares Shapiro. “His pride and ego certainly got in the way. If he had not insisted on playing quarterback and considered another position, he might still be in the NFL. But he insisted that he could play the position in a way that the National Football League was not ready to consider, accept or knew how to deal with.”

Riverdale Avenue Books Publisher Lori Perkins commented, “It is such a thrill to be publishing a book about a football  legend as the story is just coming to a close, or its climax.”

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