Book Promo: The Dead Gigolo Caper

The Dead Gigolo Caper
(Suds and Sam Book 4)
by Stella Marie Alden

The Dead Gigolo Caper (Suds and Sam Book 4) Kindle Edition

available 2/2/2020

This time, it’s murder but there’s no body and no motive. In fact, there’s no evidence of any foul play except for the word of a nosy busy-body with night-vision binoculars.

Despite big bucks, I suggest we pass on this case but Sam’s family butts in and of course, it explodes in our face. Now, we’re hip deep in a whole lot of shit better left to the police.

The good news? No more Joey. We moved into the loft above our new office space.
The bad news? They’re demolishing the place next door and the jackhammer’s sent our kitten into therapy.

Did I mention I had to gut the bathroom and we have no shower?

“Bill paying?”
“You can have that.”
“I can help.”
“I’ll do laundry as long as you throw your stuff in the hamper.”
“What’s a hamper?”
“I’ll man-splain it to you when we get home.”

Join Suds and Sam in another hilarious, kick-ass adventure. Warning, can become addicting.  Happily ever after guaranteed.

Pre-order Price: $3.99 to be auto-delivered to your Kindle on February 20, 2020

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Book Promo – Suds and Sam For Hire

Suds and Sam For Hire

by Stella Marie Alden

I made her promise.
Absolutely, positively,
no field work while I’m out of town.

When I find my forged signature and a rental car, I’m ready to wring her pretty, little, neck, except I can’t find her. How the hell did she get lost in a snow storm in Vermont?

Sam and Suds are at it again in this action-filled hilarious new adventure.

Pre-Order NOW on Amazon – KINDLE releases December 30

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