Meet Rebecca Luther, author of Chronicles of Magic: Secrets of the Untold



Rebecca Luther’s debut novella, Chronicles of Magic: Secrets of The Untold, was written and published in conjunction with the Teen Writing Group at The Stony Point Rose Memorial Library. Created and run by Jennifer Russell, the library program guides young individuals in the process of writing for publication through collaborative critiques and editing workshops.


Rebecca has been attending the Teen Writing Group since it’s inception in the summer of 2013. The challenge was to have a teen writer finish a piece, have it edited and then self published to be put in circulation at the library. Rebecca is the first participant to have accomplished this goal! Once her book was published she had a book signing and open discussion at The Outside Inn gallery in Piermont, NY. She also attended the Book ExpoAmerica event in NYC to meet authors and get a sense of the publishing world.  Rebecca continues to write and attend the Teen Writing Group.
~~~This is a first book in a series of three.~~~
The main character, Kellie Lynn, wakes up on her 13th birthday to discover that she has innate magical powers that she inherited from her parents. Her four other sisters wake up to the same information. They will set out on a quest to vanquish evil in the form of a dark sorceress.
ISBN  ~  9781312050563
Copyright  ~  Rebecca Luther (Creative Commons Attribution 2.0)
Edition  ~  First Edition
Publisher  ~  Rose Memorial Library Association
Published  ~  May 9, 2014