Book Review: The Greatest Words You’ve Never Heard

5 Stars Indispensable Source Of Inspiration And Hope, This Book Is A Perfect Read On The Road reviewed by Louis Columbus
“Filled with stories that resonate with hope and resilience, this book is an excellent read. What’s so powerful about this book is that it challenges the reader to be stronger and shows you that attitude, beliefs, and intensity, when combined with passion for a goal or vision – is unstoppable. Nothing great was ever accomplished without passion, and this book resonates with example after example proving that point. What I liked best is how it shows that no matter how challenging a situation looks, when people make up their minds to change a situation and passionately commit themselves to the task, they can. It will make you question your own limits.”
About the Book
Words are magical. They can transport you to other times, places and worlds. But many of our greatest words have been lost to the shadowy mists of history. You feel the power of these words when you read them. They stop you in your tracks, compelling you to listen, feel, remember. In these days of too many words with very little meaning, here are a few life changing words everyone should know.

Included within are some of the greatest tales ever told. Stories birthed in blood and chaos, turmoil and tragedy, they are symbols of inspiration and hope. In their place and time, these words resounded with all the subtlety of a sonic boom. How will they make a difference in your life today? Read and discover.

“Steve Kayser has delivered one of the most profoundly motivational books I’ve seen in years! These stories will help you succeed in business, raise your kids, be a better person and friend and leave a legacy. They are playful, painful and gloriously revealing of human nature and our yearning to matter. The uncovered gems are found in potent stories, profound recognitions and astonishing poetry. They are words that need to be heard!” – Dr. Rick Kirschner, coauthor of the international bestseller, Dealing with People You Can’t Stand: How to Bring Out the Best in People at Their Worst, and How to Click with People: The Secret to Better Relationships

About Steve Kayser

Steve Kayser is an award-winning writer, editor, publisher, former radio host and founder of Kayser Media. He has had the great fortune to interview and collaborate with some of the best minds in the business world, and his eclectic approach to public relations and marketing has been widely documented. He recently published “The Greatest Words You’ve Never Heart,” (