The Mark of the Yakuza Series from Marie Hampton

Push for Power (Mark of the Yakuza) [Kindle Edition] Marie Hampton (Author)

Push for Power (Mark of the Yakuza)   by Marie Hampton

In the second book of the Mark of the Yakuza, Kasumi Yoshida is fresh from the fight and training for the opportunity at revenge. The appearance of an Oyabun from Tokyo scatters small sense of normality Kas had gained.
With Oyabun Shinto in Las Vegas, Kas and Akira have no choice but to play nice with Jiro since Shinto insists the two lines forget their differences and work together to strengthen the Yakuza. He offers a new position of power to combine the lines. Everyone turns to the problems Shinto’s ideas create, but Kas can’t push aside her intuition that Jiro is involved in something more sinister.

Kas reaches out for someone to understand but even her friend Hak refuses to turn from the problems with Shinto. Ryan is the only worker that makes Shinto happy, but Kas knows he plays both sides. Akira trusts Ryan, but Kas cannot decide if he is worth her trust, or her heart.


Hunting Heartbreak [Kindle Edition] Marie Hampton (Author)

Hunting Heartbreak is the 1st book in the Mark of the Yakuza seies

On the flashy Las Vegas strip, Kasumi Yoshida tracks down her marks– assassinating gamblers who pay their loans with their lives. Business becomes scarce when a past lover and fellow Yakuza member betrays the honor system and rescues Kasumi’s future clients.

Her boss insists she works with Ryan, a hired gun, to find the cause, but Kasumi becomes distracted by his arrogant charm, and soon her adrenaline-filled world of death and motorcycle racing is muddied by her obsession with the past and her uncontrollable attraction to her partner.

Kidnapping, torture, and betrayal allow the enemy to capture Kasumi, and she is forced to trust in friendship and love to free her from guilt so she can take her revenge.

Review of Hunting Heartbreak
5 stars
Hunting Heartbreak review    reviewed by Peggy Brillhart
the story is fast moving, very hard to put down. the ending leaves you hanging for the next book. i can’t wait for book II, just to see what the future holds for Kaz.. really a good read for a first time author. Marie Hampton has a great future ahead.