The Potpourri Parlor is a TOP TEN FINISHER!

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and I am pleased to announce

Promotional Site ~ The Potpourri Parlor
…featuring book promos, interviews,
profiles & more

You can be a part of it!

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The Potpourri Parlor

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Chelle Cordero
‘s Holiday Happiness
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Chelle Cordero‘s Can We Talk?
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Author’s Page
Chelle Cordero
Writer’s Workshop
Living, Breathing, Writing
Your Game Plan for Seamless Holiday Decorating

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The 17th Annual Preditors and Editors Readers’ Poll is open for voting through January 14 and I’d like to ask for your support and votes for this promotional site. Please go to the P & E Poll site and vote for The Potpourri Parlor under Promotional Sites

Promotional Sites
The Potpourri Parlor

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