Book Promo: Lion’s Quest

Lion’s Quest
(A Lion’s Pride Book 12)

Lion's Quest

by Eve Langlais


He’s cute…for a human.

Peter’s got a once-in-a-lifetime chance to find a treasure that will set him up for life, if he can survive. He’s not going to let the fact he’s being watched stop him from following his quest to its rich ending.

Only his shadow isn’t so easy to lose.

Nora’s been relegated to babysitting a human. A cute one with a charming smile and a nice butt who has no idea what she is. Or what she’ll do to protect the Pride’s secrets. If only her inner feline would stop encouraging her to nibble on his tender parts.

Dealing with Peter means going on a wild adventure to uncover a centuries-old mystery that could change the course of shifter history forever and doesn’t compare to her dilemma of whether or not she should marry a human.

New York Times & USA Today Bestselling
Author Eve Langlais 

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Book Promo: Welcome to Edge Burrow

Welcome to Edge Burrow:
A Shore Haven Short Story

A Shore Haven novella from Jennifer Reynolds

by Jennifer Reynolds


In her search to find her son, Tera stumbles upon a community thriving amongst the ashes of their fallen society. Could her son have made it halfway across the continent and found safety in Edge Burrow? Tera doesn’t think so, but she needs to be sure. In doing so, she’ll discover that there are worse things in her new world than the undead.

Set in Shore Haven’s world, Edge Burrow is a sequel to Nowhere

About the Author
Jennifer Reynolds is a native of North Alabama. She has a Master of Fine Arts degree from National University and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of North Alabama.
She is a multi-genre author who focuses mostly on post-apocalyptic novels with plagues and zombies as their source of destruction and paranormal romances, especially shifters, weres, and ghosts. She does occasionally dabble in other genres such as general fiction, horror, and suspense thrillers.
When she’s not writing, she’s a full-time caregiver of her elderly in-laws, a stay at home wife, an avid reader, and the mother of a seven-year-old kitty named Lilith.

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Book Promo: The Eagle at Dawn by Holly Bargo

The Eagle at Dawn Unites Powerful Spirits
In A Thrilling Romance

Rachel’s brother has done the unthinkable: he has used her as collateral to settle a debt with an outlaw motorcycle gang. Seeking the nearest safety net, Rachel flees to a local bar and pleads with a darkly handsome stranger named Diego to help her. He agrees — and takes the lives of four armed men with his bare hands to protect her. Diego, an eagle shifter, recognizes immediately that the innocent young woman is his fated mate. Rachel is his, and he is not letting her go, no matter the cost.

The Eagle at Dawn, the exciting fourth book in the Immortal Shifters series by prolific paranormal romance writer Holly Bargo, follows Rachel and Diego as the fugitives escape across national borders. Rachel begins to sense that she has essentially swapped one captor for another, and she knows with every fiber of her being that the dashing, sexy Spaniard is keeping secrets from her. Diego showers her with kindness and generosity in exchange for her obedience, but his control over her and his secrets stoke her distrust and resentment.

When freedom beckons, Rachel answers its call, only to face hardship and indignity. Will she return to the controlling alpha male who stirs her blood or cling stubbornly to her freedom?

About Holly Bargo

Author Holly Bargo works full-time as a freelance writer and editor and lives on a hobby farm in southwest Ohio with her husband and a small menagerie of assorted four-legged beasties. Holly Bargo is a pseudonym, but really did exist as a temperamental Appaloosa mare. Bargo and her husband also have two grown sons, one of whom is proudly serving in the United States Air Force. Bargo writes fantasy and romance and enjoys combining the two. She partnered with bestselling author Russ Towne to produce a collection of short westerns titled Six Shots Each Gun. The Eagle at Dawn is Book 4 of Bargo’s Immortal Shifters series. She is also the author of the Tree of Life series, the Twin Moons Saga and the Russian Love series.

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The Eagle at Dawn (Immortal Shifters Book 4)
Publisher: Hen House Publishing
Released: June 2019
ISBN-10: 1075467675
ISBN-13: 978-1075467677
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