A Biography of a Psychic and Medium: Katherine Hayward

Katherine: A Woman of Vision

by Diane Pomerance

Katherine Sedonia Hayward was a renowned British psychic, medium, and healer. She was a mystic and a visionary who captivated the hearts and minds of millions of people all over the world. At the age of seven, during a critical illness, Katherine had an out-of-the-body experience that forever changed her life: she found herself on another plane of existence, surrounded by “angelic beings” who told her that she had much work to do on earth and she must return to her physical body. Upon awakening, she felt odd, spoke in a full, mature, adult voice and knew the past, the present, and the future.

As she grew to adulthood and learned to embrace her extraordinary gift, Katherine’s Spirit Guides imparted to her vital information about the purpose and meaning of life on earth. They demonstrated physical phenomena and paranormal activity that offered substantial proof that There Is No Death, that Life Is Continuous, and that Humans Are Immortal.
Against the backdrop of World Wars I and II, Katherine traveled around the world teaching that the real “you” is not the mind or the physical body, but the Power that motivates them. She comforted and consoled those who had lost loved ones by communicating with their “dead” family or friends, who gave her specific information to share with them that no one else could possibly have known.Katherine devoted her life to teaching and counseling people from all walks of life, including world leaders and celebrities. She was a remarkable woman who recognized our human potential, and the possibility of co-creating with one another a world of peace, wisdom, kindness, compassion, and beauty.

From the Author


Let us once again enter the silence,” advised Gwilym, and within moments the room was filled with an awesome stillness, as each became wholly absorbed in his or her own deeply personal thoughts.

Communications will take place. But it is essential that you are patient. Neither you nor your Spirit Guides can hasten the process. You may not perceive any tangible results for weeks–perhaps even months. Yet you must be diligent, patient, consistent in your efforts . . .” Mr. Fletcher’s words echoed in Katherine’s mind.
Will anything happen tonight? she wondered. Although she could not be absolutely certain, it seemed to her that the ambience of the room had altered dramatically since they had begun. She felt a tingling sensation radiate throughout her face and hands, and a chill ran up and down her spine. It suddenly occurred to her that she and her family were not alone. Although there was no physical sign or evidence of an additional presence, Katherine was convinced that someone or something–she was not sure which–had joined them. It was an unsettling–but not in any way unpleasant–feeling, quite unlike anything she had ever experienced before. Silently, she placed herself in God’s keeping one more time, sincerely hoping that in ignorance, she and the others were not jeopardizing their safety and well-being in any way.

As they continued to meditate in silence, Katherine became increasingly aware of the presence of another being. Although she could not define or describe it, she felt intuitively its benevolent power.

Somehow she was not the least bit frightened. Rather, a wonderful feeling of calmness and peacefulness seemed to settle over her and the entire room now. Opening her eyes briefly, she saw that both her Mum and Dad were comfortably seated and that their expressions were of serenity and contentment. Pleased that all was going well, she closed her eyes once again. Almost immediately, she felt a great surge of energy penetrate her entire being. The feeling was exhilarating, but it was also simultaneously hauntingly, disturbingly familiar–as if she had experienced it before, long ago, in the dim past, but she could not recall when, where, or how.

About the Author

 Diane Pomerance received her Ph.D. in Communications from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She is the author of nine books, most of which are nonfiction about animals called: When Your Pet Dies, Animal Companions: Your Friends, Teachers & Guides, Animal Companions in our Hearts, Our Lives & Our World, Finding Peace After the Loss of a Loved Animal Companion, Animals Elders: Caring About Our Aging Animal Companions, Pet Parenthood, and Our Rescue Dog Family Album.

She is an ardent animal lover, and has a profound respect for nature and all living creatures. Spirituality is the passion of her life, and she has dedicated her life to spiritual research and exploration. Telling the life story of her remarkable spiritual teacher and mentor Katherine Hayward, with whom she studied for five years, has been a labor of love and a landmark of her writing career. Katherine: A Woman of Vision, is not about animals, but rather about spirituality and Diane’s spiritual teacher and mentor, Katherine Hayward. Katherine was born in Wales in 1899

Dr. Pomerance has appeared as a featured guest on numerous television and radio programs such as MSNBC, WEBMD.COM, CNN Headline News, Fox & Friends, Fox News, Hallmark Channel, Montel Williams, The Daily Buzz and Lifetime TV. She has also authored hundreds of articles and been interviewed in many magazines including Martha Stewart Living, Redbook, Woman’s World, Dog Fancy, Quick & Simple, etc.