Organize Work, Maximize Productivity by Kirsten McNeill

Do you ever get bombarded by stress because you have so much work to do? You need to finish everything on time, but you don’t have enough strength or energy in the day to complete everything.

Multitasking your writing jobs isn’t always as smart or productive as you’d think. Here are three tips to feeling accomplished when there’s too much on your creative plate.

  • Focus all your energy and brain power on one task.

At the start of the day, choose one project to work on. When you finish a big chunk of that project, you’ll feel relieved and proud that you’ve finished as much as you did.

Focus only on your chosen task and take short breaks in between. When you’re staring at a screen all day, that’s a big drain on your eyes and thinking abilities. Go outside and soak up vitamin D.

  • Alternate your to-do list.

Write a list of all the tasks you have to do that day. Blog posts, short stories, freelance work, etc. Split those tasks into two groups.

On Day 1, work on the first half of your list and make sure to even out the amount of time spent on each task. On Day 2, work on the other half of the list and alternate with each new day.

  • Finish smaller tasks first.

When you complete quick tasks at the start of the day, like chores or errands, those are done and out of the way.

That gives you more time to focus on the bigger projects, like your first novel. Clearing away a few items on your list can calm your mind and help you feel more accomplished very early.

If you follow just one of these ideas, you’re more likely to feel less stressed and more organized. I have a day planner to help me and I write out my list of tasks the night before so I don’t have to worry. When I have everything planned out beforehand, I am more productive and accomplish more in the day.

Kirsten McNeill is an aspiring YA writer and hopes to change the world with the written word. She loves to create stories, play music, and read whenever she has the chance.

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