HEROES 2020: Moms of 2020’s Essential Workers

Moms of 2020’s Essential Workers have vivid memories of the little boy or girl that they raised hoping that they would be strong and independent, and all the while wanting to protect them from harm and life’s uncertainties — today many of these women will sit at home, safely sheltered, while that now-adult-little-boy-or-girl is out in the world making a difference, saving lives, enabling life and “fighting” in this COVID-19 crisis to survive and help others survive.

And let’s not forget Moms who are
themselves essential workers.

Today is a day to honor Moms and say Thank you.

First Responders
Delivery Drivers
Funeral Directors
Morgue Attendants
Mail Carriers
Military Members

(*if you see an essential worker that is not listed,
please comment below
and I will add it as soon as possible

Financial tips from Snowe Saxman Money Oracle


How to decide what kind of at home business
a busy mom should start?


There are three questions you want to ask yourself when you begin to think about starting your own business.

1)How much time do I have to invest in a business per week?
Today we have so many options to help us work from around our families because of the internet. It truly gives you the freedom to design your life and reach billions of people all around the world, which I did not have when starting my first business almost 20 years ago. However, you still need to sit down with a weekly plan sheet and figure out exactly how much time you can devote to a business each week especially as a busy mom.  A more traditional business like becoming a beauty blogger, coach or a service based consultant is going to require more of a time investment than the many wonderful direct sales and network marketing opportunities. They allow you to ability to step into a business model

Without having to develop the entire business plan.  

2) What financial resources do I have available?
Just like the time consideration, you must figure out how much money you have to invest and how long you can work a business without profiting.  More traditional businesses require a bigger financial investment.  You can “boot strap”, but that means you are not taking a profit, so you have to figure out how long you can do that.  Direct sales and network marketing opportunities do not require the same amount of financial investment, but you will need to invest something, so you need to know up front how much do I have.  More traditional businesses can take as long as 3 to 5 years to be totally profitable.  Direct sales and network marketing can be 3 to 5 months, so understanding this when starting out is so important.

3) What gifts, talents of experience can I monetize?  
I truly believe that everyone has something they can monetize and turn into a business.  Begin by taking an inventory of the things you are really good at, so that you can begin to find what you can turn into a business.  Ask yourself, what can I do with my eyes closed?  What do people always ask for me help with?  And what would I do for free?

These are really great questions to figuring out what to monetize.  And this is another reason why I am hosting an exclusive online this Sat, called Financially Free. Learn more here and grab your free divine financial gift bundle snowesaxman.com/FinanciallyFree


The Importance of Money Mindset &
How Our Past Experiences Shape
Our Spending AND our children’s.

How we relate to money today is completely shaped by our past experiences and most likely a result of what we were taught between the ages of 2 and 5.

Between the ages of two and 5 our conscious brains begin to form and our core beliefs are developed by what we are taught directly and indirectly.  Then our life experiences either solidify these truths or totally change them.  

What you believe about something will determine how you act and therefore the results you see in your life. This all happens on a subconscious level, so you are not even aware you have a belief that limits you and holds you back.  I completely understand because I have been there myself.  This is exactly how I went from millionaire to bankrupt and living on food stamps.  We must begin to think about what we are thinking about, so that we can create the life that God intends.  

If you grew up being told that the rich get richer or that there was never enough money, you will take that belief on in your core and it will guide you without you realizing.  What we think about, we truly bring about. And what we model to our children will do the same thing in their lives.  


More tips to being a savvy financial mom can be found during “Financially Free” an exclusive online event with Snowe Saxman SnoweSaxman.com/financiallyfree


Snowe’s Bio

snowe-saxmanSnowe Saxman is a Success, Wealth & Women’s Expert + two-time Amazon Best Selling Author, also known as the Money Oracle.  She was a millionaire at age 25, living on food stamps + bankrupt by age 35 and now she is earning multiple six figures on her way to Millions again. She is married to love of her life, Paul. They have 7 children and 2 grandchildren.  Yes, Snowe is a Glamma.  Someone way too young and gorgeous to be called Grandma.  She has been able to channel a painful past into a purposeful future and rebuild her global empire by teaching women God-Inspired success, financial & business strategies. Snowe had been featured on The Huffington Post, US News & World Report, Chase.com, Fast Company and hundreds  of radio stations across the country.




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Book Review: I <3 You Mom ~ Mom Coloring Book

Mom Coloring Book: I Love You Mom:
Beautiful and Relaxing Coloring Book Gift for Mom, Grandma, and other Mothers –
Perfect Mom Gift for Birthday, Mother’s Day
and Other Special Occasions

Help Mom Experience A Time of Calm and Peace with the
I Love You Mom Coloring Book Bestseller for Women Everywhere
Perfect for Any Day that you want Mom to feel special.

Relax and de-stress with this inspiring and calming collection of beautifully drawn artwork.

These artistic designs of relaxing coloring patterns will be fun for mom to color. Help these special women to discover or rediscover their artistic side and feel pampered and loved.

Each drawing is full page and is intentionally printed on a single page with the reverse left blank. With the reverse blank, moms can easily cut out their coloring and create a perfect picture for displaying or framing purposes.

A Note From the Author, Gina Trowler:

My name is Gina Trowler, and I’m a passionate doodle artist and adult coloring fan. By coloring my doodles you will able to relief stress, relax better and have fun. I always love to share my artistic passion with others.

Amazon Customer Review:

Reviewed by Kimberly Mauro

I’ve purchased quite a few adult coloring books over the past year. This one is definitely one of the prettier ones. I bought this for my mother and gave it to her for her birthday. She’s a special education teacher, so she needed something to take her mind off of work and have some stress relief. This absolutely helps her. Each drawing is full page. The reverse side of each of these pages is blank. I suggest using colored pencils with this book over markers so that the pages don’t bleed. Overall, my mother and I are both very happy with this adult coloring book.

Running your home like a business

How to Run Your Home More like a CEO
4 Tips for Time & Budget Management from a Business Development Strategist

All successful CEOs have one thing in common: They’re able to maintain a big-picture perspective. It’s also something successful moms have in common, says Zenovia Andrews, a business strategist, speaker, author and mom who coaches entrepreneurs and CEOs on time and budget management.

“In business, CEOs implement a process that achieves efficient time and resource management in the most cost-effective way; sounds a lot like a mom, doesn’t it?” says Andrews, founder and CEO of The MaxOut Group, a company devoted to empowering and teaching entrepreneurs development strategies to increase profits. 

“If every mom were a CEO, America would rule the world!”

Andrews, author of the new book “All Systems Go – A Solid Blueprint to Build Business and Maximize Cash Flow,” (www.zenoviaandrews.com), suggests the following tips for moms to better manage money and time.

•  CEOs utilize apps, and so should CEO Moms. When a CEO’s personal assistant isn’t around or, if it’s a small business and she doesn’t have one, then apps do nicely. There are several apps for moms, including Bank of Mom – an easy way to keep track of your kids’ allowances. Set up an account for each child and track any money they earn for chores or allowance. The app also allows you to track their computer and TV time as well as other activities.

•  Measurement is the key to knowledge, control and improvement. CEOs have goals for their businesses and Moms have goals for their family members. In either case, the best way to achieve a big-picture goal is to identify action steps and objectives and a system for measuring progress. Want to improve your kids’ test scores, help your husband lose weight or – gasp – free some time for yourself? There are four phases to help track progress: planning, or establishing goals; collection, or conducting research on your current process; analysis – comparing information from existing processes with the new one; and adapting, or implementing the new process.

•  Understand your home’s “workforce.” A good CEO helps her employees grow and develop, not only for the company’s benefit, but for the employee’s as well. Most people are happiest when they feel they’re learning and growing, working toward a goal, which may be promotion within the company or something beyond it. When they feel the CEO is helping with that, they’re happier, more productive, more loyal employees. Likewise, CEO Moms need to help their children gain the skills and knowledge they need not only to succeed in general but to achieve their individual dreams.

•  A well-running household is a community effort; consider “automated” systems. In business, automated systems tend to be as clinical as they sound, typically involving technology. Yet, there’s also a human resource element. Automated systems are a must for CEO Moms, and they tend to take the form of scheduling at home. Whose night is it for the dishes, or trash? One child may be helpful in the kitchen, whereas another may be better at cleaning the pool.

About Zenovia Andrews

Zenovia Andrews, www.zenoviaandrews.com, is a business development strategist with extensive experience in corporate training, performance management, leadership development and sales consulting with international clients, including Pfizer, Inc. and Novartis Pharmaceuticals. A sought-after speaker and radio/TV personality, she is the author of “All Systems Go” and “MAXOut: I Want It All.”