Heroes 2020: Laura Gluck

What can we say about a woman who has dedicated her career to her community and EMS? — A LOT!!

Laura has been in EMS for a very long time.  She has never been GIVEN anything.  She has worked hard and long hours to achieve her position of Paramedic Lieutenant for Rockland Paramedics/Rockland Mobile Care.  

A long standing and respected member of her community, Laura has been a volunteer EMT for both of the local EMS agencies in her hometown and worked her way into being a Paramedic at the station in her home town; it goes without saying that once promoted to Lt., she is pretty much running the Paramedic station in her hometown.

Laura is an avid Motorcyclist, an amazing grandmother, a skilled and talented Paramedic and most of all an amazing friend.

When COVID-19 made its grand entrance, Laura was found working her usual three shifts at her medic station, Medic-1 and while others were exhausted and needing down time, or they were just afraid to deal with COVID-19, Laura began doing an additional 10 hours at her volunteer agency.

 A Paramedic  with great clinical skills, she is detail oriented, and truly cares about her patients — COVID-19 has been very challenging and it sometimes challenges our decision making skills.  Laura is a trooper, wearing PPE (personal protective equipment) on EVERY call, showing concern for her patients, her partner and the BLS (Basic Life Support) crew before anything else — ALWAYS!!

Laura takes on EVERY call with the knowledge that SHE IS A GREAT PROVIDER giving her utmost at every call, one at a time, and although COVID-19 may have beaten her on occasion, it’s going to have to TRY VERY HARD to break her!!

Our community is fortunate to have an amazing Frontline Pre- Hospital Emergency Medical Provider in charge of the Paramedic station and who works so harmoniously with the local volunteer EMS agencies.