Book Promo: Lassoing A Groom, Sweet Historical Western Romance Short Stories

Lassoing A Groom

by Jacquie Rogers, Tracy Garrett, Kirsten Lynn, Kristy McCaffrey, Linda Hubalek and Kathleen Rice Adams

Sweet Historical Western Romance Short Stories

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How is a woman supposed to catch a husband? In the wild, wild west, she’s got to find a way to Lasso a Groom! Some of them are lawmen…some are outlaws. Ranchers and homesteaders are fair game, as well—none of ’em safe from love’s lariat, or the women who finally manage to rope ’em in!

DON’T GO SNARING MY HEART by Jacquie Rogers 
Can rancher Dex Madsen get past loner Betsy Lynch’s goats and killer chicken to help save her mining claim and win her heart? 

RACE TO MARRY by Kirsten Lynn 
He’s in town to tame a man-killer. She’s accused of being one. When she proposes marriage the race is on. 

WANTED: THE SHERIFF by Tracy Garrett 
He’s a confirmed bachelor…but she’ll capture his heart. 

CANYON CROSSING by Kristy McCaffrey 
In search of her brother, Annabel Cross enters Grand Canyon. When U.S. Deputy Marshal Angus Docherty rescues her from a cliff side, her most guarded secret might save them. 

Will a dangerous man from Gussie Hamner’s past sabotage the future she’s building with Noah Wilerson? 

THE WORST OUTLAW IN THE WEST by Kathleen Rice Adams 
An inept bank robber and a bossy spinster team up to rob an empty vault. What could go wrong?

5.0 out of 5 stars As Good As It Gets
By Rising Star Reviews

Lassoing a Groom is as good as its counterpart, Lassoing a Bride.

In this anthology, you will read stories that will make you smile, chuckle, and laugh right out loud.

Jacquie Rogers writes a trademark tale, one that we have come to identify with her. A great romp of fun and hilarity until feisty Becky Lynch finally snares her man–good hearted Dex Madsen.

Kirsten Lynn’s story is very clever and well-written. Who would think of a Race for a Bride but Kirsten? When Cal Renner encounters this brave and wily woman, he can’t resist helping her.

Tracy Garrett uses her wonderful talent of writing romance and manages to get a groom for spinster Martha Bittner. She’s waited four years to snag Sheriff Matthew Tate, and now she’s not waiting anymore. Wait until you see what she does.

Kristy McCaffrey pairs a determined woman with a more determined U.S. Marshal in this fun read. From the first page to the last, you’ll wonder who is the mysterious figure who whispers in Annabel’s ear–and why.

Linda Hubalek has a heroine who has just bought an abandoned homestead. But the ex-owner shows up for his own reasons to reclaim it. When push comes to shove, the citizens of the town step in to help the couple move along to their happily ever after.

Kathleen Rice Adams–who but this writer could think of this plot. I promise, you will love the worst outlaw in the west when he encounters a spinster who is desperate to save her bank. Man, does she have ideas!