Book Review: The Magic of Friendship

In A Competitive World, Treasure The Magic Of Friendship

In a competitive culture where everything is a race and excellence is the only acceptable destination, a gentle lesson about mutual support and tolerance is a breath of fresh air. In The Magic of Friendship (Kommuru Books) by Subhash Kommuru, the focus is on friendship and its healing effect while the story is spoken from the viewpoint of a father and son in a multi-generation relationship.

The story is set in Tadoba, a real forest in India, during a traditional Kojagiri festival observed in the winter when family, friends, and neighbors gather in the evening and share food, laughs and have a good time. The Magic of Friendship is a remarkable tale of the transformative power of companionship, particularly for someone who is lonely and never really had the gift of laughter.

Guaranteed to get a giggle out of kids, The Magic of Friendship also provides plenty of opportunities for readers to connect with the characters in richly detailed, mesmerizing illustrations. The picture book is perfect for read-aloud fun and is also appropriate for beginning readers.

Subhash Kommuru migrated to the United States along with his memories of childhood and youth. Now he is a parent; like every immigrant, he longs to introduce his child to the culture and values of his upbringing. Yet it can be challenging to teach something while you are in the midst of adjusting to a different culture yourself. These stories are his attempt to share a glimpse of his childhood days with his five-year-old son, his inspiration to write short stories that have meaning and provide teaching in some shape or form.

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The Magic of Friendship


D. Donovan, eBook Reviewer, Midwest Book Review: “The Magic of Friendship aims for something more and stands above most others in pairing vivid, colorful animal drawings (by Arul Anugragh Ross) with a narrative that…offers some satisfying differences….It takes a wise old bird’s observation to point out the real value of friendship and its world-changing potentials in this winning, feel-good story perfect for read-aloud or young picture book readers.”

Ms. Anita Lock, Pacific Book Review (5 Stars): “The Magic of Friendship is a delightful allegorical story….Incorporating themes of bullying and friendship amid the Indian culture, Kommuru’s recent book has great potential to connect with children internationally….Kommuru…. raises the awareness that bullies in reality are pretty miserable people….opens opportunities for children to learn and ask questions about another part of the world….not just a fascinating read. Wonderfully written with aptly complementing illustrations, it is also a welcomed addition to children’s literature.”

Ms. M. Cogswell, teacher: “…a wonderful story about friendship….had kids giggling and listening the whole way through. I would recommend this book for any classroom or family.”

Mrs. K. Harlan, teacher: “…a heartwarming story that touches the hearts of both young and old! The characters come to life through the vibrant illustrations and wise words! The moral of the story rings true…The Magic of Friendship is learning to not only love people for their unique qualities but to love ourselves, too!”

Christina Santos Mosher, Ed.D.: “A fun and heartwarming story that teaches children about friendships and the importance of embracing different talents. This book is sure to be an instant favorite by children and adults alike!”

Why Communication Skills are Important, an essay by Ramya

Why Communication Skills are important

As far as life skills are concerned, the importance of being able to communicate effectively cannot be taken lightly. In fact, good communication skills are a vital ingredient in the recipe to success.

While communications skills are definitely significant in the world of business, they also have their advantages in every aspect of one’s personal life. Of course, they are talked about often in the context of business but one can use them to good effect in their personal life too.

Effective communications avoids misunderstandings

Assumptions are a common problem in routine interactions because often people believe that the other person understands what he or she is thinking. However that’s not the case and when opinions clash, it can lead to conflicts. But if you manage to communicate effectively, then you will be able to avoid this problem. Everyone will be in sync and the scope for misunderstandings and conflicts thereby will be drastically reduced.

Good Communication is crucial

Communication skills can be the backbone of personal relationships and they can be used to good effect in business as well. There was a time when people would think of them as soft skills, which managers and executives could possess, but not necessarily. But with the changing business climate they are crucial for just about everyone in professional walk of life. If organizations cannot convey goals, strategies and processes, and struggle with feedback, then they will lose out to other businesses.

You have to understand that communication is not just about writing or talking to a person. It’s about how you write your thoughts down to convey the message, the rhythm, the tone and body language while talking etc. Also, listening is an important element of communication; probably as significant as writing and talking. Today we use different means for communication; from emails to instant messages to other high tech solutions. Irrespective of the format, you should be able to communicate effectively.

Importance in the workplace

We live in times where we see that all job profile descriptions require people to have good communications skills. They have to be effective for the workplace, and many test this during the interview stage. This is an important skill for managers and employees alike. Teamwork and collaboration tends to suffer dramatically without good communications skills, which leads to failure of projects. If one wants to climb up the corporate ladder, then communications skills are the key.

Tools of communication

In today’s organizations a variety of tools are used to be able to communicate with the employees. From staff meetings, email ,newsletters to social networks, video conferences, online discussions and of course traditional conversations; can be used to good effect. Whatever tool is chosen, effective communication boosts employee engagement and motivation. It can thus lead to improved productivity and overall customer satisfaction.

Similarities between life and work

Communications skills are important in professional and personal walks of one’s life. Couples that are able to communicate well often tend to have stronger relationships. At the same time managers that communicate well with their employees manage to keep a healthy work environment. The success of communications skills in both, personal and professional aspects of one’s lives is simple; those who are able to convey their feelings and ideas are less likely to be misunderstood or even bury their emotions for that matter.

Invest in good communications skills

For more success in personal and professional walks of life, one needs to invest in building good communications skills. Those with effective communications skills are often rewarded and considered to be better suited for leadership roles. The payoff goes much beyond the office; in one’s personal life or practically any situation you might find yourself in.

Imagine being stuck in a tricky situation where you see no way out or one where there is a clash of opinions and you can see that it can lead to a conflict. Having communications skills can help you get out of the situation unscathed. You can avoid these problems by being able to convey your thoughts and ideas more clearly. Good communications will ensure that everyone around you is on the same page and there is no room for any misunderstanding.

Job delegation and responsibility assigning; a common occurrence in teams and organizations

For work or projects to be completed satisfactorily, job details have to be passed on effectively. That’s where good communications skills come into the picture and ensure that the job details are passed on clearly. It means the job will be carried out the way it should be.

Thus you can see that communications skills are definitely important for success in one’s personal and professional lives. They are also crucial to maintain harmony and peaceful relationships in all kinds of work related environments.


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