Book Promo ~ Dream in a Suitcase

One Woman’s Unforgettable Odyssey
from Communist Romania to the US

Dream in a Suitcase from Domnica Radulescu is a fast-paced, true story of survival, resilience and the power of love, told from the perspective of a female Romanian-American survivor of the worst communist dictatorship behind the former Iron Curtain.

The story opens against the backdrop of 1983 Bucharest. The food lines are interminable, the secret police are omnipresent, and college student Domnica Radulescu is reluctantly preparing for a daring journey that will take her first to Rome, and eventually, the United States.

Chapters trace the defining moments in Radulescu’s life, beginning with her traumatic escape to Italy in 1983; back to several pivotal events in the heroine’s early childhood and adolescence in her native Romania; her arrival and first years as a fresh political refugee trying to adjust and survive in Chicago; and the saga of her resettlement in a small Southern town as a single working mother. Along the way, readers are introduced to a whirlwind of lovers, accompany Radulescu on a myriad of travel adventures and witness the creation of her art as she is endlessly inspired by everything life throws at her. Dream in a Suitcase is a roller coaster of geographies, languages and cultures that also ventures into less traveled territory, as Radulescu grapples with topics such as abortion, single motherhood and negotiating the obstacle course of the American academic world. 

With uncompromising irony, self-deprecating humor and unapologetic feminist rebelliousness that calls to mind Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar, Dream in a Suitcase is a powerful memoir that immerses readers in the mind of a woman who makes the bold but heartbreaking decision to leave behind her family and country to pursue the illusory American Dream. 

About the Author

Domnica Radulescu is an American writer of Romanian origin. After settling in Chicago, she obtained a master’s degree in Comparative Literature and a Ph.D. in Romance Languages from the University of Chicago. She is the Edwin A. Morris Professor of Comparative Literature at Washington and Lee University. Radulescu received the 2011 Outstanding Faculty Award from the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia and is twice a Fulbright scholar. 

She is the author of three critically acclaimed novels: Train to Trieste (Knopf 2008 and 2009), Black Sea Twilight (Transworld 2011 & 2012) and Country of Red Azaleas (Hachette 2016); and of award-winning plays. Train to Trieste was published in 13 languages and won the 2009 Library of Virginia Best Fiction Award.

Radulescu has also published 12 nonfiction books, edited and co-edited collections on topics ranging from the tragic heroine in western literature to feminist comedy, to studies of exile literature to theater of war and exile, refugee art, and two collections of original plays. 

Radulescu can be found on Facebook
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Dream in a Suitcase. The Story of an Immigrant Life 

Publisher: Austin Macauley Publishers
ISBN: ‎978-1649795397 (paperback)
ISBN: 978-1649795403 (hardcover)
ISBN: 978-1649795410 (e-book)
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Book Promo ~ Santa Claus Worldwide

A History of St.  Nicholas and
Other Midwinter Gift-Bringers

Finally: Proof of Santa’s Existence and His Impact on Our World

The 200-year legacy of the American Santa Claus as we know him is meticulously documented and explained in author Tom Jerman’s fascinating new book, Santa Claus Worldwide: A History of St. Nicholas and Other Holiday Gift-Bringers.

Readers will be surprised to learn Santa’s true origin story (hint: it wasn’t in Clement C. Moore’s popular poem, “The Night Before Christmas”), plus they’ll be treated to a deep dive into the backstories of other midwinter gift-givers from all over the globe. Jerman’s exhaustive research is evident in his detailed descriptions, and he masterfully showcases the rich diversity among the characters while also pointing out shared traits.

Santa Claus Worldwide is the first legitimate history of Santa Claus in more than a decade, and the first history in more than 100 years to provide a comprehensive look at the Yuletide gift-givers throughout the world.  

Readers will discover:

• How midwinter gift-givers developed over thousands of years;

• The difference between Catholic followers of St. Nicholas and Protestant followers of the secular “terror men” in Europe following the Reformation;

• Historical examples of midwinter gift-givers who were female, Black, rich, gay, atheist and communist;

• When and how a New York printer named William Gilley created the “American Santa Claus” in an 1821 booklet, The Children’s Friend;

• How a wealthy New York professor, Clement C. Moore, bought a copy of The Children’s Friend and, in 1822, wrote “The Night Before Christmas;” and

• How The Children’s Friend disappeared from history until it was rediscovered in 1953. 

Ultimately, Santa Claus Worldwide proves, conclusively, the existence of Santa and his impact on our world.

“Santa indisputably exists as the symbol of Christmas, and Christmas represents our most noble virtues,” Jerman says. “Symbols are real, and they can be very powerful.”

About the Author

Tom A. Jerman, a resident of Asheville, N.C., has bachelor’s degrees in philosophy and journalism and a juris doctorate degree from the University of Utah. Employed as a copy editor with The Salt Lake Tribune between 1974-78, he went on to practice labor and employment law for 35 years. In 2015, he took early retirement to pursue his desire to write something more interesting and enduring than legal treatises.

A serious collector, Jerman has amassed some 4,500 Santa figurines and ornaments, and thousands of antique postcards printed between 1900 and 1910. The enormous diversity of figures — temporal, geographic, historical, size, attire, date of gift-giving, mode of travel — prompted him to write Santa Claus Worldwide, the first volume of a planned trilogy. 

For more information, please visit, or follow the author on Twitter at @tomajerman

Santa Claus Worldwide: A History of St.  Nicholas
and Other Midwinter Gift-Bringers
Publisher: McFarland & Co.
ISBN-10: ‎1476680930
ISBN-13: ‎978-1476680934
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Book Promo – Scotland, Home of Golf

Glorious Photography and Fascinating Facts
Pay Homage to Golf’s Birthplace

For true golf enthusiasts, it’s more than a game of clubs and balls—it’s a deep-rooted passion. To honor the Scottish pioneers who created the courses that attract links lovers from around the world, a team of accomplished photographers Iain and Chris Lowe, and noted Scottish golf historian David Joy, have published Scotland, Home of Golf, a visual collection featuring 14 iconic courses spanning 600 years. Spectacular photos coupled with detailed illustrations and illuminating facts serve to give golfers everywhere an itch to visit one of golf’s greatest meccas.

by Iain M Lowe & Christopher J Lowe 

Stunning air and ground photography coupled with fascinating facts, historical context and meticulously drawn illustrations offer readers a visual journey across 14 iconic golf courses in Scotland, Home of Golf. Iain and Chris Lowe, who specialize in golf course photography, teamed up with Scottish golf historian David Joy to honor the birthplace of golf with this stirring pictorial of 14 “must play” seaside links courses on every golf enthusiast’s wish list.

From the breathtaking grandeur of the Old Course, the oldest in the world, to the Carnoustie Golf Links, home of “Golf’s Greatest Test,” the 14 courses featured in Scotland, Home of Golf represent 600 years of the game’s history. The courses are exquisitely showcased from the air and the ground in captivating photos that illuminate the singular topography and inspired architecture of the links form of golf. Woven throughout is information sharing the rich history of the courses and the greatest players to have played them—there are moments of great sadness, of great joy and incredible achievements. Four modern designs, constructed since 2000, are also included as the most sought-after new links golf experiences. The highlighted courses in order of appearance are: Carnoustie, Kingsbarns, The Old Course, Dumbarnie, Muirfield, North Berwick, Turnberry, Prestwick, Royal Troon, Castle Stuart, Royal Dornoch, Cruden Bay, Trump International and Royal Aberdeen.

“This book is a love letter about Scottish links courses,” Iain Lowe says. “It is our best efforts to show that this is far more than just game of club and ball. It can be a consuming passion.”

Scotland, Home of Golf is the collaboration of the accomplished St. Andrews based father and son photography team of Iain and Christopher Lowe, with expert text and detailed illustrations by noted Scottish golf historian, author, artist and fourth generation St. Andrean David Joy. Joy also is known for his compelling and accurate portrayal of Old Tom Morris in acclaimed performances around the world. Together, the Lowes have four photographic golf book titles to their credit. Iain’s award-winning career of some 50 years includes 25 years shooting Scottish golf courses, and the publication of nine golf books featuring evocative photographic course tours. While Scotland is home to the Lowe’s photography business, they have performed commissioned work around the world in destinations such as the U.S., Cyprus, Morocco, Australia and South Africa.

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Scotland, Home of Golf
Publisher: Iain Lowe Photography
ISBN-10: 1527269566
ISBN-13: 978-1527269569
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History Comes Alive In A Powerful Story Of Eternal Friendship And Love

Smell the Raindrops is a beautiful story of friendship, unbreakable bonds, love and hope that crosses all boundaries and knows no limits.

Smell the Raindrops

  by B.A. Austin

Against the backdrop of civil rights, women’s rights and other much-needed movements to bring equality and dignity to all, a beautiful story of personal transformation unfolds. The daughter of a successful businessman and his stylish wife, Bethany Ann grows up in Memphis, studies in Maine, and experiences a bittersweet mix of love, heartbreak and triumph in California. Her number one guiding force at every stage is an enduring friendship, first in person and later in spirit, with her African-American nanny Karine, a nurturing woman of quiet strength who raised Bethany Ann as if she was her own daughter. A rewarding read and an immersive experience that brings history alive through a poignant personal story.

For all the pain it caused, segregation also contributed to expanding rings of healing, forgiveness and tolerance for a lucky few. Smell the Raindrops: One young woman’s journey through life, love and recovery documents a personal story of addiction and the power of forgiveness within a rich and complex relationship.

Segregation and social injustice created a peculiar bond between African-American women and the white children they so often raised as their own. Bethany Ann came from a wealthy white family in the segregated South. Karine came from a poor, black neighborhood at the peak of the civil rights movement. They met in the heart, and the quiet strength and nurturing force of Karine became an enduring touchstone.

Although Karine’s wisdom and physical presence do not follow Bethany Ann into adulthood, the relationship is a gift with a lasting impact. A poignant personal story, Smell the Raindrops is also a compelling commentary on the past and present racial climate in our country.

Smell the Raindrops
BA Austin
Available at the author’s website:
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About the Author:

B. A. Austin is an independent art history lecturer with a Bachelor of Arts from Bowdoin College and a Master of Arts from the University of Memphis.  Austin created this memoir-style work of fiction based on her own experiences across the country, infusing each page with a deep sense of place and time. It is a journey across America, across several generations, bringing readers intimately close to day-to-day events that shaped our history.

Book Review: Hurricane Katrina: The Story of the Most Destructive Hurricane in American History

Hurricane Katrina:
The Story of the Most Destructive
Hurricane in American History

“The big lesson I learned from Hurricane Katrina is that we have to be thinking about the unthinkable because sometimes the unthinkable happens.” – Mike Leavitt

Hurricanes have been devastating communities for thousands of years, bringing about various combinations of rain and wind that can do everything from taking down some dead limbs to wiping out houses. They are also common enough that people who live for any length of time in a region prone to having hurricanes are inclined to accept them as something of a periodic nuisance rather than a serious danger. Modern construction styles allow houses to withstand winds in excess of 100 miles an hour, and early warning systems allow people to evacuate. Thus, most hurricanes of the 21st century take fewer lives than a serious highway accident.

As a result, the world watched in horror as Hurricane Katrina decimated New Orleans in August 2005, and the calamity seemed all the worse because many felt that technology had advanced far enough to prevent such tragedies, whether through advanced warning or engineering. Spawning off the Bahamian coast that month, Katrina quickly grew to be one of the deadliest natural disasters in American history, killing more than 1,800 people and flooding a heavy majority of one of America’s most famous cities. At first, the storm seemed to be harmless, scooting across the Floridian coast as a barely noticeable Category 1 storm, but when Katrina reached the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, its winds grew exponentially before slamming into the southern Louisiana coast as a massive Category 5 hurricane.

In addition to the deadly nature of the hurricane, it was also incredibly destructive as a result of failed levees around the New Orleans area. By the time the storm had passed, it had wreaked an estimated $108 billion of damage across the region, and the human suffering, with nearly 2,000 deaths and a million people displaced, was available for viewing across the world. Naturally, the reactions of political leaders would be heavily scrutinized in the aftermath, and people studied the lessons to be learned from the disaster to prevent a similar occurrence in the future.

Hurricane Katrina: The Story of the Most Destructive Hurricane in American History chronicles the storm from its formation to the devastating effects it had across the Gulf of Mexico. Along with pictures and a bibliography, you will learn about Hurricane Katrina like never before, in no time at all.

*Includes pictures
*Includes accounts of the hurricane written by survivors
*Includes a bibliography for further reading
*Includes a table of contents

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Amazon Customer Reviews

Terrific book reviewed by Critters
I really learned a lot from this book, even though I well remember Hurricane Katrina. The graphics are just superb, and I understand more about the levees now (although I’ll never understand why a city would be built below sea level)…

Stormy Review by Rivers Books
Amazing overview of this storm and the damage it did. The personal stories of the victims give it a human touch.

HURRICANE KATRINA destroyed New Orleans. Destruction that has not and will be not be repaired. Climate change assures that the future of New Orleans is not good.

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Book Review: Helen Miller Bailey, a biography by Rita Joiner Soza

Helen Miller Bailey:
The Pioneer Educator and Renaissance
Woman Who Shaped Chicano(a) Leaders

Helen Miller Bailey: The Pioneer Educator and Renaissance Woman Who Shaped Chicano(a) Leadersby Rita Joiner Soza

The life of Helen Miller Bailey, teacher, artist, author, community activist, social reformer, wife, and mother, is as inspirational as it was ardently lived. Today’s authors of purportedly new concepts of living a purposeful life, inspired work, and authentic leadership could have been writing about Helen Miller Bailey, though she died nearly half a century ago. Those who witnessed the intensity with which she approached teaching and mentoring, justice, world travel, and Latin American studies describe just how Doc Bailey instilled these ideals in her students who honor her today with a legacy of service and leadership.

an Amazon Customer Review

5 stars   A remarkable woman…     reviewed by Lboritz


Rita Joiner Soza has captured the essence of who Doc Helen Miller Bailey was and is. A mentor, teacher, renaissance woman, friend, Mom…a guide who helped the Chicano community become successful heroes themselves. She helped me believe in my own abilities as well. This book makes me want to further research more about Helen Miller Bailey…her influence continues. This book has inspired me to go back to my love of history and pick up the pen and write again. I highly recommend this book to anyone wishing to read a biography of a very remarkable woman and the people and family she touched.