Book Review: Sebastian the Alchemist and His Captive [Medieval Captives 1] by Lindsay Townsend

Sebastian the Alchemist and His Captive

He takes her for hate. Will he keep her for love? Sebastian, lord of the tower in the northern high lands, is a proud, bitter man with a dark past. An alchemist and a warrior, he has had lovers but knows he is ugly – experience and betrayal have taught him that.When Melissa, the beautiful, neglected daughter of two old enemies, falls into his possessive hands he is determined to hold her. Why? As one of the detested and defeated Felix family,Melissa must cling to her courage when she is claimed as a war-prize by the tall, grim Sebastian. Expecting torture and ravishment, she finds instead a peace and sanctuary that she has never known. Treated with kindness for the first time in her life, Melissa begins to blossom. But there are secrets and old betrayals between them. Sebastian’s abiding jealousy is not easily quelled, especially when someone at the tower seeks to destroy his growing love with Melissa.

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5 starsMedieval Tale of Love Conquering All by Linda Banche

Lindsay Townsend’s SEBASTIAN THE ALCHEMIST AND HIS CAPTIVE is a gentle medieval tale of two wounded souls who heal each other with their love.

Orphaned as an infant, the unwanted Melissa has been shunted from a convent to her uncle’s and aunt’s negligent care. She yearns to find someone who wants her. Then the warrior Sebastian captures her in a raid.

Sebastian wants Melissa, all right. When he was a squire, her parents belittled and taunted him. He can’t take revenge on her dead parents, but he can on their daughter.

But Sebastian is more than just a fighter. Intelligent, brave and compassionate, the rejection he’s suffered makes him sensitive to the sufferings of others, and he takes in outcasts from other castles. The little maid speaks to his heart, but surely she can never love him.

Ms. Townsend perfectly captures heroes who are fierce warriors, yet have tenderness inside. Sebastian is a man every woman longs for: He will protect his love with all his considerable fighting skill and also make her the queen of his heart.

Melissa might have been ignored and mistreated, but her spirit remains unbroken. I like a heroine who not only survives, but go on to thrive, especially when she finds a man who adores her as much as she loves him.

Melissa and Sebastian were made for each other. The story of their animosity turning into affection is truly a tale of love conquering all.

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Lindsay Townsend’s books are mostly historical romance and set in medieval England, ancient Rome or ancient Egypt, but she also writes romantic suspense and historical mystery.
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