Book Promo ~ Storm Dancer

A Dark Epic Fantasy Novel


At twenty-five, warrior Dahoud has a conscience heavier than a bricklayer’s tray and more curses on his head than a camel has fleas. He fights to protect his people – but how can he shield them from the evil inside him?

The only woman who can save him is the courageous weather-dance magician Merida – if he does not destroy her first.

Enter a world of magicians and rebels, bellydancers, warriors, diplomats and demons. Journey into a besieged fortress, a palace harem, a nomad camp, a flaming inferno. Immerse yourself in duels, battles and daring escapes.

Caution: contains violence. Not recommended for readers under 16.

About the Author

Rayne Hall is a fantasy and horror writer, editor of the Ten Tales anthology series and author of the bestselling Writer’s Craft series. Her short stories have been published in many anthologies, and some of her books have been translated into several languages.

She has lived in Germany, China, Nepal, Bulgaria and Britain. A trained publishing manager, she has worked (sometimes at the same time) as a museum guide, investigative journalist, magazine editor, adult education teacher, tarot reader, and belly dancer.

She loves walking, reading, gardening and training cats. She lives on the south coast of England and writes with a black cat snuggling between her arms.

Storm Dancer

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Book Promo ~ The Christmas Unicorn

The greatest gifts aren’t always
found under a Christmas tree.

Believing herself abandoned by her fiancé in the wilds of Northern Wales, actress Babbie Crispen and her wheelchair-bound son struggle to find shelter on a frigid night before Christmas.

A strange man the locals call the Wicked Scot finds them near death on a snow-covered hillside. He brings them to his castle, a place of both terrifying and wonderful magic so powerful it changes all their lives.

Elf says: What’s it all about?

 I have a confession to make: I adore the story of The Christmas Unicorn.
It’s based on a tale my father told us every year on Christmas Eve. He swears it’s true.

I’ve been an actress, a journalist, a communications specialist, and the worst mathematician the insurance industry ever experienced. Fortunately, now I’m a dedicated kitten mom (Please subscribe to my very infrequent newsletter, The Writer’s Cat, for more information on them.), and the author of “Regency romance with a Gothic twist.”
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The Christmas Unicorn

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