This is a day to remember ~ Never Forget 9/11/2001

twin lites

Rockland County Residents

Janet M. Alonso 41 Stony Point NY
Calixto Anaya Jr. 35 Suffern NY
Japhet J. Aryee 49 Spring Valley NY
Richard E. Bosco 34 Suffern NY
Sgt. John Gerard Coughlin 43 Pomona NY
Welles Remy Crowther 24 Upper Nyack NY
John D’ Allara 47 Pearl River NY
Bernard D. Favuzza 52 Suffern NY
Thomas Foley 32 West Nyack NY
Andrew Fredericks 40 Suffern NY
Robert Joseph Gschaar 55 Spring Valley NY
Dana Hannon 29 Suffern NY
Capt. Frederick Ill Jr. 49 Pearl River NY
Farah Jeudy 32 Spring Valley NY
Joseph Marchbanks Jr. 47 Nanuet NY
John Marshall 35 Congers NY
Patricia A. McAneney 50 Pomona NY
Robert Garvin McCarthy 33 Stony Point NY
Robert William McPadden 30 Pearl River NY
Luke G. Nee 44 Stony Point NY
Gerald O’Leary 34 Stony Point NY
David Ortiz 37 Nanuet NY
Lt. Vernon Allan Richard 53 Nanuet NY
Thomas G. Schoales 27 Stony Point NY
Mohammed Shajahan 41 Spring Valley NY
Gregory Sikorsky 34 Spring Valley NY
Catherine T. Smith 44 West Haverstraw NY
Robert W. Spear Jr. 30 Valley Cottage NY
Loretta A, Vero 51 Nanuet NY
Benjamin Walker 41 Suffern NY
Weibin Wang 41 Orangeburg NY
Steven Weinberg 41 New City NY
Capt. David T. Wooley 53 Nanuet NY


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In July 2014 the News York Post reported that more than 2500
first responders [police, fire and EMS] had developed Cancer and respiratory
illnesses from the exposure to Ground Zero dust – Many have died.

FDNY adds names of those who died related to rescue and recovery work

The air at Ground Zero contained pulverized concrete, shards of glass and carcinogens, according to a 2011 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report.

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Meet Atty Eve, author of My Beautiful Suicide

Author Atty Eve took some time toPageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00024] meet with me in the Potpourri Parlor today. She describes herself as “a writer, mother, wife, and business owner, but not always in that order”. Her debut novel My Beautiful Suicide was just released October 15th.

Thanks for stopping by Atty,


Can you tell us a little about your next book to come out?

Sure, the main character Cosette is having a horrible life, her brother died in a car accident, her father left her mom for a newer version, and her high school bully is relentless. But it wasn’t until she accidentally kills someone that she decides to end it all. She understands the impact that suicide has on friends and family so she figures the best way to kill herself is to become a victim of the local serial killer called The Poser.

The real trouble starts when every time she goes out to become a victim, instincts take over and she ends up killing her attackers. And I would say more but that would spoil the fun.

Do you work on more than one novel at a time?

No, when I get an idea I write the outline down but that’s it. I get distracted easily so I have to concentrate on one thing at oh, hey, did I tell you I have a book coming out?

What historical time period is your favorite? Why?

I would love to go back to the very beginning when Adam and Eve were in the garden before she ate the apple. Think of how cool it would be, no rain, no fear of lions or tigers or bears. No need of clothes because all you ate were fruits and veggies and there were no defects, diseases, viruses, nothing to worry about.  And there’s no one to compare yourself to. Everyone in the garden is perfect. You walked with God every morning as he taught you things about your new home and how you have to peel an orange and banana to get to the good stuff. And you could talk to the animals. Eve didn’t freak out and run away when the snake talked to her so it must have been the norm. It would’ve been nice to warn her too, our lives would be so different if she wasn’t curious.

Do you have a vision board or other `trick’ to help motivate you?

I have a few movies I pop in to stir me up. Shine (my favorite movie), A beautiful mind, and the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Do you schedule time to write or is writing all-consuming to the exclusion of everything else and you schedule time to do other things? Like eat.

Eating is good, no, I write best between 2 and 4 in the morning. I’ll wake up and cuddle in a blanket and write by nightlight. It’s quiet and no one calls or knocks on the door. If they do I’m in trouble because someone hacked into my search history.

How do you “connect” with your readers? Can you tell us about any memorable author-reader interactions?

I would love to tell you but I don’t have a lot of readers yet. I did have a beta reader who read the book in one sitting and begged every week for the second. That was nice to have a fan at such an early stage.

When you are not writing, what do you do to unwind?

My oldest son and I are obsessed about several TV series. Breaking Bad, Heroes and 4400 are our favorites. We black out the room, load up on snacks and watch 3 to 4 episodes at a time.

Aside from yourself, of course, who are your favorite authors? Was there any particular author who inspired you to write?

No author inspired me but my favorite author is Neal Shusterman. I haven’t read a book of his I didn’t like. They suck you in immediately and the characters are so well written you wish you could hug them or shake some sense into them.

Morning Person? Or Night Person? How do you know?

I do well in the morning. I think it’s called coffee.

Is there any one particular character in your novels that you feel is most like you?

Unfortunately yes, the main character. She starts off with a crappy life, she’s picked on, she’s too insecure to know when she’s being hit on, and then something snaps. It changes her whole future and also how she views herself. Not all the changes are good. Not all are bad. It was easy to write her because she’s just like me.

Can you describe your favorite place to write? Do you listen to music or watch TV while you write?

It’s not the most ideal place for proper posture, but I sit on my leather recliner in my living room. I have a fan cooling laptop desk and a large screen laptop. On the side table is usually a bag of veggie fries, water and an oversized mug of coffee so sweet you could stand a spoon up in it. No music. No TV. Easily distracted remember?

What do you prefer to read, a print (paper)) book, an ebook, or an audiobook? Does it make a difference what you are reading as to what format you prefer?

I like my Nook because I can read late into the night while my husband sleeps. No noise of turning pages.

Please tell us a little about your home life- family, pets, community?

I am lucky, I have a hot husband who has some sort of Shallow Hal crush going on for me, and we’ve been married for 19 years, go figure. I have two well behaved teenage boys who were born on the same day 3 years apart. No I didn’t plan that. One was 2 weeks early, one was 2 weeks late both were almost 10 lbs. yeah, it hurt. And unless you count the spiders in my basement, I have no pets. I live in Kenuckiana, that is Louisville Kentucky and surrounding towns, I also wrote this as the setting for my book. It helped having a frame of reference.

At what point in your life did you first feel comfortable calling yourself an author/writer?

When my husband told me to call myself a writer. I used to just say I was a stay at home mom who works every now and then.  I was in the military, worked in retail, restaurants and I used to be a clown. But I retired from all that and started getting serious about my writing. Then poof, a writer was born. BTW my husband hates clowns. I had to call ahead so he would be out of the house when I came home.

Can you tell us where to find more information on you? Website?Blog?

I have a blog called and a website you can reach me at or .  You can also friend me on Facebook as long as you don’t try to sell me stocks or religion.

Is there a place where readers can reach you or find your book?

Sure, my phone number is… just kidding.



Barnes & Noble –

Is there a question you wish I asked?

You could ask me what is the answer to the universe? But everyone knows the answer is 42.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

Yes, keep an open mind when reading and don’t spoil the ending for when you pass it on!