Book Review: The Butterfly That Returned by Serene Martin

The Butterfly That Returned

The Butterfly That Returned is a collection of 33 heartfelt messages that celebrates that beaded crystal of inspiration that followed you everywhere you went since you were born. Sometimes, it stayed in the background while you busily went about your day. Sometimes, it came out from the shadows and burned so brightly that your heart ached with joy. Very often, it was quickly forgotten. Today, it returns to you and reminds you it is yours to keep.

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5 starsA Refreshing Read reviewed by Don Sloan 
In The Butterfly That Returned, author/ poet Serene Martin delivers verse that is at once introspective and lyrical.

In a series of thirty-three “heartfelt messages,” she examines self-truths, relationships and — above all — the need to believe in yourself.

In “Get On With It,” she affirms her belief that there are higher forces at work in us — and for us — every day:

“Call it faith. Call it the law of attraction. Call it the placebo effect. Call it God . . . Call it whatever you want and get on with it. Because life is so much better when you believe there are larger forces working for you and with you. . . You are the genius in the fool of every doe-eyed believer of the power of life.”

In “Feeling It,” the poet reveals that actions really do speak louder than words::

“Our dreams have wings / But it is our belief in them that gives them flight / Not words of faith / Our vibration of faith”

In “Good Enough,” a little girl offers up a prayer — and is surprised at the response:

“A single lonesome prayer she had once uttered in the depths of the night when she thought no one was listening had pierced the heavens / A prayer that she almost forgot she even said / And then she realised beyond any doubt / That we are all good enough for good things”

And finally, in “I Am You, ” the poet examines the miracle of just Being:

“I am the curve of your smile and the depth of your remorse / I am your friend and the friend of your enemy / I am what I am and I am you”

Each poem or long verse is uplifting and encouraging, and I also found this short collection to be wonderfully soothing.

Five stars to The Butterfly That Returned. It is a refreshing read.

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