Book Review: Ghost Hunter (The Middle-aged Ghost Whisperer Book 2): (Ghost Cozy Mystery series)

Ghost Hunter
(The Middle-aged Ghost Whisperer Book 2)

by Morgana Best

Is Alum Mullein a ghost or not? When Prudence Wallflower discovers Alum’s secret, she has a short time to save him from complete destruction. The key lies with the murderer of another police officer. Can Prudence sift through the suspects and save Alum once and for all? Or will she fall victim to the same fate as he?

Best-selling Cozy Mystery author, Morgana Best, lives in a small, historic, former gold mining town in Australia. She is owned by one highly demanding, rescued cat who is half Chinchilla, and two less demanding dogs, a chocolate Labrador and a rescued Dingo, as well as 2 rescued Dorper sheep, the ram Herbert, and his wether friend, Bertie.
Morgana is a former college professor.
Morgana’s hobbies include reading cozy mysteries and supernatural mysteries, books about ghosts, renovating her old house, and caring for all her animals. Her favorite craft is repurposing furniture.

Amazon Customer Review

5 stars  This is a great series! Murder, mystery, spirits, romance and some funny “friends”!

By Indy Girl

“Ghost Hunter” is the second book in “C” series written by Morgana Best. This is a fun series about Prudence Wallflower, a clairvoyant medium and her encounters with spirits who approach her to relay messages to a loved one. She does this at booked venues around the country.
She has been approached by Alum Mullein, a “ghost” who was a detective murdered by his police officer partner. Alum has been appearing to Prudence several times in her home. In the past she has not been able to see ghosts and now realizes that Alum may not be a ghost afterall! He may be coming in and out of a coma state because he is hearing conversations while he’s lying in a hospital bed with monitors and IV’s.
A constable has been murdered and Prudence stakes out two constables homes to determine which one is dead and which one is going to the place Alum is being cared for. Alum heard that his partner would be coming to see him and fears that he will kill him for sure. He is staying awake more and more. Once he comes out of the coma, he won’t be able to appear to Prudence and if his partner gets there first, it will be too late!
In the series, Prudence also has some light-hearted but very pushy friends who keep trying to fix her up with a man. One “friend” in particular is an especially irritating know-it-all who doesn’t know the meaning of minding her own business. She walks in if Prudence leaves the door unlocked. She looks in her windows, breaks a valuable family heirloom, afterward claiming she’s an expert and the item wasn’t valuable anyway.
Meanwhile Prudence’s agent met with her to tell her that some of her venues may be cancelled because of the increase in clairvoyant mediums in the area.
As troubling as that bit of news is, her first priority is to find Alum as fast as possible.
This is an event filled book and is a joy to read! Suspense, laughter and romance!
I was given an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
I eagerly await the next one!