September is National Recovery Month:
Mother Shares Her Journey
with Heroin-Addicted Daughter

About Natalie: A Daughter's Addiction. A Mother's Love. Finding Their Way Back to Each Other. by [Christine Pisera Naman]

Millions of American lives have been forever transformed by the effective treatment options available for addiction recovery, and they deserve to be noticed. National Recovery Month serves to draw attention to the remarkable strides made by those in recovery and to foster a greater understanding among all of us about mental health and substance use disorders.

Christine Naman celebrates her daughter’s recovery every day. In a story that plays out in far too many households, Christine’s daughter, Natalie, became addicted to heroin in spite of a loving family and a comfortable life.

Christine traces her daughter’s years-long battle with addiction — and her own struggles with denial — in About Natalie, a gripping, cautionary tale of how a child can suddenly end up on the wrong path, meet the wrong people and get lost in the unthinkable.

About Natalie takes readers deep inside Christine’s emotional and mental turmoil as she grows into her new, unfortunate role as the parent of an addict. She steps on syringes left on the floor and wrestles one from the family dog’s mouth. She lives the nightmare of finding an unresponsive child on the floor and uses Narcan to revive her. She chases away a drug dealer and stays up all night waiting for her missing child to come home. She rejoices during periods of recovery and hope and is devastated during relapses. When her daughter suffers, Christine suffers right along with her.

Interwoven with Christine’s reflections are Natalie’s compelling poems that share her personal pain and the unvarnished truth of her struggle.

Full of compassion, understanding and hope for addicts, About Natalie is a story of fighting for — and right alongside — the ones we love, no matter how difficult the circumstances. It is a story of keeping the faith, battling hard and never giving up.

She hopes that by sharing her family’s difficult story she can bring understanding and knowledge to those who do not know the problem firsthand as well as provide comfort to those who know the nightmare of addiction all too well.

Editorial Review:

About Natalie is groundbreaking. It doesn’t preach or pretend to offer a panacea. Instead, it offers a refreshing, authentic look at one family’s struggle with addiction, easily the most powerful book published on the subject in the 21st century.” — Dr. Maryel McKinley PhD , CADCII

About the Author:

Bestselling author Christine Pisera Naman is a wife to a beautiful man named Peter and a mother to three fantastic kids named Jason, Natalie and Trevor. In her free time, she enjoys crocheting, which she does poorly; painting, again poorly; and volunteering at her local hospital, which she hopes she does well. She is the author of the Faces of Hope series of books that are now housed in the 9/11 Memorial Museum in New York City. Her other works include Caterpillar Kisses, Christmas Lights, The Novena and The Believers.About Natalie is her heart poured onto paper.

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About Natalie

Publisher: HCI Books
ISBN-13: 978-0-7573-2385-0 (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 978-0-7573-2386-7 (ePub) 

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Book Promo: Till the End of Time by Sylvia Anthony

Till the End of Time: A Story of Persistence,
Love Failure and Success in a Woman’s Life

Rediscover Why We Celebrate The Season:
We’re Meant To Keep On Giving Till The End Of Time

Life has not always been easy for Sylvia Anthony, but if you met her you would see a vibrant, remarkable woman who today, at age 86, stands as a pillar of inspiration that life does not end in retirement – but finding new meaning in life is what gives us life! Sylvia overcame insurmountable adversity in order to help others and is living proof that life can be lived victoriously at any age. As founder and president of Sylvia’s Haven, a shelter for women and children near Boston, Sylvia has helped transform over 1086 lives in the past 28 years. While there is never enough money (she has loaned her own money to the shelter many times and has not received pay for the past four years), Sylvia wouldn’t change what she does for the world and calls it her “magnificent obsession!”

Sylvia’s memoir Till the End of Time is now in its third edition (eFluential Publishing), a compelling biography, seasoned with wisdom from a vast array of real-life experiences, that portrays a rich emotional and personal journey of transformation from an abused child to senior citizen. It is an extraordinary true story of abuse, love, sorrow and triumph – and is a story that will forever change your life.

Sylvia’s book tells of a child, beaten by her father and unwanted by her mother, whose saving grace was the love of her grandparents, uncles and cousins. At age five, when several of her beloved relatives moved to California, she was more lost and alone than ever before. As a teenager, still suffering beatings by her father, Sylvia experiences her first young love; Tony. Readers share a poignant story of a marriage that produces three children, but ends in divorce due to cruelty, leaving Sylvia to raise her children alone. Tony later becomes a disabled veteran through tuberculosis, and Sylvia goes on to cope with life and its hardships.

Sylvia’s second marriage to Rick brought them both closer to God and lead to the founding of her shelter, Sylvia’s Haven. In fact, just six months before Rick died of cancer, he completed   the details, with the help of a lawyer who worked pro-bono, to get the shelter started. It was incorporated on January 25 and Rick died March 30. 1987.

The title, Till the End of Time, represents the favorite love song of Sylvia and Tony, her first love, so it makes perfect sense that the remainder of the book is devoted to many of the remarkable stories of how Sylvia cared for her “girls” and she did so with the help of Tony, who re-entered her life to help with the shelter until his death at age 71 – proving that their love truly did last Till the End of Time.

Sylvia believes that in spite of the bad experiences she endured, God gave her the courage to continue on. Although she was made to believe as a child she could do nothing, she went on to marry, raise three children and at 57 begin her service of sheltering homeless women and children. At age 86, still a force to contend with, she never backs away from a new challenge.

She has been featured on the 700 Club, and received a commendation from President George Bush in 2002. She is the recipient of the Arthur L. Whitaker Award, the National Alliance to End Homelessness Recognition Award, Ambassador for Peace Award, the Governor of Massachusetts Recognition Award,  named the Hometown Hero by WBZ-TV in Boston, and recognized as Woman of the Year 2012/2013 by the National Association of Professional Women.

Sylvia’s Haven is a nonprofit housing facility near Boston providing shelter, guidance and emotional support for homeless women and their children. The women can be referred to schools, counselors and work advisers in the area for help with developing their own earning skills so they may live independent lives. Sylvia is also the author of Sylvia’s Haven, published in 2008 by AuthorHouse. For more information, please visit:

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Till the End of Time
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ISBN-9 781517 477851


Sylvia’s Pastor wrote in her book: “Sylvia is a woman of faith, courage, tenacity and love. Her story shows that no matter a person’s background, age or season in life, when we make ourselves available to God, He is able to accomplish great things through us. Through Sylvia we learn of God’s great provision and how a simple ‘yes’ to God can turn into hope for 1,077 women and children.”

Sylvia Anthony believes “the golden years” are a time to gear up and get busy, not relax and take it easy. She has faced many hardships in her 86 years, but they have made her stronger and more determined.