Stress and its effect on health

Stress Or Trauma Can Negatively Affect Our Health; Learn How To Build Resilience To Take Control Of The Present

When it’s stress or trauma, it can leave wounds that run deep. If not properly tended to, these events can leave scars that affect the way a person relates to themselves and everything around them. “It is said that every scar tells a story,” Lauer and Parrish write in The Essence of Resilience: Stories of Triumph Over Trauma (HCI – ISBN: 9780757319419 October 2016 — $14.95), but often those stories are kept locked away in silence by the victims who are struck voiceless and alone in the dark shadow of their pasts. By keeping their stories buried within themselves, often trauma victims distort the reality of their trauma and devolve to self-blame, and very often cope with drugs, alcohol, and other unhealthy and dangerous behavior.

But everyone is capable of harnessing resilience – the part of ourselves that refuses to surrender or die. Everyone is capable of reclaiming themselves and taking control of the present by learning to cope with their pasts, and in The Essence of Resilience, fourteen trauma survivors demonstrate the miraculous healing power of storytelling to work through finding the “gift in their wound.” Stories include:

•    A young girl bullied by her classmates, losing her definition of herself in their hurtful words.
•    An adopted daughter, searching for a sense of belonging through substance abuse.
•    A rape victim regaining her voice through therapy animals.
•    A Marine with a history of child abuse learning the power of sharing and facing his past.

Tanya Lauer and Kathleen Parrish are professional counselors who specialize in those who have suffered a traumatic experience, which they define as “any event that violates your sense of safety and wellbeing, or shatters your integrity or sense of wholeness.” With a combined 40 years of experience helping trauma survivors cope, Lauer and Parrish share their tried-and-true arsenal of tools including Relationships, Trust, Travel, Compassion, Gratitude, Animals, Nature, Humor and Spirituality that helps victims reclaim their voice in this gripping and powerful book.

Join these survivors as they face their pasts head-on, sharing their deepest and darkest moments to open themselves up to the ability to heal. These stories, while they may be painful, are also published to be motivational to those who may be suffering silently on their own. These tributes to each individual’s past reveal an inspiring look into the miracle that is human resilience, and allows us to bear witness to these brave survivors in their triumph over trauma.

About the Authors

Tanya Lauer and Kathleen Parrish are Licensed Professional Counselors with over 40 years combined experience providing counseling and trauma intervention services. They are affiliated with Cottonwood Tucson, an internationally renowned residential treatment program for co-occurring disorders in Tucson, Arizona. They are frequent presenters at professional conferences in the United States and in Europe.



1. What inspired you to write this book?
We were inspired by the courage and openness of the individuals we have worked with in the area of trauma recovery.

2. Why is resilience such an important component of trauma recovery?
Resilience is a crucial aspect of trauma recovery as it provides individuals with an anchor to hold onto in the midst of the storm. Resilience is that ability to return to original form after being stretched. Trauma not only stretches us, but it shatters us sometimes, too. Recognizing and embracing resilience provides individuals with the opportunity to recover those parts of themselves that they might believe were lost.

3. Is everyone resilient, or is it an inherited trait that pertains to only a few?
Everyone possesses the capacity for resilience, but not everyone will embrace this potential. We believe that individuals are born with certain traits of resilience but we also recognize that resilience can be developed and nurtured.

4. Are the characters in your stories real or fictional?
The characters in our stories are inspired by individuals that we have known; however, significant elements of their story and identity have been changed to protect and honor confidentiality.

5. Are there elements of your own life experiences in this book?
This book reflects some of our own perspectives and ideas about trauma recovery. In addition, there are parts of this book that are incredibly personal to us and allow us to share aspects of our own story in the pages of this book.

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ISBN: 978075319419 — $14.95