Book Promo: Through the Eyes of the Dragon by Diomira Rose D’Agostino

The Forest Speaks series

Through the Eyes of the Dragon

It has been one year since extraordinary events led Jedda to an incredible discovery that would change her reality forever. With the help of a talking cat, a raven and a Keeper, Jedda journeyed deep into the magical Forest to uncover the shocking truth of her soul’s true identity. Now she must learn all she can in order to fulfill her destiny to become the next Keeper – a role that entails nothing less than protecting the ancient Faery Wisdom that has survived for over 13,000 years. But protecting the ancient body of wisdom isn’t the only matter of importance, for a darkness stirs that threatens to destroy more than just the Line of Keepers.

Meanwhile, the race against Time is on for those of the Forest as they prepare for the auspicious and exceedingly rare event everyone has been waiting for – The Crossing of the Frog and the Mushroom!

Can Jedda uncover the truth of an ancient prophecy before the darkness consumes the soul of one she loves? And are those of the Forest able to unravel the dark plot against the Earth in time to save Rose? In this riveting sequel to Awakening the Rose, the clock is ticking for Jedda and the others. If darkness prevails, the Earth and all those upon it might sleep forever!


The tail moved beneath the earth’s surface. It was massive and bold, as it dreamed the Dream of the Earth. The sacred Dreamtime was made for dragons and dragons made for it. Dragons were both Movers and Dreamers. They lay sleeping now on the inner Earth. Where they were no one knew. No one except the Dragon Clan.
About the Author:
Diomira Rose D’Agostino is a holistic healing practitioner, metaphysician, and Healing Minister of Inner Quest Church. She also holds a BA in Modern Language and Culture: Spanish and Italian. She has been working with the Nature Realms for almost a decade now. She is the founder of Faery Light, LLC, an organization dedicated to sharing the Faery Wisdom Teachings, an ancient body of wisdom that seeks to awaken us to our connection with nature. She has traveled extensively to many different countries and sacred sites all over the world seeking to connect with and experience diverse peoples, lands, and nature spirit energies. Through her work she seeks to bridge worlds through peace, love and understanding.

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