That Damn Dialysis: A Brighter Look At A Lifesaving Treatment

With more than 100,000 people diagnosed every year with end-stage renal disease and a chronic shortage of donated kidneys for transplant, dialysis is the only treatment option. But dialysis has its unique emotional, physical and financial costs, and no one knows it better than Cindy Barclay, author of That Damn Dialysis (Claybar Publishing).

After twenty years as a registered nurse working with patients diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, she is also the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Quality Dialysis, the leading staff-assisted home dialysis company in the state of Texas. Most important, however, is her commitment to being a patient advocate.

“I want people to understand the disease process and understand what is happening to them,” she says. “So I created a fictional character, Cledus B. Washington, and readers share in his experiences as a new dialysis patient.” That Damn Dialysis provides an empathetic account of what a dialysis patient goes through on a daily basis with medical personnel, family and friends, and covers everything from medical questions to matters of the heart.

An attractive, witty, and hardworking 50-year-old, Cledus’s world is turned upside down when he is diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. His girlfriend leaves him, his mother tries to take over his life, and his financial security is severely compromised as his world shrinks down to monitoring the buzzing sound of his “lifeline” that confirms he is alive. Cledus’s story, told with compassion and humor, encompasses the uncertainty, fears, and frustration of day-to-day living while coping with this disease.

Dubbed the “Diva of Dialysis,” Cindy Barclay has become one of Houston’s most respected and successful women in business. Cindy believes her professional success revolves around the fact that she sees herself not just a business woman, but as a patient advocate, bringing dignity and respect to her clients.  A single mom, Cindy raised two daughters, Gennevive and Maria, and resides in the Houston area.
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