About Tim I. Gurung

One Man’s Legacy: Writing To Help The Poor,
The Weak And The Needy Around The World

It’s refreshing to hear an author describe himself as ‘a writer of conscience and righteousness.’ Tim I. Gurung has six published books to date, two currently in the editing phase, and working on the ninth. His compelling stories are thought-provoking, knowledgeable, exciting and persuasive, and draw much-needed attention to important global social issues. While vastly different, they share a common goal: To make a positive impact on people.

Tim Gurung’s life journey is a remarkable story in itself.  Born and raised in Nepal, at age 17 he became a Gurkha soldier with the British Army, stationed in Hong Kong. After retiring from the army, he remained in Hong Kong to work and raise a family.  While he enjoyed his job he wanted his life to mean more than just an income, so Tim made a promise to himself that for the second half of his life he would follow his heart. True to his word, Tim’s passion for writing has resulted in several highly successful books, and today he is able to donate the proceeds from these books to his family’s non-profit foundation, ISSLCARE, that makes it possible for needy families in Nepal to send their children to school.

Five Steps is Tim Gurung’s first published book. It is about a man who loses his family in a freak accident. As he investigates clues found at the scene, he gets caught up in a whirlwind journey that takes him across the globe ─ a journey that changes him and those he meets in positive ways as he learns to see life from different viewpoints.

Missionary or Mercenary is the story of a middle-aged man returning home after years abroad helping his countrymen in need. Using profits from his business to build a children’s home, he unwittingly attracts unwanted attention from a political party trying to align itself with his noble work ─ which wreaks havoc on him, his family, and business.

A Tree Called Tenalpa, a story of migration and discrimination, is a profoundly tender tale of six different color birds that live peacefully together in a huge tree until their world is turned upside by a storm. Through exquisite storytelling, we learn how the birds adjust to a new living arrangement and cope with their respective problems and survive.

Afterlife. We’re all curious about the afterlife and what happens after death. Where do we go and what’s it like in heaven and hell? While Afterlife is an intriguing story that takes readers into some strange and frightening places, it also takes them on a beautiful otherworldly journey that has them wondering if these mysterious places might just be real…

The Cursed Nation is an inspiring story about overcoming obstacles on the path to a better life. When a young man moves to the city, he gets a job where he’s in contact with many powerful and influential people – like his boss, who becomes prime minister of the nation. But when the corrupt political games get to be too much for him, the young man decides to move to a poor suburb in the city and help the struggling residents. It’s while he’s helping these people that his own life starts to change in many positive ways.

A Nation for Refugees is a satisfying and inspiring read of love, trials and triumph. After college, a young man joins an internationally-known company where he works for several years, but when problems surface in the hierarchy he is forced to give up the job he loves. To make ends meet he opens a makeshift café in a tent outside his home, and barely ekes out a living. All that changes when Sarah, his first real love, reenters his life. As the café becomes popular, their newfound wealth allows them to contribute vast amounts toward helping refugees.

Tim Gurung’s humble beginnings did not allow him the opportunity to attend college, but this was never an obstacle for him. He learned from real-life experiences and is living his dream today ─ a respected author, devoted to helping those less fortunate through his family’s charity. For more information on this great humanitarian or any of his books, please visit: http://www.timigurung.com.

All books are available at:  http://www.amazon.com/Tim-GURUNG/e/B00SQOI2MU

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