iPain Music Moves Awareness ~ HOPE IS TRUE

iPain Music Moves
Awareness Event Brings Celebrities Together For A Great Cause

The International Pain Foundation Celebrates 10th Anniversary With Some of Hollywood’s Hottest Stars
iPain Music Moves Awareness
iPain Music Moves Awareness

Held at The Charleston Haus in Downtown Los Angeles, the International Pain Foundation (iPain) Music Moves Awareness Event on September 1st was a star studded evening in support of those who suffer with chronic pain. iPain was celebrating their 10th anniversary with a beautiful music video and song created to empower those who have struggled with diseases like Lupus, ALS, Lyme Disease and more.

“HOPE IS TRUE” by iPain, was created with the assistance of some of the most illustrious talent in today’s music and film industries. Executive Producer and iPain supporter, Ryan Young brought on the help and talent of Emmy nominated songwriter William J. Fuller to write “HOPE IS TRUE” along with highly decorated music producer Alex Geringas to produce the foundation’s song.

A wide variety of incredibly talented celebrities including Christina Milian, Ally Hilfiger, After Romeo, Bret Lockett, Chris Caldovino, Billy Blanks Jr., Dre Davis and more all came out to support the cause and donate to such an incredible foundation.


About The International Pain Foundation:

iPain supports the notion that chronic pain is a real and complex disease that exists either by itself or it can be linked with other medical conditions. As a charity, it campaigns for effective pain care through an array of treatment options, which are widely inaccessible. It also underlines that chronic pain is an unrecognized and under- resourced public health crisis with devastating personal and economic impacts. Most importantly, it operates under the belief that allowing people to suffer with unmanaged pain is immoral and unethical.