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Her Father Tells Liza’s Story of Facing Death

It’s unusual to access a child’s mind during the magic years of childhood. It’s rarer when the child is facing her death. Liza, an ardent child with a deep love of cows and the color purple was diagnosed with leukemia at age four and died two years later in 1996. Liza was an unusually expressive child and her parents, both child psychiatrists, were uniquely oriented to appreciate the richness of a child’s mind. Through writing this book, Liza’s father strove to reveal the inner world of a child’s mind–and a parent’s mind–as few other books can. At its center, this is the story of a child’s psyche growing and striving to understand all she could of her experience, and of a small family coping with life’s biggest challenges. It is a story of love’s power to help a family cope and endure despite loss, and to grow, through darkness, back toward a full embrace of life. Through the process, the family emerges transformed, awed by the capacities of this child.

About the Author

Philip Lister is an adult and child psychiatrist in private practice in New York City. He is affiliated with Weill Cornell, Columbia, and Mount Sinai medical centers and teaches the art of psychotherapy with children and adolescents. In recent years he has worked as a therapist in the Phase 3 research study treating PTSD with MDMA-assisted psychotherapy. For more about the book see the author’s website,

A Short Good Life

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Book Review: Reimagining Women’s Cancers by Dr. Mark Boguski, Dr. Michele Berman & David Tabatsky

Celebrity Power Plus Public Awareness Is Changing
Lives In Reimagining Women’s Cancers

“The illnesses of famous patients receive enormous attention from the media and serve as touchstones for patients and families dealing with similar conditions… By taking a series of famous cancer cases and looking at the actual information being received by the public, Doctors Boguski and Berman are furthering the important process of ascertaining exactly what these episodes teach us.”

–– Barron H. Lerner, MD, PhD, Professor of Medicine and Public Health, New York Presbyterian, The University Hospital of Columbia and Cornell, Author of When Illness Goes Public: Celebrity Patients and How We Look at Medicine

“Thank you for sharing the relationship between celebrity health conditions, consumer Internet search behavior, and its potential for developing teachable moments for the advancement of public health.”

–– Nan M. Laird, PhD, Harvey V. Fineberg, Professor of Biostatistics, Harvard School of Public Health

Cancer doesn’t have to be a death sentence. The get-out-of-cancer-free card? Prevention through information. The recent World Cancer Report from the World Health Organization states that about half of all cancers are preventable and can be avoided if current medical knowledge is better delivered. From People magazine, with a readership of 43 million to Internet sites like with over 80 million monthly views, celebrity information not only sells, it has the ability to educate about important issues––including cancer.

Whether readers are currently patients or consumers wanting to be better informed, Reimagining Women’s Cancers exemplifies that information is empowering. Reading about a famous person coping with cancer can not only be inspiring, it can save a life. In this first book of their Reimagining Cancer series, doctors Mark Boguski and Michele Berman team with writer David Tabatsky to provide celebrity stories focusing on cancer of the breasts, ovaries, uterus, cervix, vagina and vulva.

To provide readers with critical information to help them manage, cope, and recover from illness, Reimagining Women’s Cancers is written in an easy-to-read style and format. Each chapter begins with basic anatomy concerning each cancer, followed by an overview of how we view a particular cancer today. The chapters flow easily into an explanation of signs, symptoms, diagnoses, scientific information and guidelines, and end on comprehensive surveys for treatments and prevention. Woven throughout are stories, both medical and anecdotal, from women such as Angelina Jolie, Joan Lunden, Melissa Etheridge, Sandra Lee, Rita Wilson, Christina Applegate, and Suzanne Somers.

Every 23 seconds someone in America is diagnosed with cancer. Education is the key, and by using clear and concise information by means of celebrity stories, Reimagining Women’s Cancers can teach countless readers who might otherwise not pay attention to an epidemic likely to affect them or a loved one.

About The Authors

Dr. Mark Boguski and Dr. Michele Berman are a husband and wife team of physicians who have trained and taught at some of the top medical schools and research institutions in the country, including Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Washington University in St. Louis, the National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health. Celebrity Diagnosis, the website they founded and launched in 2009, is now featured as an integral part of the American Association for Cancer Research website and combines celebrity health conditions with up-to-date medical information on numerous cancers. Through their website, Dr. Boguski and Dr. Berman have created numerous “teachable moments in medicine,” giving the medical facts behind the headlines. Their aim is to increase health awareness and medical knowledge for patient empowerment and professional development, and raise the likelihood of consideration for early detection and preventative behavior.

For a patient facing cancer, or for a medical student overwhelmed by data, medical information alone can be quite daunting and often misses out on the human factor that is so vital in prevention and healing. David Tabatsky, through his writing and editing, has added an essential element to the book through his interviews with patients and cancer support groups, as well as by making the book easy to read.

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Reimagining Women’s Cancers: The Celebrity Diagnosis Guide to Personalized Treatment and Prevention
HCI Books
Available online everywhere and at
ISBN 9780757319532

More praise for Reimagining Women’s Cancers:

Kristi L. Holmes, PhD, Director, Galter Health Sciences Library at Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine: “As an educator striving to effectively convey key points in a lecture, including a celebrity facet with other examples makes it easier for our students, trainees, and faculty to work through very complex concepts in a fun way… I am able to use the resource in a professional capacity within the library as well in my courses and workshops on various topics related to genomic medicine and biomedical research.”

“MedPage Today found that since launching Celebrity Diagnosis on our site, page views have risen faster than any other blog we carry. We believe it’s because celebrities attract attention as a jump-off point to educate. You have found a unique niche.”

Cancer! Not A respecter Of Age Or Gender, Nationality Or Religion

Rejoicing Through the Tears
by Brenda George

For author Brenda George, life was good. She and her husband were planning their daughter’s wedding, buying a new sports car, and planning a much-needed vacation, things couldn’t have been better…until cancer rudely invaded her life. She was having the time of her life … until cancer rudely invaded her life. That one word changed everything!

Have you or someone you know been diagnosed with cancer? Rejoicing through the Tears has been written with you in mind. You can learn not only to survive, but to thrive. You can come through your wilderness journey of cancer and let God turn your mourning into dancing. No matter what challenges you may be facing, you can learn to embrace the hand of a loving God. He will walk with you whether you are up on the mountaintop or down in the valley; you will learn to rejoice wherever you are, because what you are rejoicing with is heartfelt joy from deep within. Your faith will be ignited, and you will be encouraged. You will learn to live each day with passion and enthusiasm. Let the God who flung the stars into space walk into your storm, refresh your soul, and bring you streams in the desert.

About the Author
Brenda George was diagnosed with thyroid cancer four years ago. This is her personal story of the trials she has faced and her journey to being a cancer survivor. She wants to inspire people from all walks of life to never give up hope. They too can learn to rejoice through their tears and come out stronger than they were before. Brenda lives in Marysville, Ohio, with her husband, Mark. She is the mother of two grown daughters, Sarah and Bethany. She also has a teenage son, Travis, and three adorable grandchildren, Savannah, Landon and Jackson. Last but not least, she has a lovable Old English Sheepdog named Maggie.

Available at bookstores and all online outlets
Rejoicing Through the Tears
By Brenda George
Paperback: 240 pages
Publisher: Westbow Press
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1449724027
ISBN-13: 978-1449724023

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Book Promo~ Stupid Simple Recipes: According to Cancer Survivors

Stupid Simple Recipes: According to Cancer Survivors

Stupid Simple Recipes: According to Cancer Survivors

by The Lunch Ladies

The Lunch Ladies are three women who met as friends for lunch one day and learned all of them were cancer survivors. They talked of a dream to create a cookbook to give back to those who need the support to fight cancer. Ilene Vazquez, Yvette Delgado and Jill Vallaro are Cancer survivors who all had the amazing support of their medical teams, families and friends to fight their different types of cancers and have won their battles. Now they have taken it to the next level and are giving back by donating a portion of the proceeds of this cookbook to different cancer foundations. This cookbook is one of many that they plan to publish along with special events to raise money to pay it forward.

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Boost someone with words

What Can You Say to Help Someone
with Cancer?
Psychotherapist Therapist Shares Her Patients’ 4 Favorite Boosts

This year alone, 238,000 men will be diagnosed with new cases of prostate cancer, the most common incidence of the disease. More than 234,580 men and women will learn they have breast cancer, the second most common today, according to the National Cancer Institute.

All told, about 13.7 million Americans are living with cancer or a history of cancer.*

Chances are, you know one or more of them.

“Friends, family, co-workers – they can all play an important role in helping a cancer patient’s recovery simply by providing emotional support,” says pioneering cancer psychotherapist Dr. Niki Barr, author of “Emotional Wellness, The Other Half of Treating Cancer,” (

After a diagnosis of cancer, people have a greater need for social support, which has been shown to influence health outcomes, according to a National Institutes of Health report. Of the nine types of social support, the report says emotional support is among the most important.

“Even if you’re not among the person’s closest friends or family, you can help far more than you imagine simply by being encouraging and supportive,” says Barr, who works exclusively with cancer patients and their loved ones.

“I understand people don’t always know what to say to someone who’s just been diagnosed or is in the midst of treatments and yes, sometimes they do say the wrong thing,” Barr says. “I remind my patients often to refuse to listen to cancer ‘horror stories,’ so please, don’t tell those!”

While everyone is different, Barr says that she’s found a few things her patients consistently say benefit them:

• Sometimes saying nothing at all says everything. If your friend or loved one wants to talk about her treatments, complain about his situation, or not talk at all, being a good listener or simply a quiet presence speaks volumes. When a person complains, many of us jump to “help” by suggesting solutions. That’s likely not what your friend or loved one is looking for. As my patients have said time and time again, sometimes they just want to get it all off their chest. An empathetic listener is all the help they need.

• Make your offer of help specific. “Call me if you need anything at all,” puts the burden on your loved one – who already carries a tremendous burden! Instead, you might offer to make dinner for her family on Wednesday night and ask what meal everyone enjoys. Or volunteer to drive him to his doctor appointment on Monday afternoon. This makes it easy for your friend to politely accept or decline your offer, and it ensures you provide the assistance you feel comfortable providing.

• Not sure what to talk about? Follow his lead. Some days, my patients want to talk only about their illness, the treatment they’re undergoing, and how they feel. Other days, they want to talk about anything BUT cancer. We all have days when we’re immersed in our own lives and other days when we want to be distracted – or to just feel normal.

• If you’re not sure what to say, err on the side of being positive.Don’t say what you don’t know – for instance, you don’t know that everything is going to be just fine. But if you admire your loved one’s strength or sense of humor, if your friend’s attitude inspires you, tell them so. We all benefit from hearing a sincere compliment.

When a person who’s going through what may be the most difficult, stressful event of their lives knows that you care, it makes a difference, Barr says.

“If you’re truly at a loss for words, it never hurts to simply say, ‘I’m thinking about you.”

*as of Jan. 1, 2012; National Cancer Institute

About Niki Barr, Ph.D. (@NikiBarrPhD)

Niki Barr, Ph.D. founded a pioneering psychotherapy practice dedicated to working with cancer patients in all stages of the disease, along with their family members, caregivers and friends. In her book, she describes an “emotional wellness toolbox” patients can put together with effective and simple strategies, ready to use at any time, for helping them move forward through cancer. Dr. Barr is a dynamic and popular speaker, sharing her insights with cancer patients and clinicians across the nation.