Heroes 2020: “Nurse Disrupted” online COVID screening

Nurses in Wisconsin Start
Online COVID-19 Screening Company

Women line a hallway at the Salvation Army as a computer tablet rests on a stand atop a pole near the check-in desk.
The equipment resembles a skeletal robot, but the human face of nurse Bre Loughlin appears on the screen. It’s 4 p.m., time to screen 40 or so women for COVID-19 before they sign in for the night at the homeless shelter on East Washington Avenue in Madison, Wisconsin.
Loughlin is CEO of Nurse Disrupted, a company she started in April with president Tracy Zvenyach. They and other nurses have been providing online COVID-19 screening at Porchlight’s homeless shelter for men since late March and at the Salvation Army women’s shelter since May.

Tracy Zvenyach & Bre Loughlin

Long-term, they see potential for their virtual nursing service at public schools, which have seen a reduction in staff nurses, and in prisons, where they could help manage the chronic diseases and mental health of inmates.
With Wisconsin forecast to have a shortage of nearly 12,000 nurses by 2030, Nurse Disrupted could also extend the reach of the workforce while helping train student nurses to increase supply, Zvenyach said.