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Inspirations to Fire the Soul
Thoughts for Each Day

Come inside, It is warm and full of light here. Secrets of a happy life revealed.

Culled from Bible, Talmud, Midrash, and lore the ancient masters speak to us. Their collective wisdom, spanning thousands of years, is gathered in these pages. In Life’s Pathway: Inspirations to Fire the Soul words of faith, laughter and hope come together. Here are the ideas that have shaped countless generations influencing political and religious leaders even to the extent of becoming the bedrock of civilizations and inspiring new faiths. Reaching across time, these sages continue to impel scholars in their studies, ethicists in finding the right solutions to today’s conundrums and illumination for those who seek light. Here are the instructions they have left behind, their secrets to living a positive life. In their own words, these teachers offer their timeless insights that are infused with power and meaning. Along with brief explanations, the wisdom of sages and saints emerge as powerful voices to guide us today. There is one reading for each day of the year to uplift and help maneuver us through the challenges presented by life.

One story rises above the rest of the voices that cry for recognition. It is the narrative of the most critical person in history. Yours. Does this sound grandiose? Pompous? Self-centered? The world continues to contract with a burgeoning population, competing Tweets and Facebook blurbs, and ongoing brutal and senseless acts of terror. It becomes increasingly difficult to find our voice and purpose among the relentless barrage of 24/7 noise. Our sense of purpose diminishes proportionately to the endless chatter. And yet, the wisest voices of the past come forward to remind us that each life has a unique purpose, which is never repeated throughout the long epochs of humanity. No one’s life an accident, a throw of the dice. The opposite is true. They whisper to us, our life’s tasks are vital. We instinctively know this as we pursue to the answer to the question, “What am I supposed to do with my life?” Throughout our days we periodically ask this question, knowing that its answer will yield the ultimate reason for being.

Life’s Pathway: Inspirations to Fire the Soul is the book that responds to the question with life affirming statements from the Bible, the first and second centuries in ancient Israel and Babylonia to medieval times. Case argues that every person can maximize his or her life’s potential by using the sage aphorisms and counsel that have been handed down through generations and delivered in this book. Inside you will find simple, straightforward advice on such subjects dealing with how to deal with people, who are upsetting, overcoming personal fears, finding joy in a gray world, the limits of our power and learning to live with the most complex person of all, you. Drawing upon advice given by masters of great learning academies, most of which existed two thousand years ago in ancient Babylonia, the reader finds that times have changed but the human condition has not. The stratagems of prior generations resonate powerfully today. 

About the Author

Jonathan Case has guided thousands of lives through the course of his career. As a pulpit rabbi and acolyte to some of the great minds of this past century he has unshelved dusty manuscripts, great tomes from bygone millennia, and made them accessible. Using the collective wisdom of the ages to shed light on everyday problems Case applies ancient insights to give depth and meaning to our lives. Each chapter reveals novel approaches to seemingly intractable issues from understanding pain to finding God. Journey to the Soul is his first published work using the mystic tradition of Kabbalah together with experience culled from more than two decades of pastoral work.

Life’s Pathway: Inspirations to Fire the Soul: Thoughts for Each Day

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Book Review: Human Origins and The Bible

Human Origins And The Bible: Combining Current Science And Scripture To Avoid “Creation Wars”

by Myron G Heavin

It’s no secret that conflicting models exist to explain creation and the universe. Young earth creationists, old earth creationists, theistic evolutionists, and evolving creationists all differ from evolutionists. Author and aerospace engineer, Myron Heavin, compares the strengths and weaknesses of the various models and shares his conclusions in his new release: Human Origins and the Bible published by Redemption Press, August 2016.

While studying for his master’s degree in theology, Myron Heavin was struck by textbooks that failed to ground their viewpoints on creation in Scripture. Heavin takes a scientific approach to the study of human origins, saying, “Science simply cannot conflict with nature, as our creator God wrote the Bible. We use nature to help us understand Scripture.” He says God wrote the two separate books of science and Scripture, and “we must read them both.”

The book is of special interest to those struggling with how to resolve a literal reading of Genesis with the latest findings of science. Heavin also discusses whether God created by guiding evolution, the fossil hominid record, Neanderthals, DNA research, whether Darwin’s slow evolution is dead, and other subjects relevant to creation studies.

With careful scholarship he resolves the conflict of Adam and Eve living 8,000 years ago and humans migrating out of Africa 50,000-plus years ago. He says, “Adam and Eve, as the first humans to recognize sin, lived just a few thousand years ago. Due to their new knowledge of right from wrong, a few generations later we have cities, farming, metalworking, etc. It took a cultural change, religion, for all these things to happen.”

This up-to-date treatment of the current science is also designed for use as a Bible study for individuals and groups, and is a valuable contribution to the discussion of human origins.

Human Origins and the Bible: A Bold New Theory Relating Genesis Human Origins to Science
by Myron Heavin
Redemption Press, August 2016
Available at Amazon
ISBN: 978-1683140078


Amazon Review

An engineer’s view of the Bible  reviewed by Thomas Law 
It is fascinating to read the Bible through the eyes of a scientist, particularly an engineer. I have discovered that engineers are precise and like for things to line up “just right”. As I read through the pages of this book, I could see the “wheels spinning” in the engineering mind trying to “make sense” of it all.

As scientist and particularly as an engineer, the author has a peculiar perspective on Scripture, the origin of humans, and science in general. This allows him to see things others might have missed and read the Bible with “new eyes”. These insights can help the rest of us gain new understanding of Scripture and science. I am sure that the author’s take on Scripture and science probably will perturbed many. But hopefully they will stay with him and hear his heart.

The author is concerned that those who hold a high regard for Scripture are turning off the younger generation and especially those raised in the scientific community. Although he admires those who have tried in the past to bridge the gap between science and Scripture he sees them as caving into one or the other camp and losing their audience. He feels that something is missing.

Although the author’s stated goal is to create a “bold new theory relating Genesis human origins to science”, it would seem his real passion is building a bridge between those who hold different views on the subject. The author seems to want to use his book to show those with different perspectives that there is common ground. You can both hold a high regard for Scripture and for science without either getting in the way of the other.

Unfortunately, some of the charts and explanations are lost on a more general audience. Additional clarity is needed on some of the issues, but overall he presents his arguments well.