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Great gift for teens, tweens, and their adults, too! Emily’s Stories by Malcolm R. Campbell in Print, Audio, and Ebook! Get yours today… for any (and all) formats! Grab one for that special ‘kid’ and one for the kid in you!

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Emily’s Stories is three short stories that will delight and entertain readers (and listeners) of all ages, with the tales of the young girl, Emily Walters, as she explores her world and that of the world around her… both mundane and temporal.

Emily Walters is a sharp, inquisitive fourteen-year-old north Florida girl who loves maps, her rusty old bike, and the forest behind her house. Sometimes her dreams tell her the future and sometimes her waking hours bring wise birds and other spirits into her life. In these three short stories, join Emily in adventures and mysteries.

When her family vacations in the mountains in “High Country Painter,” a wise Pine Siskin tells her she must quickly learn how to paint dreams into reality to prevent an afternoon hike from becoming a tragedy.

In “Map Maker,” she’ll need her skills—and the help of a Chuck-will’s-widow—to fight a developer’s plans for from bulldozing the sacred forest behind her house and replacing it with a subdivision.

In “Sweetbay Magnolia,” she’ll learn the secrets of her grandmother’s favorite tree, the crumbling almost-forever house down on the river, and why some ghosts would rather visit than haunt.

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Anniversary Celebration & Giveaway

dec 28 1975 MC003Dec. 28, 1975
My husband and I are celebrating our 38th wedding anniversary on Saturday December 28! That puts me in a real good mood so I’m going to celebrate by giving YOU presents.
…I want to ask you for a favor; my publisher wants us to give interviews and I need questions. Please think of a writing related question you want me, Author Chelle Cordero, to answer and then post it on my Facebook page (if you haven’t already you will have to “LIKE” the page)
I’ll choose up to 10 questions to answer in a blog on Wednesday, January 8. I will give each person whose question I choose a gift – either a FREE downloadable audio book or an e-book from Smashwords (randomly chosen).
Here’s a list of prizes: (1 each) audio books of Bartlett’s RuleHostage Heart; & Courage of the Heart; and e-books of A Chaunce of RichesCommonBond, Tangled HeartsHis Lucky Charm; & (4) The Many Faces of ChelleCordero.

It’s simple – LIKE my Facebook Author page, post an author interview question, and read my responses on January 8 on The Potpourri Parlor (here), my Facebook page, my blog  and my website.

Karma Visited – Just the way you like it

Can you hear it now? YOU BET!

Karma Visited audio

Karma Visited by Chelle Cordero is now available as an AUDIOBOOK on Audible, iTunes, and on Amazon! Also in All Ebook Formats and Print Editions.

Do you believe in karma? Annie Furman has a gift that allows her, while she sleeps, to visit people in their time of need – but who will be there for her when she needs help? Undersheriff Dave Turner is investigating a series of home invasions and homicides. He has no idea that solving this case will lead him to the woman of his dreams.


Karma Visited captured me from the beginning and never let go. This tale of good, evil, and a miraculous gift between has a cast of characters you’ll never forget. Well done, Chelle Cordero.

~Charmaine Gordon
Author of Survive and Thrive novels and Mature Romances

Karma Visited audiobook is narrated by Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard, professional voice actress, owner and producer at Gypsy Audio, residing in the Pacific Northwest. Final Sin was the first audiobook she produced for Chelle Cordero and Vanilla Heart Publishing, followed by Bartlett’s RuleHostage Heart, and Karma Visited. Gwendolyn’s range, excellent characterizations and inflections, professionalism, and extraordinary high quality production standards are just a few of the reasons we’re thrilled to be working with her on these projects, and on many projects to come.

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To Be Continued – Audiobook-style

Can you hear it now? YOU BET!


To Be Continued by Charmaine Gordon is now available as an AUDIOBOOK on Audible, iTunes, and on Amazon! Also in All Ebook Formats and Print Editions. To Be Continued is Charmaine Gordon’s first novel with Vanilla Heart Publishing and Vanilla Heart Publishing’s first novel to be optioned for a television movie.

To Be Continued

by Charmaine Gordon

Elizabeth Malone wakes up the morning after an amazing night of passion with her husband of forty years to find a note: “Dear Lizzie, it’s not you, it’s me.”

Abandoned by her husband, disappointed in daughter Susie’s casual attitude – ‘Dad’s having a mid-life crisis’, Beth decides to re-establish herself as the winner she once was.

When Frank Malone returns, he’s in for a big surprise!


Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Camellia for Long And Short Reviews

…Everyone should be fortunate enough to have a new friend like Lisa, a pool man like Maverick (WOW), a new lawyer like Elise Bergen, and a Sister Mary Margaret type to help rekindle the fire to be a “winner” after feeling like a total “loser”. Besides these supportive new people in her life, Elizabeth’s life is influenced by a tempting but troubled psychiatrist that wrote a book entitled “Get A Grip”, a remarkable son-in-law, and some super guests at “The Night for Possibilities” not the least of which is Sam Taylor.

Charmaine Gordon brings the characters to life with humor, decisive action, shared tears and stories. In To Be ContinuedMs. Gordon takes the reader from a situation of despair to one of joy and love with lots of living done with mature and some not-so-mature exuberance.

To Be Continued with a survive-and-thrive attitude is captivating.

To Be Continued is narrated and produced by Rebecca Roberts, professional voiceover artist and narrator, residing in Florida.




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And if you decide to use the Amazon-exclusive 30-day free trial membership it includes:

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Introducing Voice Actor Tim Danko

Welcome to the Potpourri Parlor!

Voice Actor Tim Danko recorded my book, Hyphema. I was super impressed with the job he did capturing the dialects and personalities of the characters.

Tim Danko

Tim Danko is based in Mechanicsburg, PA. He’s nearing retirement from his first career and pursuing narration as a second career. 

In addition to Hyphema, Tim Danko has also recorded the following books: The Parting – An OCLT Novel, by David Niall Wilson; Cognitive Science, Religion, and Theology by Justin L Barrett.;- The Quest of the Thirteen by John Defillipis; and The Korean Intercept by Stephen Mertz


You mentioned a change in careers. What career brought you to this place? What made you consider becoming a voice actor?

I’ve built a 40-year career with a global information services and technology enterprise.  I had been listening to audio books for over 15 years.  Recognizing I could retire at any time, I began considering ideas for a second career about 3 years ago.  Because I enjoy listening so much, I explored audio book narration.  I have studied with several well-known coaches and narrators, each of whom encouraged me.

Do you have a home studio? What expertise did you need to put that together?

I do have a home studio and, at this time, do my own production and mastering as well as narration. Honestly, it was not at all difficult to create.  There’s also a wealth of free information, instruction, and examples available through the internet.  I have some advantage because I am fluent in computers and software and have some prior background in audio production.

Any difficulties with working from a home studio?

I think many narrators will admit that the most challenging aspect of working in a home studio is directing oneself – working to get a performance that honors the emotion of the story, sustains consistency and distinctiveness of each character, and sets a pace that keeps the listener engaged.

There are also occasional delays due to neighbors mowing lawns, the occasional planes from a nearby airport or the helicopters from the nearby military base.

Please tell us about your family? Do you have any pets?

Sally and I married rather later in life.  We have neither children nor pets and we simply enjoy being kids ourselves whenever we get the chance.  We are blessed to have close friends who have made us part of their family.

How does your family feel about your new career? What reaction do you normally get from friends when you tell them about your latest endeavors?

Sally is very supportive, as are my friends.  They all feel audio book narration and voiceover will be a great second career for me.

Do you have a regular fan-base?

Hyphema is my fifth audio book.  It takes time to build a fan base and that work lays ahead for me.

How do you feel when you hear your own voice on a recording?

I do listen to the books I narrate and you will not be surprised to learn that I am my harshest critic.  My coaches and some listeners have described my voice as warm and appealing.  I have come to learn that it’s less about voice and much more about artistry – what you do with your voice and how you connect with the emotion of the story.

Do you schedule time to record or do you just go with how you feel to the exclusion of everything else and you schedule time to do other things? Like eat.

Currently, I am narrating on a part-time basis while still actively engaged in my first career.  That means I most often record and produce on weekends and, yes, that means scheduling time.  All of the narrators I know are disciplined in the use of time.

What kinds of books do you like to read for pleasure? Do you have a favorite type of book you like to record?

My favorite genre to read for pleasure is science fiction dealing with the space, the future, and the shape of society.  Scientific and espionage thrillers come next, following closely by books on faith and spirituality.

For recording, I enjoy a wide range of modern fiction that, like Hyphema, offer a good story with elements of mystery or suspense.  I also enjoy recording non-fiction because it requires a different approach and style to narration than does fiction and it provides the opportunity to learn more about topics of interest to me.

Ok, be honest – what did you think of Hyphema?

I found Hyphema to be an entertaining and evocative story focused on a poweful contemporary social issue – attributing the damaging intent and behavior of an extreme few to others who share a label such as Muslim or Republican or liberal.  It reminded me of a quote from Walter Cronkite – “I don’t like labels.  They associate me with others with whom I may share only one opinion.”

H audio

I must admit I was surprised at the villain since, during most of the book, I was expecting another character

What would we find under your bed?

A portfolio of fine art prints by fantasy artist James C. Christensen that I’ve never had framed

Please tell us something about where you grew up?

I grew up in Osceola Mills, Pennsylvania, in the same house in which my father was raised.  It’s a small town of about 2000 residents and for many years, held the largest Independence Day Parade in the state.

Is there a place where fans can reach you?

Yes, listeners may contact me through Facebook.  Search for “Tim Danko”.  They will find four entries.  Pick the one with the picture of the guy at the microphone. I expect to have a web-site online and accessible in early 2014.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your listeners?

Yes, thanks Chelle.  I want listeners to know how much I appreciate them.  It’s important to me that they enjoy listening and have a terrific audio book experience.  I ask that they take some time and share with us what they liked in Hyphema and how future audio books can be more enjoyable.

Thanks Tim for taking the time to chat with me today in the Potpourri Parlor.


Can you hear it now? ~ Final Sin audiobook

FS Audio graphic w headphones

Can you hear it now? YOU BET!

 Final Sin  by Chelle Cordero  is now available as an AUDIOBOOK on Audible, iTunes, and on Amazon! Also in All Ebook Formats and  Print Editions.

Deputy Sheriff Commander Jake Carson has his hands full with the investigation of a brutal multiple homicide, a troubled son and a vindictive ex-wife when he meets young, free-spirited paramedic Julie Jennings. He is immediately drawn to her and finds himself unexpectedly falling in love. Julie finds herself just as drawn to him.

When Julie becomes the subject of an obsession, it puts both of their lives in extreme danger…

Romance…danger…adventure…suspense…another great Chelle Cordero novel sure to grab readers from many genre!

Final Sin Review

Suspense/Thriller, Romance;  Reviewer: Lototy, Rating: 5 Cups

This story nearly vibrates with tension, and the impending doom will have you on the edge of your seat. The cast of characters is brilliantly depicted, each given both good and bad qualities that really enliven them to the reader. You actually get into the minds of several characters, and not just Jake’s and Julie’s. Final Sin is a real nail biter, and entirely too good to pass up, a true testament to Chelle Cordero’s talent…

To read the entire Coffee Time Romance Review..

Final Sin  audiobook is narrated by Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard, a professional narrator and voiceover artist, residing in the Pacific Northwest.

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