Book Promo ~ The Lady and Her Duke

The Ladies of Sommer by the Sea Book 3

Kindle Edition

Could she use her skills as a lockpick to crack open the secrets to the murder as well as unlock his heart?

Lady Katherine Thornton has no interest in men after an indiscretion at her disastrous Season in London. No man can be trusted. Instead, she indulges in her fascination for gears and all things mechanical. Her unique drafting skill is an asset to her uncle Bennett Sutton, who is automating his textile factory. She doesn’t need anything else.

Lord Ian Wallace, the 4th Duke of Blackhall, is a retired military officer. An accidental duke after the deaths of his father and brother, he retreats from society and the clawing mothers and debutantes who stalk him. He’s focused all his energy on his partnership with Sutton. He’s satisfied and needs nothing else.

An oath to marry, a family legend to preserve, an uprising of the factory workers, and Sutton’s murder, throw Katherine and Wallace together to find a blackmailer and murderer. They also will find two things neither knew they were missing… each other and their happily ever after.

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ASIN ‏ : ‎ B0B3B6DX7M
Dragonblade Publishing, Inc.
Screen Reader

Part 3 of The Ladies of Sommer by the Sea
The Lady and her Quill
The Lady and the Spy
The Lady and Her Duke


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Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to apologize for my recent absence from my blogs this past month. I’ve been dealing with an unexpected family medical emergency… things will be okay, but caregiving does require my time.

Please be patient… I will return as soon as I am able.

Many hugs. Wishing all of you happy times, good health, and sunny days. See you SOON!

~ Chelle

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Post-Pandemic Wedding Planning

How Luxury Event Planner Fallon Anawalt
Is Keeping Guests Safe

I was lucky enough to get married in Joplin, Missouri, years before the novel virus spread across the globe and devastated the wedding and event planning industry. When I planned my wedding, COVID-19 buzzwords like social distancing, sanitizing stations, and N95 masks weren’t part of the dialogue. But now that these words are the “new normal” in our post-pandemic world, positioning my wedding and luxury event planning business to make other people’s experiences as magical and unforgettable as my own has been a priority.

My company, Athena Event Consulting and Decor, has been preparing and tailoring our plans and processes to accommodate health and safety guidelines throughout the pandemic. As states recover and re-open public spaces to full capacity, those who wanted big weddings but were forced to postpone until normalcy returned are now ready to jump back into the planning process. The demand is high, but because COVID-19 is still fresh, many couples have questions about health and safety.

On a special day like a wedding, emotions run high, and hugging, kissing, and handshakes are second nature. For those looking for COVID-safe options, here are some ideas that Athena Event Consulting and Decor has to help minimize risk and keep guests and family safe.  

Social Distancing

From the onset of the pandemic, social distancing was one of the recommendations from the CDC that stayed consistent. Seating can be arranged six feet apart and in unique patterns for visual appeal and dining tables limited to single households. 

Dance floors can get crowded, and that’s part of the wedding experience. But one fun alternative is to hire a “silent disco” DJ. Each guest is given a pair of wireless headphones, each tuned to the same channel. This allows them to hear the music clearly and dance anywhere in the venue (or at least within range of the transmitter)!

Color-Coded Comfort Bands

Comfort bands are wildly popular at COVID-safe weddings. When guests arrive, you can display different colored comfort bands that guests can choose and wear on their wrists, with each color representing a comfort level. Just by looking at the color of the band, you can automatically know how to interact with the person wearing the comfort band. 

For example, you can have assigned “I’m vaccinated! Let’s party!” to the green bands, “Let’s hang, but no hugs!” to yellow bands, and “I’m having a wonderful time, but please maintain social distance!” to pink bands for those at higher risk.


Some guests might choose to bring their own masks, but it’s always a great idea to provide them in case someone loses theirs or forgets to pack one. Providing wedding-themed masks is always a fun way to add some extra charm to these accessories.   

Sanitization Practices

Place hand sanitizer in multiple, easy-to-access areas throughout the venue. Even providing small, travel-sized bottles of sanitizer for each guest is a great idea. We also recommend using single-use hand towels and moist towelettes in restrooms or kitchen areas. Having a cleaning crew on hand to quickly sanitize areas throughout the night is a great way to prevent lingering germs and keep surfaces sterile. 

Serve Plated Meals and Have Servers Bring Drinks

Instead of a buffet-style dinner, serving meals on individual plates to guests at their table can maximize social distancing. It can also create a more elegant dining experience with beautiful food plating. You can also have masked servers bringing out fresh drinks to limit trips to the bar. 

With most states currently open to full capacity, you can choose to have your wedding in any way you’ve envisioned it. But for some, there is still a certain level of anxiety or discomfort if you’re high risk or after a year of distancing from crowds. You can always speak with your event or wedding planner to have them tailor your experience to your comfort level. We’re always glad to help and look forward to keeping you safe on your fairytale wedding day!  


Fallon Anawalt is an entrepreneur with a strong background in marketing. She grew up helping her dad on their family farm before graduating college and starting her career in marketing. She wrote articles and press releases for industry publications for an industrial tank company and then went on to provide marketing work for aviation companies in the Joplin, Missouri area.

After getting married in Joplin, Anawalt identified the need for quality event vendors in the area and created her first event planning business. In 2018, Anawalt partnered with the aviation company owner with whom she previously worked, and together they launched their own marketing company.  Her event planning business merged with the marketing company to form Athena Companies.

Athena Companies provides marketing, advertising, event rentals, and full-service planning for events. The company is comprised of three divisions, each specializing in a focused industry. Anawalt currently resides as President of Athena Companies.

In 2021, Anawalt built Homestretch with the help of her team at Athena Marketing, a one-of-a-kind real-estate project management software that focuses on improving the real estate buying experience. When she isn’t working on her business, she is an avid equestrian. 

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Athena Companies Bio

Athena Companies provides marketing, advertising, event rentals, and full-service planning for events. Founded in 2018 by entrepreneur Fallon Anawalt, the Joplin, Missouri-based company is comprised of three divisions, each specializing in a focused industry.

Athena Marketing and Advertising is a marketing firm focused on developing and implementing custom marketing strategies to increase revenue for its clients.

Athena Event Consulting and Décor offers top-tier event planning services and rentals for weddings, corporate events, in-person and online parties, and more.

Athena Consulting Services provides business consulting services such as business planning, recruitment, and hiring.

Homestretch is an innovative project management software that focuses on improving the real estate buying experience and streamlining the home buying and selling process.

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Rescu Emergency Alert Launches Nationwide

New app-based system to dispatch
ambulance, fire and police
with a touch of a button

May be an image of ‎screen, phone and ‎text that says '‎2:52 RESCU APP EMENU 5G LIVE MODE PRIMEO POLICE An emergency response system that is easy to use. FIRE مه AMBULANCE SEND SENDALERT ALERT ISPATC ADDRESS * HOME RESCU‎'‎‎

Rescu, an emergency alert app that connects people directly to certified emergency dispatchers, launches today throughout the United States in partnership with over 30,000 local emergency agencies. Rescu is the first and only Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) in a non-hardware platform.

Unlike 9-1-1, the Rescu app does not require speaking to a dispatcher. With Rescu, users can communicate non-verbally to an emergency dispatcher. This means a user can silently send for help in Rescu’s mobile app interface if an intruder enters their home or a user can request an ambulance in the event of a medical emergency, without needing to speak or hear. Rescu is the most efficient way to get emergency help during an emergency.

Rescu leverages the first emergency dispatch API and is the only emergency alert app that has its own private dispatch center. Pricing starts at $5 per month.

When founder Paolo Piscatelli’s father, Paul Piscatelli, had a medical emergency and called 9-1-1, pain made it near impossible for him to talk, delaying the arrival of an ambulance. Paul eventually got the medical attention he needed and after he recovered, he and his son were inspired to create a solution that offered a faster way to get help. They created the Rescu app that eliminates the time wasted communicating address and personal information to traditional 9-1-1 verbally on a phone call. Instead, location and other data can be pre-programmed into the app, and Rescu offers the ability to select the nature of the emergency, Fire, Police, or Ambulance services, with just one click. The app also automatically sends a text message instantly notifying family members and emergency contacts.

Paolo Piscatelli, CEO of Rescu, shares “It took over 30 minutes for an ambulance to respond to my Dad. With heart attacks, strokes, and other emergencies, a single minute can be the difference between life and death. So, we created a faster and easier way to get help during an emergency.” Piscatelli continues, “We are grateful to the 30,000 local fire departments, police stations and ambulance networks that have partnered with us to dispatch emergency help in seconds – together, we are providing better response and safety to our communities.”

Rescu Saves Lives

Book Promo ~ Department of Death

Department of Death:
A Nick Hoffman Mystery

by Lev Raphael

Years ago Nick Hoffman was given a position in the English Department at the State University of Michigan because SUM wanted to hire his partner as writer-in-residence, but now he’s been unexpectedly installed by his dean as chairman of that department. It’s a wildly unpopular choice, and he’s suddenly the focus of more animosity from his colleagues than he’s ever dealt with before. He can’t seem to make anyone happy and can’t get a handle on his myriad new responsibilities as an administrator, a position he never wanted. Then tragedy strikes again way too close to home: Someone seeking his help is murdered, and under the shadow of another recent murder, Nick is a prime suspect. Hounded by campus police, the local press, and social media, Nick wonders if this could finally be the end of his career―that is, if he manages to stay out of prison.

In the spirit of David Lodge, Francine Prose, Richard Russo and Jane Smiley, Department of Death is Lev Raphael’s most blistering satire yet of the current perversity of academic life.


Raphael makes the most of the academic setting of his immensely enjoyable 10th mystery featuring Nick Hoffman, a literature professor at the State University of Michigan (after 2019’s State University of Murder). After reluctantly accepting an administrative position as the interim chair of the English and Creative Writing Department, Nick must deal with petty faculty rivalries and with an associate chair who proposes that students read digital texts instead of printed texts (“Digital reading puts readers in control and defies the patriarchy”). Late one night, Nick gets a call from associate dean Boris Hernandez, who wants Nick to meet him at his office right away to discuss an urgent matter. When Nick and his partner, Stefan Borowski, SUM’s writer-in-residence, get to Boris’s office, they find him slumped over his desk with a bloody head wound. This latest murder validates Nick’s fiefdom’s nickname of the Department of Death, and Nick and Stefan once again hit the sleuthing trail. Raphael’s witty prose enhances a crafty plot. Fans of Robert Barnard and Jane Langton will be pleased. – PUblishers Weekly

Lev Raphael skewers academic pretensions with wicked glee [and] Dickensian flair. —Chicago Sun-Times

Lev Raphael combines stylish literary mystery with an intimate look at the jungle of academia…witty, impeccably written. —The Mystery Review

About the Author

Lev Raphael is the author of twenty-six books in genres from memoir to mystery. His work has been translated into over a dozen languages and he’s also the author of hundreds of short stories, essays, and blogs. Raphael was a longtime reviewer of crime fiction for the Detroit Free Press, a guest reviewer on Michigan Radio and other public radio shows, and hosted his own talk show where he interviewed authors like Salman Rushdie and Julian Barnes. He lives in Michigan with his longtime spouse

Visit Lev Raphael’s Blog
Writing Across Genres

  • Publisher : Perseverance Press (April 9, 2021)
  • Language : English
  • Paperback : 256 pages
  • ISBN-10 : 1564746194
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1564746191

Available from

Barnes & Noble



Book Image Not Available
by Dorothy Conigliaro

Ms. Conigliaro explains, “I come from an Italian-American family; more specifically, from a Sicilian-American family. During times of such hardship as the pandemic we are now living through, one is prompted to look back on better days, or at least days that had more meaning to them. Now we rarely see our old friends and neighbors but it prompts me to revisit them, knowing that there was a better time, and hoping that we can enjoy the normality of the lives we lived before.”

About The Author
Dorothy Conigliaro is a published author and freelance writer who has worked in educational advancement and, for many years, as magazine editor for a prestigious private school in Riverdale. In her checkered career, she has taught school at a Yeshiva, at a Catholic school in Riverdale, and in the Ardsley Public Schools.

available from

5 Stars
~ ~ Review by THOURIA

I enjoyed reading this book! This is the heartwarming story of an immigrant, going through the cycle of life, with different milestones that marked her journey. All of this in a New York backdrop, with beautiful period stamps, in pictures. Being an immigrant, it brought back memories of the enriching difficulties that come with starting your life from scratch.

Book Promo: The Binge Watcher’s Guide to The Black Mirror

Riverdale Avenue Books Publishes
“The Binge Watcher’s Guide to The Black Mirror”

Riverdale Avenue Books has published the fourth book in its binge watcher’s series focusing on the British science fiction anthology Black Mirror, which is regarded by many as the modern iteration of The Twilight Zone. Charlie Brooker is often seen as the Rod Sterling of his generation, as he has written all 22 of the shows’ episodes so far. The acclaimed British sci-fi anthology series focusing on the dark side of technology premiered in 2011 and has won eight Emmy Awards.

Pop culture and tech writer Marc W. Polite focuses The Binge Watcher’s Guide to The Black Mirror on the parallels drawn between what is in the show, and how our modern society is not too far off from what is depicted in the anthology series.  The reader will encounter a thoughtful recap and analysis of each episode from all five seasons, as well as the interactive Black Mirror movie-Bandersnatch. Embracing the meaning and the mayhem of this moment, The Binge Watcher’s Guide to Black Mirror is a spirited, fan-centered companion of the show.

“Having the opportunity to write this book meant a lot to me, to delve into the various themes of my favorite currently running show,” explained author Polite. “As a big fan of science fiction, I gravitated towards the themes explored by this anthology around technology, inspired by the episodes that touch on more than one topic. I have watched each episode way more than 2 or 3 times. However, when compelled to take a more critical eye in rewatching the series to write about it, I had the chance to really dig in deep. There were some moments where it felt as though I were doing a course on film criticism. In spite of the serious-sounding nature of what I just said, I had a lot of fun writing this book and I hope fans will feel the same.”

The next book in the series is The Binge Watcher’s Guide to Riverdale which pubs on April 1st, the first appearance of Veronica Lodge (1942), followed by The Binge Watcher’s Guide to The Twilight Zone, which is publishing on May 11th, National Twilight Zone Day.

Books and downloads are available on
Barnes & Nobles Nook,
Riverdale Avenue Books,
and Kobo.

About Marc. W. Polite
Born and raised in Harlem, New York, Marc W. Polite is a poet and essayist. He writes about social justice, labor issues, film, technology, and literature. His reviews and striking commentary appear in Poets & Writers, Black Star News, Madame Noire, The Amsterdam News, The Grio, TIME Magazine, The Atlanta Post, New England Informer, and Harlem’s own Harlem News Group and Harlem World Magazine. Mr. Polite is also the founder and editor-in-chief of the social and political commentary blog site, Polite On Society, recognized by the New York Association of Black Journalists [NYABJ] for “Best Blog Commentary” of 2014.

About Riverdale Avenue Books
Riverdale Avenue Books is an award winning, innovative hybrid publisher at the leading edge of the changes in the publishing industry.  We publish e-books and print titles under 13 imprints: Desire, an erotica/erotic romance imprint; Riverdale/Magnus the award-winning imprint of LGBT titles; Pop featuring pop culture titles; Afraid, a horror line; SFF, a science fiction fantasy line; Truth, an erotic memoir line; Dagger, a mystery thriller imprint; Sports and Gaming featuring sports and gaming titles; Verve featuring lifestyle titles; Hera featuring both the true and fictional lives and loves of women aged 35 and up; 120 Days an LGBT pulp fiction line and Circlet, an erotica/erotic romance imprint. Started in 2012 by industry veteran Lori Perkins, Riverdale is a full service publisher, with a subsidiary rights department.  Visit us at

Book Promo: Wiggles, Stomps, and Squeezes Calm My Jitters Down

Coinciding with Autism Awareness Month,
New Kids Book Helps Us Navigate Differences in Our 8 Senses

Published to coincide with Autism Awareness Month, and armed with a lot of confidence and inspiration, neurodiverse author Lindsey Rowe Parker releases her first children’s book, Wiggles, Stomps, and Squeezes Calm My Jitters Down (April 1, 2021; BQB Publishing; ISBN 978-1945448; $14.95; Hardcover), with autistic illustrator Rebecca Burgess, whom Lindsey met on Twitter. The book is also available in Spanish, titled Meneos, Pistones, Y Apretones Para Calmar Mi Cosquilleo. When Lindsey became newly diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety and ADHD, her world finally made sense—giving her the confidence as a parent to go through a medical journey with her daughter, who is autistic. This story is written from Lindsey’s own sensory experiences and inspires parents who are looking for that sensory input, which they themselves may not have a name for.

The theme of Wiggles… is that the child is accepted and understood. They are not asked to change; they are supported; they can be themselves; and most importantly, they are loved.  Wiggles… focuses on the eight senses: smell, sight, hearing, taste, touch, PLUS proprioception, vestibular and interoception.

The brightly illustrated story follows a young girl with heightened sensory experiences through her day with fun, interactive sounds and motions. The reader may vicariously experience the vibration when she runs, the tap-tap-tap of her spoon on the table at mealtime, the trickle of cool water running over her hands—these are the things that calm her jitters down. 

Lindsey recounts, “There were sensory preferences that I had as a child that I thought were weird or strange, not like other kids I knew. Through pediatric occupational therapies with my kiddos, I have a greater understanding of not only some of their sensory needs, but my own. It’s like a lightbulb went on, and I thought, “Oh wow, now I get it.”  On working with Rebecca to illustrate the book, “Rebecca was absolutely the perfect person to bring this story to life because she understood life’s experiences as an autistic person. You can feel the support and understanding in the illustrations.”

Author Lindsey Rowe Parker is a mom at the tail end of toddlerhood, embracing the next phase of parenting while learning to navigate and advocate for her young autistic daughter. With a recent adult diagnosis of ADHD, and a new deeper understanding of her own sensory experiences, she has begun to delve into the neurodiversity community, learning all she can from neurodiverse voices. This is her first picture book, and she hopes it connects with everyone who has felt the need for a wiggle, stomp or squeeze! Lindsey lives in the Richmond, VA, area with her family. Rebecca “Bex” Burgess is an autistic illustrator living in the UK. They love history and nature, but comics and illustration most of all! Their passion has led them to work with the likes of The Guardian and Jessica Kingsley Publishing. Rebecca is most famous for their online comic, Understanding the Spectrum, explaining autism that has been shared in several books and used by parents, teachers and doctors. For more information, please visit

From the Author

There were sensory preferences that I had as a child that are considered “weird” or “strange”. Through pediatric occupational therapies with my kiddos, I have a greater understanding of not only some of their sensory needs, but my own. It is like a light bulb went on, and I thought “Oh wow, now I get it.”

I wrote this story from my own sensory experiences, and now also as a mother learning how to provide sensory input to meet the needs of my kids. But I think this story applies to many kids and adults that are looking for that sensory input, which they themselves may not have a name for.

I knew that I wanted to partner with an illustrator that understood these experiences, and I found Rebecca Burgess on Twitter. The kidlit community on twitter is a great place to find talent, and Rebecca is a gem.  From their first concept sketches I knew they were absolutely the perfect person to bring this story to life.”

About the Illustrator: Rebecca Burgess

Rebecca is an autistic illustrator living in the UK. They love history and nature, but comics and illustration most of all! Their passion has led them to work with the likes of The Guardian and Jessica Kingsley Publishing. Rebecca is most famous for their online comic ‘Understanding The Spectrum’, a comic explaining autism that has been shared in several books and used by parents, teachers and doctors.

Wiggles, Stomps and Squeezes Calm My Jitters Down
Publisher:  BQB Publishing
ISBN-10: 194544892X
ISBN-13: 978-1945448928
Reading age5 – 7 years

Available from

Divas on the Bima – Virtual Concert!

The 2021 Concert, at 7:00 PM on April 25, is Neve Shalom’s 30th Anniversary spectacular
and will be a virtual event featuring the acclaimed vocal ensemble “Divas on the Bima.”

to download a .pdf of this flyer click HERE

For over 70 years, Neve Shalom has been a dynamic Jewish center offering religious services,
shared life cycle events, diverse programming, and education for congregants from toddlers to seniors.

Passport To Israel Program

The Passport to Israel program (aka the Susy Schwartz Memorial Scholarship Fund) is primarily sustained by
an annual concert open to all, generally in the spring, that brings first rate Jewish entertainment to Neve Shalom.
An impressive roster of performers has graced the Neve Shalom stage since the first Susy Schwartz Concert in 1991.

Logo for Neve Shalom
250 Grove Avenue
Metuchen, NJ  08840

Book Promo ~ COURAGE: Powerful Lessons in Leadership, Strength, and the Will to Succeed

Heart Transplant Recipient and Sepsis Survivor
Shares Inspirational Journey and Keys to Recovery

Three years ago, John Sperzel’s heart, and his world, were on the brink of stopping. While vacationing in Aruba, he was found unconscious and unresponsive in the wee hours of the night. He was medflighted to Miami, where he spent a week in the cardiac ICU, before he was transferred to Massachusetts General Hospital. 

Sperzel’s prognosis was grim: He had a very rare and progressively fatal condition that had been diagnosed fewer than 300 times in medical history — most during autopsies. He was officially in the fight of his life and needed a heart transplant to survive.

Courage: Powerful Lessons in Leadership, Strength, and the Will to Succeed is Sperzel’s gripping account of his extraordinary battle to survive, his agonizing wait for a donor heart and the “kiss of death” that almost ended it all. 

Throughout his emotional journey, he grappled with knowing that his life depended on someone else’s loss. He promised that if given a second chance, he would pay it forward any way he could.

Courage — part captivating memoir, part inspirational call to action — gives readers a rare glimpse inside the mind of someone who has survived the seemingly unsurvivable. But that’s only part of the story.

Sperzel writes, “It’s not about what happens to you that’s important … it’s who you choose to become as a result of what happens to you that really matters.”

Following a period of deep introspection, Sperzel identified the factors that contributed to his miraculous survival and recovery (and other successes in life): Hard Work, Excellence, Attitude, Resilience and Teamwork. Courage compellingly explores the positive impacts of cultivating and embodying these traits, and offers a duplicatable method to guide readers along their own paths toward fulfillment.

Sperzel’s career evolved into his calling, and he hopes that by sharing his H.E.A.R.T., he can inspire others to follow their passions to their true purposes, and live life as the incredible gift it truly is.

Courage author John Sperzel is President, Chief Executive Officer and member of the Board of Directors at T2 Biosystems (NASDAQ: TTOO). As a healthcare executive, he has built and led high-performance teams at all levels around the world, and acquired companies in the United States, Europe, Asia and Latin America. Following his heart transplant in 2017, Sperzel returned to his role as a public company CEO and continues to pursue his lifelong passion to advance life-saving technologies. As a speaker, he shares his amazing story of courage in the face of adversity, along with powerful lessons in leadership, strength and the will to succeed. He plans to donate all proceeds from his book sales to Sepsis Alliance ( and Donate Life America (

Follow the author on Instagram at and on Facebook at

Available from

COURAGE: Powerful Lessons in Leadership, Strength,
and the Will to Succeed

Publisher: Merack Publishing
ISBN-10: 1949635627
ISBN-13: 978-1949635621 

To watch Sperzel’s feature video for the American Heart Association,
please visit