Help Make a Drop in the Bucket into an Ocean of Hope!

When you purchase Hostage Heart in ANY format – or choose one of four other VHP titles (see below) – Vanilla Heart Publishing will make a generous donation to the Greater New Orleans Foundation Gulf Coast Oil Spill Fund for their relief efforts, both short term and long term, from the horrendous effects of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Disaster
Hostage Heart by Chelle Cordero

Vanilla Heart Publishing is pleased to join with our authors to donate a portion of the proceeds from sales of five different books to the Greater New Orleans Foundation Gulf Coast Oil Spill Fund for their relief efforts, both short term and long term, from the horrendous effects of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Disaster. ”

Purchase ANY of these five books and VHP will make a donation:

Three Weeks Last Spring by Victoria Howard
Nature’s Gifts Anthology compiled by Vanilla Heart Publishing
Hostage Heart by Chelle Cordero
Observations of an Earth Mage by Smoky Trudeau
The House on the Shore by Victoria Howard

The VHP Author Blog

I blogged on the VHP Author Blog about A Writer’s Life: Living Amongst “the Others”

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Pre-Order Nature’s Gifts now

Nature’s Gifts Anthology
Compiled by Vanilla Heart Publishing

from VHP:

“We are thrilled with the quality and variety of prose and poetry for our first annual Nature’s Gifts anthology. More than twenty pieces, from haiku to villanelles, from essays to short stories, will delight nature lovers everywhere. Take a walk in a garden or hike in a national park. Reflect on the moon. Learn something new. Laugh and cry with our writers as they discover the beauty, the joys, and the raw power of nature. The Nature Conservancy will receive a donation of 50 percent of the profits for every book sold in both print and e-book editions for one year. Dedicated to protecting our rapidly vanishing natural environment, The Nature Conservancy has protected more than 117 million acres of land in 28 countries.

The selected poets and authors are: Kathi Anderson, Douglas G. Campbell, Malcolm Campbell, Sam Cash, Chelle Cordero, Helen Fanick, JEGlaze, S. Kelley Harrell, Robert Hays, Donna Henes, Lisa Houff, Victoria Howard, Leah Mooney, Thom Newnham, Deanne Quarrie, Connie Spittler, Smoky Trudeau, Kimberlee Williams, & Scott Zeidel.”

A Winning Title Was Chosen!

I sent Kimberlee a complete list of suggested titles for my new manuscript you can read about the quandary we faced here: ). It was a terrific list and Kimberlee made the choice (I understand she got some input from our favorite in-house editor – Smoky)

The chosen title is “Common Bond: Tangled Hearts” submitted by Lindsay Townsend.

And here is the complete list of titles I received:

1. Heart Strain
2. Twisted Ties
3. Layne’s Strain
4. Too Many Fathers
5. Tangled Hearts
6. Who the hell R U?
7. Guess Who’s your Daddy?
8. Gimme the Money and Get out
9. Common Bond: Tangled Hearts
10. My Two Dads
11. Web of Hearts
12. Mother’s Love, Mother’s Torment
13. Tormented Love
14. My Son, A Mother’s Torment
15. Bonded Hearts
16. Father, Who Art Thou
17. Past Lies
18. Living Lies
19. Captured Love, Living Lies
20. Captured Loves
21. Layne’s Lasting Love
22. Illegitimate Alliances
23. Out of Passion
24. Paternal Faceoff
25. Where Love Lasts
26. Passions’ Gift
27. Deciding Genes
28. DNA Decisions
29. Hidden Truths
30. Secret Lies
31. The Undeniable Truth
32. Two Good To Be True
33. Crossed Hearts
34. Cross My Heart

Thank you so much to all of you who submitted! Thank you each: Barbara, Malcolm, Lindsay, Kathleen, Judy, David, Eva, Charmaine, Jackie, Miikell, Eda, Jane & Bill, Bobi, and Michael.

Earth Day Anthology from VHP – call for submissions

Earth Day 2010 Anthology
Call for Submissions

VHP is gearing up for Earth Day 2010 and they are looking for prose and poetry that shares nature and nature’s gifts with readers of every age.

They’ll be publishing Nature’s Gifts in both print and electronic formats. Fifty percent of the profits for a period of one year from first publication will be donated to The Nature Conservancy to honor their incredible work around the globe. You can learn more about The Nature Conservancy at their website:

Submissions will be judged by a panel of three judges, both Vanilla Heart Publishing staff members and contracted editors. Authors whose pieces are selected will be notified by February 1, 2010.

All selected contributors, in addition to receiving the print copy of the published anthology in which they appear, will also be announced on this Website, and on Facebook, MySpace, and Xanga blogs, as well as inclusion in the donation letter to The Nature Conservancy, and be invited to participate in the Vanilla Heart Publishing Earth Day 2010 Celebrations.
Open for submissions September 1-December 31, 2009
Submission Details

Vanilla Heart Publishing

A few blogs & sites of note

I’ve been very lucky to become friends with some terrific writers and their sites are definitely worth a look –

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Award Winning Writer Sophia Dembling

Writer, Esmaa Self

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