Where were you?

Where were you ten years ago when you heard?

Everyone seems to remember with accuracy where they were and what they were doing ten years ago when America was under attack – they remember when they heard about the planes crashing into the World Trade Center towers in NYC, they were already reeling when the news came about the Pentagon in flames, and people cried from both fear and pride when they heard that an airplane full of people resisted and wouldn’t allow their deaths to be used as a weapon for even more destruction.
My husband and I had the day off and were sleeping in late when my sister called to tell me a plane had crashed into one of the towers – I was already watching the TV news when the second plane hit. Our son made a call home from the local high school to ask if his dad was working that day (he had been working the day before at a WTC venue). My daughter called from college (upstate) to make sure everyone was okay. Of all my memories, hearing the fear and worry in my children’s voices will stay with me forever.
Where will you be today?

Towns and villages around the world will be holding memorial services. House of worship will be saying prayers. The new One World Trade Center and the reflecting pools will be the sight of dignitaries and survivors of the fallen. Periods of silence will be observed and many places will read from a lost of names. Flags will wave and candles will light the night.
Where have you been for the last ten years?
How did September 1, 2001 change you? Have you found a way to honor the memories of those who died with charity, good deeds, compassion, patriotism, and volunteerism? Do you remember to tell your loved ones how you feel every day? And if you are a parent, have you made sure that your kids know they will always be cared for?
Our lives changed ten years ago. Now is the time to remember the innocent victims, the heroes and the families who were torn apart with positive deeds. Yes take time to shed a tear and then show honor for the lives that were lost, gratitude for the heroes that came out, and compassion for our fellow human beings. Volunteer in your community. Smile at a stranger, Thank a soldier, a paramedic, a firefighter and a police officer.
Ten years ago Americans united to show strength, resilience and pride. We flew flags and came together to show we would not be defeated. Let’s show we are still strong and proud, that we respect our country and our people, and that we are caring and committed to doing right.