iPain Music Moves Awareness ~ HOPE IS TRUE

iPain Music Moves
Awareness Event Brings Celebrities Together For A Great Cause

The International Pain Foundation Celebrates 10th Anniversary With Some of Hollywood’s Hottest Stars
iPain Music Moves Awareness
iPain Music Moves Awareness

Held at The Charleston Haus in Downtown Los Angeles, the International Pain Foundation (iPain) Music Moves Awareness Event on September 1st was a star studded evening in support of those who suffer with chronic pain. iPain was celebrating their 10th anniversary with a beautiful music video and song created to empower those who have struggled with diseases like Lupus, ALS, Lyme Disease and more.

“HOPE IS TRUE” by iPain, was created with the assistance of some of the most illustrious talent in today’s music and film industries. Executive Producer and iPain supporter, Ryan Young brought on the help and talent of Emmy nominated songwriter William J. Fuller to write “HOPE IS TRUE” along with highly decorated music producer Alex Geringas to produce the foundation’s song.

A wide variety of incredibly talented celebrities including Christina Milian, Ally Hilfiger, After Romeo, Bret Lockett, Chris Caldovino, Billy Blanks Jr., Dre Davis and more all came out to support the cause and donate to such an incredible foundation.


About The International Pain Foundation:

iPain supports the notion that chronic pain is a real and complex disease that exists either by itself or it can be linked with other medical conditions. As a charity, it campaigns for effective pain care through an array of treatment options, which are widely inaccessible. It also underlines that chronic pain is an unrecognized and under- resourced public health crisis with devastating personal and economic impacts. Most importantly, it operates under the belief that allowing people to suffer with unmanaged pain is immoral and unethical.

Using Music To Bridge The Gap In A Troubled World

Throughout life we see where music serves as the universal language. Osseily Hanna traveled the world in search of musicians who believe music is the catalyst to bridge gaps between people and cultures. Music and Coexistence: A Journey across the World in Search of Musicians Making a Difference tells of Hanna’s extraordinary journey and his efforts to bring people together peacefully through the world of music.  (-Ascot Media Group)

Music And Coexistence: Using Music To Bridge The Gap Between Nations In A Troubled World

The power of music is legendary. Not too long ago, one musician decided to ask the question – and then set out to find the answer by traveling the globe: can music help bridge gaps between people? The answer proved a resounding “yes,” and for proof author Osseily Hanna offers his fascinating book, Music and Coexistence: A Journey across the World in Search of Musicians Making a Difference (Rowman & Littlefield Publishing).

What at first seemed a simple question soon proved not so simple. “Musicians from across the world helped me get closer to answering this question,” says Osseily Hanna, the author. “I wanted to find musicians who break boundaries and traditional modes of thinking to create a ray of hope.”

He found them building bridges through music in a world where animosities are all too visible. “On everyone’s mind presently are conflicts in Syria, Iraq, and between Russia and Ukraine, but we know these will keep shifting. This past summer it was Gaza; before then it was Darfur. What I’m tapping is something bigger, looking at the ways music breaks down the walls nations and sometimes even communities work so hard to erect.”

Music and Coexistence explores the courageous work of musicians who compose and perform with their ostensible enemies or in extraordinary social situations. Hanna documents the political and economic constraints faced by musicians, from the wall that encloses a refugee camp in Jerusalem, to the tensions among KFOR and Carabinieri peacekeepers who keep Serbs and Kosovar Albanians apart, to the cultural and linguistic suppression that afflicts minority communities in Turkey.

Hanna talks to the individuals and groups at the forefront of the effort to bridge ethnic, cultural, and religious divisions. Featuring musicians from thirteen different countries and territories across five continents, Hanna’s story includes a remarkable cadre of performers. These include the musicians who comprise Heartbeat, a group of Israeli and Palestinian youth, who compose, record, and perform music together; the Albino musicians of Tanzania, who regularly combat persecution by local shamans; the multiracial and thriving samba musicians in Sao Paolo, and a former child soldier from Cambodia who seeks to revive traditional music following the genocide in the 1970s.

With photos taken by the author during his travels, this work is a remarkable intersection of world music and peace studies. It will open the eyes and the hearts of every musician and music lover who recognizes music as a universal language. The companion film was recently screened at the Amnesty International Film Festival in Vancouver.

Osseily Hanna was born in London, where he began violin lessons at the age of eight and played with the North London Symphony Orchestra in 2005. He gave up a successful career in global financial markets in 2011 to develop Music and Coexistence as a film and book project. Fluent in English and Spanish, he has also studied Arabic, French, Italian, and Turkish.

For more information, visit: www.musicandcoexistence.com

Music and Coexistence: A Journey across the World
in Search of Musicians Making a Difference

Rowman & Littlefield Publishing
978-1-4422-3753-7 (Hardback)
978-1-4422-3754-4 (eBook)

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Music Promo: Call It Home

Call It Home is a 5 piece Hardcore band from Long Island, New York. They began writing in the beginning of August 2012 and plan to bring a different sound to the current music scene in hopes to progress into something bigger than they are now. The band combines the styles of hard hitting, heavy breakdowns and poppy singing to create a sound many listeners can enjoy.

Call It Home – Nemesis
(Live @ Even Flow 11/7/14)

Pick up their new EP “Unfamiliar” on iTunes!

Genre Hardcore / Pop

Members Vocals – Chris Christofi

Guitar / Vocals – Andrew Rothberg

Guitar – Jay Schwartz

Bass – Dom Delfino

Drums – Nick Drago

Hometown Long Island, NY

Record Label Unsigned

General Manager Judi Teggart

Contact info:

Email Callithomeofficial@gmail.com

Website https://www.twitter.com/Callithomeny

Press Contact Judi Teggart: tinyanninc@aol.com

Booking Agent Judi Teggart: tinyanninc@aol.com

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