…and the results are in

On Tuesday I posted my contest for the Creative Blogger Award that my friend Lindsay Townsend nominated me for.

Participants had to choose which statement/trait of one of my heroines that I did NOT share – only two people chose correctly and (drum roll please) the winner by random draw was Tina Poznansky. Tina won a copy of Forgotten.

The correct answer, by the way, was #4I grew up in da’ Bronx NYC, the only borough to start with a “D”. ;>

…and for those who guessed other choices:

  • #1: I worked in the publicity department of McCall’s Magazine through a temporary agency while I was in college.
  • #2: I went to the High School of Art & Design in Manhattan.
  • #3: I love collecting glass miniatures and even have a shadowbox shaped like a house filled with small glass cats (a cat house?)
  • #5: Duh, I live and breath about my volunteering as an Emergency Medical Technician with my hometown ambulance corps.
  • #6: I didn’t say I married him folks! But yes, one of my ex’s was in the F.B.I. (this was apparently a favorite choice…)
  • #7: The year was 1977, Mark and I were just leaving my parents’ when we came across the scene of a raging and size-able rubbish fire outside an apartment building – there was a car next to the burning rubbish and kids hanging out on a fire escape a few floors above…
Thanks so much for playing along.
I had a lot of fun and hope that you did, too.

Creative Blogger Award

The guilt has finally gotten to me – Lindsay Townsend nominated me for this award last week and I’ve been putting it off – sigh.
I am supposed to make seven statements – Six true and one false. If you can pick the false statement, then you will be eligible for my prize draw, the winner of which will receive one of my published .pdf ebooks. *If you pick the false statement, then you *LUCKY YOU* will be eligible to be chosen, at random, as the WINNER.

But I’ve never been one to keep things simple, so –

I am listing seven of my heroines below and something about each of them. I DO share something in common with six – YOU pick the one that I don’t share the item with.

  1. Paige Andrews (Bartlett’s Rule) – worked in a magazine’s publicity department
  2. Caitlyn Smythe (His Lucky Charm) – was an art student at a Manhattan NYC school
  3. Alli Davis (Within the Law) – collects glass figurines
  4. Davie Prescott (Courage of the Heart) – grew up in southern New Jersey
  5. Julie Jennings (Final Sin) – volunteered with an ambulance corps
  6. Deanna Blair (Hostage Heart) – dated an FBI agent
  7. Samantha Chaunce (A Chaunce of Riches) – suffered smoke inhalation

Email me with your guess to ChelleCordero at gmail dot com by midnight (est) Thursday, May 20. (please do NOT post your response in the comments) be sure to include which of my stories you would like to win as a .pdf ebook

Now, I must pass on this honor – I nominate
ALL of my fellow VHP authors

A Winning Title Was Chosen!

I sent Kimberlee a complete list of suggested titles for my new manuscript you can read about the quandary we faced here: http://bit.ly/ApGV7 ). It was a terrific list and Kimberlee made the choice (I understand she got some input from our favorite in-house editor – Smoky)

The chosen title is “Common Bond: Tangled Hearts” submitted by Lindsay Townsend.

And here is the complete list of titles I received:

1. Heart Strain
2. Twisted Ties
3. Layne’s Strain
4. Too Many Fathers
5. Tangled Hearts
6. Who the hell R U?
7. Guess Who’s your Daddy?
8. Gimme the Money and Get out
9. Common Bond: Tangled Hearts
10. My Two Dads
11. Web of Hearts
12. Mother’s Love, Mother’s Torment
13. Tormented Love
14. My Son, A Mother’s Torment
15. Bonded Hearts
16. Father, Who Art Thou
17. Past Lies
18. Living Lies
19. Captured Love, Living Lies
20. Captured Loves
21. Layne’s Lasting Love
22. Illegitimate Alliances
23. Out of Passion
24. Paternal Faceoff
25. Where Love Lasts
26. Passions’ Gift
27. Deciding Genes
28. DNA Decisions
29. Hidden Truths
30. Secret Lies
31. The Undeniable Truth
32. Two Good To Be True
33. Crossed Hearts
34. Cross My Heart

Thank you so much to all of you who submitted! Thank you each: Barbara, Malcolm, Lindsay, Kathleen, Judy, David, Eva, Charmaine, Jackie, Miikell, Eda, Jane & Bill, Bobi, and Michael.