What I did for my summer vacation…

Check out my 3-part series about my summer vacation trip to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in Canada.

Great pics (even if I do say so myself)

1: I’m back home!
2: The Halifax Sites – my vacation trip – part deux
3: St. Andrews and the whales ~ and back to the USA

Who knows what experiences will make it into a future novel????

Coming to you direct from Nova Scotia

Hello everyone!

Hubby and I took a few days off to get away – just the two of us (VERY romantic).

We are currently taking in the sites in Halifax, Nova Scotia and surroundings. It is a beautiful area and we are really enjoying everything.

So I will write more when I get back.


P.S.: I took a few summer reads with me (although I haven’t had much time) – if you are taking a few days, be sure to take along copies of Bartlett’s Rule and Forgotten with you and ENJOY!