YOU could wind up in my next novel!

I’ve been busy tweaking manuscripts and hoping to submit – hoping even more that my publisher will like them and want to publish them!

My next novel will be a re-release of Courage of the Heart in Jan/Feb 2009 and the heroine, Davie, has a pretty cute dog at her family home – it’s a Pomeranian named Gizzy. Gizzy is a real dog and belongs to my friend Michael!

You too can enjoy Gizzy’s notoriety if you’ve read one or more of my novels. All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me which book(s) you read and what you thought of it.

Then leave me your first name (in the comment box) and something about yourself to make a character uniquely YOU (your job, as physical characteristic, a favorite food, a particular habit – you get the idea) Tell me as much as you want – but remember, the world may get to meet you as you appear as a neighbor, a coworker, a chance aquaintance on the street…

If the manuscript you appear in gets accepted, I will be sure to broadcast to the world – and you of course – that you made it into print.

So, comment away… and yes, you have to leave the comment in the box below.