“The Binge Watchers Guide to the Harry Potter Films”

Riverdale Avenue Books Launches Kickstarter Campaign

for “The Binge Watchers Guide to the Harry Potter Films”

The Recent Campaign Has Been Selected as a Projects We Love by Kickstarter


For the second title in their new Binge Watcher’s Guide series, Riverdale Avenue Books has launched a Kickstarter campaign. The Binge Watchers Guide to the Harry Potter Films by Cecilia Tan, an unofficial guide, was kicked off on the author’s birthday. The campaign has already raised more than half of the initial funding within 48 hours and received Kickstarter’s coveted Projects We Love badge due to fans eager to experience this new look at their favorite universe.

Twenty years have passed since the Harry Potter films were first released for an entire generation of moviegoers. The films broke ground in every way: at the box office, in movie making art, and pulling off an unprecedented magic trick of keeping the main cast together for ten full years, as they grew from school kids to adults.

Readers who contribute to this campaign will be able to receive an ebook, paperbacks at a discounted price, ebooks and print books bundled with goodies like a Binge Watcher book bag, and some virtual experiences with the author such as a virtual tea or a one-on-one watch of one of the movies. The Kickstarter campaign starts now until May 8, 2020.

“Binging the Harry Potter movies is the perfect way to really see how the series holds together, as well as how the actors aged in real life along with their characters,” said Publisher Lori Perkins. “Cecilia Tan has been knee-deep in the fandom for two decades and is the perfect guide to take fans on this journey.”

“We know there’s a global pandemic going on. The first time I felt some relief from the unrelenting stress since my household started isolation in early March was when some friends suggested we should each make cocktails, pop in our DVDs of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and livetweet it together,” said Author Cecilia Tan. “What better time to be encouraging people to revisit these movies than now? ”

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“Do It To Myself” from Nova Miller

Nova Miller time travels listeners

with her new 70s inspired video for 

Do It To Myself

Nova Miller takes listeners on a time travel with the new music video to her bop “Do It To Myself” – listen here.  The single, which is about one recognizing their own toxic behavior, showcases Nova’s retro pop sound. In the video, we’re able to see different sides of Nova Miller as she travels through a 70s inspired vintage nightclub only to realize that the performer onstage looks just like herself. Nova explains the video from her perspective, “it gave me space to have fun and showcase the different sides of myself. As people, we have layers and I got to give my layers characters. You won’t see any emo Nova though, I’m all about keeping it positive.” 
With a sound that blends new school pop with vintage aesthetics, like the fluttering strings and harmonies of 60’s era groups, Nova Miller stands out from the crowd and she knows it. She elaborates saying, “Some of the challenges I face as a new artist are ‘don’t look to old, don’t look too young, be different! As a young girl I am discovering and realizing that I am different, I am enough, there is only one me and I’m super grateful to live my dream.” Nova Miller’s eccentric personality and her striking vocals have gained mass attention on her Tik Tok page (@novamillermusic). She shows off her acoustic capabilities and range, with videos hitting up to 570k views and over 500k followers.
The “Do It To Myself” video combines glam with soul, demonstrating Nova Miller’s style and showcasing the video direction from Chandler Lass. Nova Miller describes her favorite aspects of the video, ”First thing I wanna say is HAIR. I was living my best hair life. I had my long silky Cher hair, the Bridget Bardot boufount happening, we had the cute vintage Nancy Sinatra flick and some Nova Miller real girl hair going on too.” 
The track features The Mama’s & The Papa’s Sample ‘California Dreamin’ and is produced by The Monsters and the Strangerz, the production team behind Zedd’s “Middle” featuring Maren Morris, Grey, and Ariana Grande.
From sleeping in her father’s guitar case backstage while on tour with her parents to performing for the Crown Princess of Sweden, music has always been a part of Nova Miller’s life. Discovered by former artist turned music executive Lolene in a Stockholm dance studio at age 12, Nova has spent much of her life in the studio or on stage and she wouldn’t have it any other way. The multi-instrumentalist and 5 octave vocalist quickly learnt that dealing with opinionated personalities and constantly being underestimated in the music industry was a daily occurrence.
However, those experiences only made her stronger. “As girls, we have to be better, we have to do more to be seen. I’ll take that fight. I’ll work a bit harder, and I’ll prove myself.” Remarkably at just 18, that same unwavering sense of identity and strong minded lyrical narrative is at the heart of every word she writes, with empowering lyrics layered over shimmering splashes of pop. Not to mention perfect pitch!
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