Dragon Teeth by Michael Crichton

Harper Collins Pub

Michael Crichton, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Jurassic Park, returns to the world of paleontology in this recently discovered novel—a thrilling adventure set in the Wild West during the golden age of fossil hunting.

The year is 1876. Warring Indian tribes still populate America’s western territories even as lawless gold-rush towns begin to mark the landscape. In much of the country it is still illegal to espouse evolution. Against this backdrop two monomaniacal paleontologists pillage the Wild West, hunting for dinosaur fossils, while surveilling, deceiving and sabotaging each other in a rivalry that will come to be known as the Bone Wars.

Into this treacherous territory plunges the arrogant and entitled William Johnson, a Yale student with more privilege than sense. Determined to survive a summer in the west to win a bet against his arch-rival, William has joined world-renowned paleontologist Othniel Charles Marsh on his latest expedition.  But when the paranoid and secretive Marsh becomes convinced that William is spying for his nemesis, Edwin Drinker Cope, he abandons him in Cheyenne, Wyoming, a locus of crime and vice. William is forced to join forces with Cope and soon stumbles upon a discovery of historic proportions.  With this extraordinary treasure, however, comes exceptional danger, and William’s newfound resilience will be tested in his struggle to protect his cache, which pits him against some of the West’s most notorious characters.

A page-turner that draws on both meticulously researched history and an exuberant imagination, Dragon Teeth is based on the rivalry between real-life paleontologists Cope and Marsh; in William Johnson readers will find an inspiring hero only Michael Crichton could have imagined. Perfectly paced and brilliantly plotted, this enormously winning adventure is destined to become another Crichton classic.


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About the Author:

Michael Crichton was born in Chicago in 1942. His novels include Next, State of Fear, Prey, Timeline, Jurassic Park, and The Andromeda Strain. He was also the creator of the television series ER. One of the most popular writers in the world, his books have been made into thirteen films, and translated in thirty-six languages. He died in 2008.

Unacknowledged: An Expose of the World’s Greatest Secret by Steven Greer (Author)

As director of the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI), Dr. Steven M. Greer has prepared briefings on UFOs and ETs for two sitting presidents, members of congress, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, as well as the Director of the CIA and numerous foreign leaders. In May of 2001, as founder of The Disclosure Project, Dr. Greer brought forth twenty eyewitnesses (most of whom had above-top-secret government clearances) to testify about the existence of ETs and UFOs.

On April 24, 2017, Dr. Greer debuted a long-awaited documentary film (released by The Orchard, a division of Sony) and a 350-page hardback (A&M Publishers); both projects under the shared title Unacknowledged: An Exposé of the Greatest Secret in History.  While Dr. Greer’s previous documentary, Sirius, focused on members of the armed forces and intelligence organizations who testified as to the “existence and cover-up regarding interstellar craft visiting Earth,” Unacknowledged focuses upon USAPs – Unacknowledged Special Access Projects that are being “illegally funded every year from taxpayer monies (conservatively estimated between $80 billion to $100 billion), all of which are operating without the approval of the president or congress.”

“Hidden among these USAPs are free energy propulsion technologies reverse-engineered from downed UFOs that should have replaced fossil fuels more than 40 years ago,” says Dr. Greer. Adding, “Witnesses testify to their existence, as well as other illegalities – including the harassment and murder of scientists who made breakthroughs in zero-point-energy that threatened the fossil fuel industry.”

To bring Unacknowledged to the masses through a new documentary and book, Dr. Greer and his supporters raised over $700,000 in crowd funding. “We’re not out to prove that ETs exist; these advanced craft have been seen by millions of people over the last 70 years. The reason for the secrecy and denial has everything to do with the zero-point-energy technology that powers these craft. You’re looking at a free, endless abundance of clean energy that would literally end famine and poverty and reverse global warming while completely changing the way in which the world operates – on scale with the combustion engine and personal computer, only far greater. Big Oil obviously doesn’t want that to happen; neither do the banks and military industrialists who feed from the same trough. For humanity, it’s akin to the horse and buggy industry preventing the manufacturing of the combustion engine. Unacknowledged exposes everything to the masses.”

In addition to offering mankind the keys to humanity’s energy future, Dr. Greer and his witnesses “expose the existence of a secret faction of the government that acts without the knowledge and approval of the president or congress, much less the people. Unacknowledged names names, along with the locations of secret underground bases paid for over the last fifty years with taxpayer monies that run into the trillions of dollars.” Even more shocking, Greer’s book reveals “the reasons behind the murder of CIA Directors James Forrestal and William Colby, as well as Marilyn Monroe, Congressman Steve Schiff of New Mexico, and Dr. Greer’s personal assistant and friend, Sheri Adamack.” For the first time, military eyewitnesses corroborate criminal acts upon American citizens as part of a USAP – man-made UFO cover-up.

From the Inside Flap

The Biggest Lie in History is about to be Shattered. UFOs are real. In late June of 1947, three extraterrestrial craft were downed outside Roswell Air Force Base. Many more followed, revealing dozens of ET species and a Rosetta Stone to a new physics an energy generation and propulsion system responsible for interstellar space travel. This new system could have easily replaced oil, gas, coal, nuclear plants and with them, the entire geo-political and economic order on our planet — only a cabal of bankers, the Military Industrial Complex, and Big Oil stopped it. We’ve been lied to. And now, 70 years after Roswell the witnesses to that lie have come forward to testify in a MUST-READ book that will shock the world. Look for the accompanying documentary to be released from The Orchard, a division of Sony.

5 stars  A Human Right Denied

Before reading this book, read ‘Hidden Truth’ for a better understanding of the main position of Dr Greer.
This book once again sets forth the technologies known by the Earthlings which are maintained secret and can radically change the way of life on this planet.
According to the book, zero point energy and antigravity are technologies known by human beings. Zero point energy, which is free, clean and sustainable, can be converted into electricity avoiding the use of coal, oil, gas, water and nuclear resources. Transmission lines and expensive power plants will be unnecessary if this technology is disclosed. New transport means (silent and high speed flying vehicles) will be possible to be developed. Surface roads won’t be necessary anymore. No more jets. Pollution can be stopped.
In medical area, cancer can be cured and organs can be regenerated.
But, the implementation of these technologies will completely redefine our current global economy. This huge problem involving strong economic interests is difficult to be faced and solved.
The book opens a new perspective to our planet showing that our future can be wonderful; our Earth can be transformed into a real paradise where important material causes of stress and suffering are abolished. This is a human right that is being denied, isn’t it?

Pure & Simple: A Natural Food Way Of Life By Pascale Naessens

Renowned Belgian bestselling culinary author who has sold 1.5 million books, former international model, and accomplished ceramic artist Pascale Naessens brings her passion for health and cooking with romantic flair to her first U.S. book, with more than 60 recipes that showcase beautiful, nutritious, and delicious natural foods.

In Pure & Simple, Pascale Naessens celebrates delicious meals, pleasure, and health with passion. Her method for staying happy, healthy and slim will help readers acquire new, conscious eating habits and freedom from carbohydrate addiction. With more than 60 recipes and a new up-to-date approach to eating, Pure & Simple creates a culinary movement. Naessens’ approach is building a lifestyle that embraces only natural, unprocessed foods that will leave you satisfied and with more energy.

With gorgeous images of healthy cuisine that inspire, Naessens’ latest book also exhibits her knack for design and her talent as an acclaimed ceramist. Her aesthetics are evident in the styling of her book, which she is solely responsible for, while her tableware designs adorn the pages of Pure & Simple. Naessens’ ceramic tableware line, Pure, is sought after by home cooks and top restaurants alike.

Pure & Simple shares delicious, simple recipes with a romantic flair that are designed to be shared with friends and family. More than a cookbook, it is chock-full of the latest nutritional insights, helpful tips, and inspiration for healthy eating. Mouthwatering recipes for appetizers, mains, and desserts make adopting this eating style entirely uncomplicated. Naessens emphasizes that what you eat is just as important as how you eat; creating a pleasurable eating experience is not only simple to achieve but something to savor as well. Naessens came to this realization after experiencing an eating disorder as a model, then delving into the world of health and nutrition and soon becoming a qualified health consultant specializing in traditional Chinese medicine. She is well versed in a wide array of health practices, including tai chi and shiatsu massage. Naessens also is a qualified restaurateur.

At its core Pure & Simple focuses on food combinations, demystifying this nutritional philosophy by providing a simple food combining chart with a simple philosophy: replace bread and potatoes with vegetables and fruit at every meal. This is her only rule —concentrated carbohydrates should not be eaten with concentrated protein. The basic series of food combinations in her meals include meat or fish + vegetables, carbohydrates + vegetables, or dairy + vegetables. And she doesn’t fear fat. Pascale’s very easy and simple recipes to prepare are more satiating than the classic high carb meals.

To Naessens, the terms “cooking” and “eating” are synonyms for “enjoying;” food should not be about a calorie war, but rather the pleasure of balanced, conscious eating should be celebrated. Her two conditions for acquiring new healthy eating habits? The food you eat must be good and you must be satisfied after every meal. You won’t need to count calories or restrict portion sizes. Simply choose healthy food consciously and enjoy what you eat. You will cook delicious food simply and easily. You can drink wine. You will be satisfied. And you will enjoy your food with pleasure.

A few of her recipes include:

• Salmon with Olive-Pistachio Tapenade and Tomatoes
• Fish Wraps with Soy-Sesame Dipping Sauce
• Seared Scallops with Sea Beans
• Cajun Chicken Salad with Guacamole
• Roasted Rosemary Lamb, Tomatoes, and Carrots
• Meatballs in Ginger-Soy Broth
• Goat Cheese Bites with Marinated Sesame Seeds
• Savory Lentil and Rice Crepes with Fresh Herbs
• Baked Peaches with Mascarpone

About the Author:

Pascale Naessens is a bestselling culinary author in Belgium. She has since become a leading voice for pure and healthy eating. A number of her books have already been translated into French, English, German, and Chinese. It’s said that Naessens has “taught her nation to eat healthily.” Her cooking and her lifestyle appeal to a broad public as demonstrated by the many Facebook communities where fans of Pascale’s Pure Kitchen share experiences and recipes. After completing her studies in economic sciences at the age of eighteen, Naessens traveled the globe as a fashion model. After five years of assignments in Paris, Milan, Madrid, Hong Kong, China and Tokyo, she returned to Belgium where she began a television career with the Belgian broadcasting corporation VTM, first as a presenter then hosting a series of home and lifestyle shows.

For more information, please visit: www.purepascale.com

Pure & Simple: A Natural Food Way of Life
By Pascale Naessens,
Abrams / April 4, 2017
U.S. $24.95 / CAN $29.95
Hardcover / 208 pages
73⁄8 x 93⁄8″ / 150 color photographs
ISBN: 978-1-4197-2617-0

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War, Spies, and Bobby Sox by Libby Fischer Hellmann

War, Spies and Bobby Sox:
When The Anguish Of War Reaches
Beyond The Front Lines And Brings
Terror To The Home Front

While World War II rages across Europe and the Pacific, its impact ripples through communities in the heartland of America. War, Spies And Bobby Sox is a trio of tales: A farm girl is locked in a dangerous love triangle with two German soldiers held in an Illinois POW camp … Another German, a war refugee, is forced to risk her life spying on the developing Manhattan Project in Chicago … And espionage surrounds the disappearance of an actress from the thriving Jewish community of Chicago’s Lawndale.  Acclaimed thriller author Libby Fischer Hellmann beautifully depicts the tumultuous effect of war on the home front and illustrates how the action, terror, and tragedy of World War II was not confined to the front lines.

Libby Fischer Hellmann left a career in broadcast news in Washington, DC and moved to Chicago 35 years ago, where she, naturally, began to write gritty crime fiction. Fourteen novels and twenty short stories later, she claims they’ll take her out of the Windy City feet first. She has been nominated for many awards in the mystery and crime writing community and has even won a few.

Her novels include the now five-volume Ellie Foreman series, which she describes as a cross between “Desperate Housewives” and “24;” the hard-boiled 4-volume Georgia Davis PI series, and three stand-alone historical thrillers that Libby calls her “Revolution Trilogy.” Her short stories have been published in a dozen anthologies, the Saturday Evening Post, and Ed Gorman’s “25 Criminally Good Short Stories” collection.  In 2005 Libby was the national president of Sisters In Crime, a 3500 member organization dedicated to the advancement of female crime authors. She also hosts a monthly radio show called “Second Sunday Crime” on the Authors on the Air internet network and just began hosting a monthly web streaming interview show, “Solved!” (Please visit: http://authorsvoice.net/ for more).

War, Spies, & Bobby Sox: Stories About World War Two At Home is award-winning author Hellmann’s fourteenth work and fourth volume of historical fiction. For more information, please visit her website: http://libbyhellmann.com.

War, Spies, and Bobby Sox: Stories About World War Two At Home
The Red Herrings Press
Available in print, ebook and audiobook online and wherever fine books are sold
ISBN:   978-1-938733-97-0
E-book: 978-1-938733-98-7
Audiobook: 978-1-938733-99-4

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The User’s Guide to Spiritual Teachers by Scott Edelstein

New Book Explores the Virtues—and Dangers—of Spiritual Teachers


A spiritual teacher isn’t an ordinary member of the clergy. They are a perceptive, caring, trustworthy human being who provides one-to-one, in-depth spiritual direction.

Celebrities such as Madonna and Russell Brand, and writers such as Elizabeth Gilbert and Deepak Chopra, have all worked with spiritual teachers. So have millions of people from almost every major religious tradition—as well as millions of others who are spiritual but not religious.

A new book, The User’s Guide to Spiritual Teachers, provides invaluable guidance for anyone who is curious about spiritual teachers—or who wants to work with one but doesn’t know how or where to begin.

This user-friendly book also offers practical wisdom for anyone who already has a spiritual teacher, and wants to make the most of that relationship.

Still more important, The User’s Guide to Spiritual Teachers helps readers spot and avoid the predators, narcissists, charlatans, and cult leaders who call themselves spiritual teachers—and who have ruined many people’s lives.

The book’s author, Scott Edelstein, has studied happily and productively with spiritual teachers for the past four decades. He has also served as editor and literary agent for several spiritual teachers. A longtime practitioner of both Judaism and Buddhism, he is a committed proponent of serious spirituality in all forms and traditions.

The User’s Guide to Spiritual Teachers was published on March 21 by Wisdom Publications. Wisdom also published Edelstein’s previous book, Sex and the Spiritual Teacher, which examines the all-too-common problem of sexual misconduct among spiritual teachers.

Edelstein’s website on spiritual teachers, www.thespiritualteachersite.com, provides more information on the subject, as well as book excerpts, related articles, and links to media interviews with Edelstein.

The User’s Guide to Spiritual Teachers
By Scott Edelstein
Publisher: Wisdom Publications, Somerville, MA
Release date: March 21, 2017
Trade paperback, $15.95; e-book, $9.99; 182 pages
ISBN-10: 0861716108
ISBN-13: 978-0861716104

Publishers Weekly: “In this short handbook, Edelstein guides readers through choosing and working with spiritual teachers. Drawing on his four decades of experience working with spiritual teachers as an editor and agent as well as a student, Edelstein addresses a surprisingly wide range of topics to help readers make the most of their relationships with spiritual teachers.”

Kathleen Dowling Singh, author of The Grace in Living: “A small book with a big message.”

David Rynick, author of The Truth Never Fails: “A wonderful resource. This guide is down-to-earth and offers a broader perspective about what to expect and not expect from spiritual teachers.”

Tim Burkett, author of Nothing Holy About It: “Finally, a well thought-out, easy-to-read guide to help folks assess whether a given teacher may be prone to abuse his power over them or is genuinely interested in empowering them.”

James Ishmael Ford, author of If You’re Lucky, Your Heart Will Break: “Scott Edelstein’s guide is simple, practical, and useful. It cuts through most of the confusion in seeking a spiritual guide with the clarity of someone who has been through it all. I recommend it to anyone embarking on the spiritual path, or thinking maybe they should be looking for a spiritual guide.”


From SOS to WOW by Margaret A. Johnson, P.E.

Take The Leap And Soar Higher Than Ever:
From SOS to WOW!
Your Personal Coaching Adventure

Order Autographed Book: From SOS to WOW!

Finding professional and personal happiness is a lifelong journey; Margaret A. Johnson, P.E., credentialed executive/corporate coach and author, has a unique and fun approach to getting out of a rut and moving ahead. From SOS to WOW! Your Personal Coaching Adventure is a helpful guidebook for anyone ready to bust their assumptions, unleash their creative ideas, and take courageous risks to get to where they want to be personally and professionally.

“If you’re stuck in the same old place at work, in your personal life, or still waiting for your dreams to become a reality and you’re ready to make a change, this book is for you,” Johnson explains. “SOS, or ‘Same Old Stuff,’ is the place you find yourself in over and over again. For example, maybe you’re unhappy at work, wondering what else you could be doing. Maybe you’re in a relationship with the same kind of guy or gal you recently separated from, or watching someone else doing what you have always dreamed about, but not making any progress toward making it happen for yourself.

“Where would you like to be instead? WOW – ‘Well On the Way’ – to being where you really want to be,” Johnson continues. “No longer stuck in a ‘no progress’ repetitive cycle, you’re achieving your goals using forward-moving tips and techniques to bust through limiting beliefs, making creativity and courageous risk taking a part of your daily life. Finally, you are SWOW – ‘So Well On the Way’ – staying motivated and making real progress toward your dreams and goals.”

Margaret A. Johnson is from Michigan but moved to Texas as soon as she could where she learned to ride a horse and say “y’all.” Utilizing her BS in Mechanical Engineering, an MBA, her professional engineering license and coaching credentials, she inspires people and organizations to strive for excellence. Her experience ranges from engineering and management in power, to sales and consulting in the oil and gas industry.  As President of Ideal Training, Inc., she trains and coaches professionals and managers with a mission to unleash creativity, ignite ideas and remove barriers to success to assist clients in solving problems and opening doors to possibilities.

For more information on Margaret Johnson, coach, speaker and author, please visit the website: www.ideasandbeyond.com.

From SOS to WOW! Your Personal Coaching Adventure
Available online at Amazon.com and at http://www.ideasandbeyond.com/swow/
ISBN:  978-0998129501

Speaking and Coaching Testimonials:

J.W., Houston, Texas: “I attended one of Margaret’s speaking events…for PMI Houston. It was great as she made it interesting and interactive for the audience, and her entire message, tips and techniques are so important for companies to succeed and allow employees to make positive changes. She provided a great handout as well that I continue to find very useful. I recommend Margaret’s work to affect positive change.”
E.M., Energy Sector, Pearland, Texas: “Margaret Johnson gave me a voice and resources to have impacting conversations in a business not accustomed to hearing women’s voices.”

M.H., IMA, Houston Chapter: “If your organization is in need of an insightful, well-rounded and highly energetic speaker or coach that draws the audience into the presentation and maximizes the take-away from the session, I highly recommend Margaret Johnson.”

K. M. Beasley, President, ABWA (American Business Women’s Association), Greenspoint Chapter: “Margaret spoke to my organization and she was fabulous! Her presentation gave us new insights and inspiration. I highly recommend her to speak to any group that needs motivating. She brings energy, enthusiasm and a fresh perspective.”

J.M., Baton Rouge, Louisiana: “The ‘Glass Is Half Full’ session was so empowering! Margaret helped me to realize that the only thing that can stop me from reaching my goals is myself. I actually felt the movement from SOS to SWOW! She changed my outlook on my situation and helped me to find a new confidence. I am now inspired to be the best that I can be; and to focus on what I want and where I want to be, not on what’s holding me back.”

Tyler B., SWE (Society of Women Engineers), University of Arkansas : “Your talk at the Region C Conference was exactly what I needed. Your systematic approach to address concern was perfect to address some design project communication issues I am facing! Also, your enthusiasm and optimistic attitude gave me energy to start a new week with a positive outlook. Thank you for reaching out to us!”

J.G., Chevron Phillips Chemical, Pasadena, Tx: “I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your class and that you are a great teacher. I looked forward to going to class, to see what new and fun ideas you were going to teach us that day. I know that I will start applying, the skills I have learned in your class in my next training session. You made the class one to remember.”

J.W., Houston Texas: “Margaret Johnson’s coaching, training and direction is very beneficial….She has helped me achieve many breakthroughs as she is excellent at helping you to get to a clearer picture of what you can focus on to overcome challenges and realize opportunities as they unfold. I have put to use many ideas that I have arrived at through Margaret’s coaching.”

B.G., Friendswood, Texas: “Thank you for taking the time to work with me — helping me do a better job staying focused. It was your training style of mixing serious business with laughter that was so effective.”

S.W., Clear Lake City, Texas: “Margaret’s coaching session for our team was energizing and thought-provoking. The exercises and discussions are aimed at getting you to know more about yourself, your likes, your strengths, and what you want out of life. And to think differently! The creative approaches offered provided new insights into ways to be truly successful in getting more out of life, whether it be a new job/career, new skills, or improved relationships. This is a personal investment you cannot afford to overlook.”

M.L., Houston, Texas: “I just wanted to follow up and again say what a great presentation you gave. There were a lot of points that landed with me…the way I perceive things…my default reactions….my self-talk. Your perspectives were refreshing and reaffirming. Because of your talk, I am challenging myself and my views on a more consistent basis and it is helping. Life is a blessing. Our view is a choice.”

D.S., Pearland, Texas: “The classes Margaret taught were among the best I ever took at the company – and I have been here 34 years. Her approach was innovative and she did an excellent job in gaining active participation from all attendees and had the ability to make practical applications to work situations. My employees who attended her classes provided consistent, positive feedback – and I noticed measurable improvements as a result.”



Stress and its effect on health

Stress Or Trauma Can Negatively Affect Our Health; Learn How To Build Resilience To Take Control Of The Present

When it’s stress or trauma, it can leave wounds that run deep. If not properly tended to, these events can leave scars that affect the way a person relates to themselves and everything around them. “It is said that every scar tells a story,” Lauer and Parrish write in The Essence of Resilience: Stories of Triumph Over Trauma (HCI – ISBN: 9780757319419 October 2016 — $14.95), but often those stories are kept locked away in silence by the victims who are struck voiceless and alone in the dark shadow of their pasts. By keeping their stories buried within themselves, often trauma victims distort the reality of their trauma and devolve to self-blame, and very often cope with drugs, alcohol, and other unhealthy and dangerous behavior.

But everyone is capable of harnessing resilience – the part of ourselves that refuses to surrender or die. Everyone is capable of reclaiming themselves and taking control of the present by learning to cope with their pasts, and in The Essence of Resilience, fourteen trauma survivors demonstrate the miraculous healing power of storytelling to work through finding the “gift in their wound.” Stories include:

•    A young girl bullied by her classmates, losing her definition of herself in their hurtful words.
•    An adopted daughter, searching for a sense of belonging through substance abuse.
•    A rape victim regaining her voice through therapy animals.
•    A Marine with a history of child abuse learning the power of sharing and facing his past.

Tanya Lauer and Kathleen Parrish are professional counselors who specialize in those who have suffered a traumatic experience, which they define as “any event that violates your sense of safety and wellbeing, or shatters your integrity or sense of wholeness.” With a combined 40 years of experience helping trauma survivors cope, Lauer and Parrish share their tried-and-true arsenal of tools including Relationships, Trust, Travel, Compassion, Gratitude, Animals, Nature, Humor and Spirituality that helps victims reclaim their voice in this gripping and powerful book.

Join these survivors as they face their pasts head-on, sharing their deepest and darkest moments to open themselves up to the ability to heal. These stories, while they may be painful, are also published to be motivational to those who may be suffering silently on their own. These tributes to each individual’s past reveal an inspiring look into the miracle that is human resilience, and allows us to bear witness to these brave survivors in their triumph over trauma.

About the Authors

Tanya Lauer and Kathleen Parrish are Licensed Professional Counselors with over 40 years combined experience providing counseling and trauma intervention services. They are affiliated with Cottonwood Tucson, an internationally renowned residential treatment program for co-occurring disorders in Tucson, Arizona. They are frequent presenters at professional conferences in the United States and in Europe.



1. What inspired you to write this book?
We were inspired by the courage and openness of the individuals we have worked with in the area of trauma recovery.

2. Why is resilience such an important component of trauma recovery?
Resilience is a crucial aspect of trauma recovery as it provides individuals with an anchor to hold onto in the midst of the storm. Resilience is that ability to return to original form after being stretched. Trauma not only stretches us, but it shatters us sometimes, too. Recognizing and embracing resilience provides individuals with the opportunity to recover those parts of themselves that they might believe were lost.

3. Is everyone resilient, or is it an inherited trait that pertains to only a few?
Everyone possesses the capacity for resilience, but not everyone will embrace this potential. We believe that individuals are born with certain traits of resilience but we also recognize that resilience can be developed and nurtured.

4. Are the characters in your stories real or fictional?
The characters in our stories are inspired by individuals that we have known; however, significant elements of their story and identity have been changed to protect and honor confidentiality.

5. Are there elements of your own life experiences in this book?
This book reflects some of our own perspectives and ideas about trauma recovery. In addition, there are parts of this book that are incredibly personal to us and allow us to share aspects of our own story in the pages of this book.

Available wherever books are sold or to order directly from the publisher: www.hcibooks.com or call (800) 441-5569
ISBN: 978075319419 — $14.95

Beat Gen hero reads at NYPL, 11.8.2013




Poet and novelist, Charles Plymell, will read from his new book ‘Benzedrine Highway’ at NYC’s historic Jefferson Market Library (425 Sixth Ave.) on Friday, November 8 at 7:30 pm. Plymell will be introduced by Warhol ally, poet, artist and photographer Gerard Malanga.

Published by Kicks Books, ‘Benzedrine Highway’ collects Plymell’s earliest works, including the first reprinting of his book of poetry ‘Apocoplypse Rose’—written while he shared a house with Allen Ginsberg and Neal Cassidy in the early 1960’s—in nearly 50 years.

Born in Holcomb, Kansas, Plymell spent the early ’60s in San Francisco, where he spent important times with Ginsberg, Cassady, William S. Burroughs and Jack Kerouac. In addition to his own work, Plymell has published, designed and printed numerous underground magazines and is widely revered as an originator of underground comics after publishing Robert Crumb’s Zap #1. In 1976, World Book Encyclopedia named him the most promising poet of the year, and his work has been praised by literary figures including Ginsberg, Burroughs, Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Tom Wolfe.

 “An Evening with Charles Plymell,” presented by Kicks Books
WHO: Charles Plymell, author of “Benzedrine Highway,” and poet, artist and photographer Gerard Malanga
WHERE: Jefferson Market Library (NYPL), 425 Sixth Ave. (at 10th St.), New York, NY 10011
WHEN: Friday, November 8, 7:30 pm

Benzedrine Highway Buy Link

BENZEDRINE HIGHWAY BY CHARLES PLYMELL All hail the hi-tension streetrod master beat scribe Charles Plymell, direct from the Wichita Vortex! Plymell is the last beat generator left standing and he is back with the first ever redlivery of his first book of verse APOCALYPSE ROSE and his first novel auto-bio road tripper LAST OF THE MOCCASINS in one volume, with all-new intro by the author, new material, and original ‘ROSE foreword by Allen Ginsberg. 244 pages may cause a bulge in your hip pocket, but who’s counting?


Mark the date ~ 2011 Deltona Authors Book Fair

2011 Deltona Authors Book Fair

October 15, 2010 ~ 11am-3pm

The Deltona Regional Library’s second Authors Book Fair: Celebrating Writers and Readers will take place Oct. 15, 2011, in the library. The doors open to the general public from 11:00 to 3:00 preceded by two workshops for authors from 8:45 to 11:00. The book fair attracted 70 authors its first year and served as an introduction to authors and poets in Florida or those who call Central Florida readers their audience.

2010 Book Fair

“This is an idea that took off,” said Melinda Clayton, author and co-chair of the event. The Deltona Library is the perfect venue with indoor space for authors and rooms for speakers and workshops, Clayton said.

“Our library receives many calls every year from authors who would like to do a book signing and this is the perfect opportunity to bring writers and readers together “ according to Suzan Howes, regional librarian.

A single table at the book fair is $50 or $25 for a shared table. “We want to keep our fees really reasonable for this fundraising event sponsored by The Friends of Deltona Library,” said Clayton.

The event is available for additional business sponsors to join those all ready committed: Ruby Tuesday, Holiday Inn Express and the Scrub Jay Café.

Workshops for Authors from 8:45 to 11:00 are: 7 Steps for a Wildly Successful Book Tour presented by Sarasota author, Liz Coursen, who will have just completed an 81 city book tour.

Pamela Starr, Regional Development Director for Constant Contact will be conducting a social media workshop entitled: How (and why) to incorporate social media into your marketing strategy.

Both presenters were enthusiastically received in other Deltona Library workshops

Look for the Vanilla Heart Publishing tables!!