Feeding the Author’s Psyche

Not much more does an author’s heart fonder than reading the acclaim from others on her work…

So, okay, I admit, I like to bolster my ego every so offten – I am, after all, a “temperamental artist”
Here are some of the review headings (from Amazon) that I’ve gotten about my books:
Gut-wrenching novel Within the Law

High RPM Romantic Suspense Within the Law

Dedicated to paramedics who put their lives on the line for us daily Final Sin

Cordero Delivers Final Sin

Great and moving book! Bartlett’s Rule

Chelle Cordero has arrived. Bartlett’s Rule

Real people, Real Problems and Real Solutions Bartlett’s Rule

Very Good! Courage of the Heart

Within the Law – Where Murder and Love Collide Within the Law

Make it your rule to read “Bartlett’s Rule” Bartlett’s Rule

Amazing authors create amazing books! Within the Law

Forgotten is Hard to Forget!! Forgotten (His Lucky Charm)

Bartlett’s Rule Bartlett’s Rule

really good read Courage of the Heart

Great new author – great page turner! Courage of the Heart


Would YOU please read a book and add to the reviews?

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Getting your hands on my books

Every so often I am asked where someone can buy my books

There are TWO locations in Rockland County NY:

Raider Bookshop at 99 Lafayette Avenue in Suffern, New York &

Arts Alliance of Haverstraw at 91 Broadway in the Village of Haverstraw, New York

I’ve heard of various Indie shops and chain stores throughout the country that have also carried one or more of my titles on their shelves – if you know of any that currently have my books in stock, please comment below with the retailer name and location and you might win a prize!

Walk up to the information desk at any Barnes & Noble Bookseller and you can order my books to pick up in the store.

You can also order books from online retailers like Amazon and BarnesandNoble.com

Then there are E-Books (& instant gratification!) from Smashwords, All Romance Ebooks, and OmniLit.
…if you are a retailer and ready to order my titles for your shelves you can contact your regular distributor OR Vanilla Heart Publishing. VHP offers very generous Wholesale Terms and Conditions & our books come with a Full Return policy – contact them at Booksales@vanillaheartbooksandauthors.com or call 425-609-4718. (Download their complete policy statement here)