An interview with Sabrina A. Fish, author of DIOMERE’S EXILE

Introducing Sabrina A. Fish

Sabrina A. Fish lives in Oklahoma with her husband, son, and two cats, where she owns a trophy company and collects names for her novels from lists of award’s recipients. She loves all things chocolate and her husband is sweet enough to never let the candy dish near her computer become empty.

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  1. Please tell us something unique about you that we can’t learn from your bio.

I’m currently fulfilling one of my childhood dreams…learning to play the piano…unofficially. My 10 year old wants to have a band and wants me to teach his to write songs. In response, I signed him up for piano lessons. His one caveat…I had to learn with him. I competed in vocal competition in high school, so I know how to read music and had been teaching him. Now each day when he works on the homework his piano teacher assigned for that week, he makes me take my turn. So far I’m managing to keep up with him. It’s fun!

  1. What’s the strangest thing you’ve learned while researching a book?

That snakes have 2 penises. LOL! I’m currently working on the sequel to Diomere’s  Exile and my characters travel through a magical gate into the magic world of Mondami. There are many different kinds of mythical creatures. One of which is the Naga, a creature with the body of a snake from the waist down and of a human from the waist up. My characters were discussing Naga/Jinn half-breeds during one scene and I realized I didn’t know if a Naga would even have the equipment to make that possible. So I looked up snake sex. It was enlightening.

  1. If you could live in one of your stories, which one would you choose and why?

The one I’m working on now. Diomere’s Healer, the 2nd Quinones sister’s story, is the sequel to Diomere’s Exile. We finally get to enter the magical world of Mondami and meet some of the mythical creatures that inhabit it. Like Zephyra, 4th born of the 5 Quinones sisters, I would love to see a Jinn’s glowing eyes and feel for myself how powerful the sexual attraction created by an Incubi. Don’t even get me started on meeting Treves, the very large Manticore who stars as the male protagonist. Arri is a lucky, lucky little light fairy!

  1. What’s your inspiration for writing Diomere’s Exile?

My son asked me to write a pirate tale for him, so I set down to do just that. It was intended to be a young adult story that starred a Mer prince who was abducted from his homeland and grew up believing himself the bastard to a rival king. However, my critique group kept saying how the 30 year old aunt, Nadia, was taking over the story and that I should consider telling the story from her much more interesting perspective. So I did. And then Gregor came along and things got a bit too hot for YA. Oops!

  1. What is one characteristic of your hero, Lord Gregor Cyrene, that would endear him to the readers?

Gregor is smart with a great sense of humor.  He’s definitely an Alpha male, but not the in your face type, Nadia would never stand for that. When I wrote the scene where he quietly insists on walking Nadia home from the library, I cracked up so hard! Gregor was so dang proud of himself at the end of that scene.

  1. What about your heroine, Nadia de Quinones? Why would readers sympathize with her?

Nadia is unique, strong, and resilient. She’s been living in Exile for 12 years, her magic is failing her, and someone is trying to murder her nephew just as she’s finally found him. Yet she doesn’t give up. I love the way she considers the people who count on her for protection when Prince Stefan wants her to start the turf war to distract those hired to kill his brother.

  1. Why are Nadia and Gregor perfect for each other?

They’ve both been burned bad in past relationships. Gregor is loyal to those he loves and a calm voice of reason when things get chaotic. Nadia is authentic and willing to do whatever necessary to protect those she loves, even if that means breaking the law. They balance each other and provide what the other needs to make a relationship work. It doesn’t hurt that Nadia’s a’mi and the Gate recognize them as soulmates.

  1. Please give us a sneak peek at book #2.

The Gate Keeper Chronicles, Book 2 ~
Diomere’s Healer ~ Sneak Peek

“I’ve crossed to the other side then?” Treves asked, squinting through the light.

His sire smiled sadly. “Not quite. It seems you have a choice.”

Treves raised his brows. “A choice?”

“You can leave the pain of the world and the curse behind, or you can return to your adopted son and a future that, while filled with danger and more pain, could lead to a possible end to the curse on our kind.”

Treves frowned. “Could lead? Meaning it’s also possible that nothing will change at all?”

Come back, handsome. I can’t let you slip across the veil just yet.

Treves looked around for the female that belonged to the musical voice. “Did you hear that?”

“She calls you back to the land of the living.”

Treves met his sire’s sad gaze. “She?”

“The One, my son.” 

DIOMERE’S EXILE, a new fantasy romance novel by Sabrina A. Fish

Series: The Gate Keeper Chronicles Book 1
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Publication Date: September 29, 2017

Five Gates. Five Sisters. Five Very Different Men.

Once there were two worlds connected by five magical gates. Then the Gate Keepers closed the gates and disappeared. The Gate Keepers have returned.

Nadia de Quinones was exiled when her nephew, the crown-prince was abducted on her watch. She’ll let nothing stand in the way of her redemption, not even discovering her heartbonded and a connection to an ancient magical gate.

Lord Gregor Cyrene is sworn to protect his country’s royal heirs. After the youngest prince’s life is threatened, Gregor sets out to discover who is responsible and suspects the answer lies with Nadia.

When fate forces their competing goals to align, neither are prepared for the irresistible attraction between them. Can they see beyond their pasts and a millennia old hate between their people? Or will they continue to distrust, allowing those plotting against them to win?

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David G. Hallman releases a collection of short stories


David G. Hallman does it again, with “Book Tales”

Author of “Searching for Gilead” and “August Farewell” releases collection of gay short stories


A well-received author of gay books, David G. Hallman, has released a collection of short stories.


“Book Tales” is a collection of literary short stories, about living and loving as an openly gay man.


“These stories revolve around the characters’ interactions with a piece of literature,” Hallman said. “The tales are emotionally engaging and intellectually stimulating, while exploring the joys and heartaches, ups and downs, of personal and social relationships.”


Hallman is an established author, having published a number of books on environmental and social ethics, throughout his career, as well as a memoir, “August Farewell,” written after the loss of his long-time partner. He later authored a gay novel, “Searching for Gilead.”


Along with “Book Tales,” Hallman’s books have earned him the coveted “Editor’s Choice” and “Rising Star” awards.


“I’m so thrilled with the reception this book has already received,” Hallman said. “I find pure passion in connecting with readers who share my love of literature.”


For more information, visit:


Book Tales

By David G. Hallman

ISBN: 978-1-53200-248-9

Available at iUniverse and Amazon


About the author

David G. Hallman worked on international environmental ethics for most of his career and, during that time, authored five books. His writing has branched out in a new direction with the release of his memoir, “August Farewell.” He has since released his novel, “Searching for Gilead,” and the short story collection, “Book Tales.” He lives in Toronto, Canada.



New Year’s Resolutions

Want To Make Your New Year’s Resolution Stick?

Choose Your Words Well

Most people are unaware of just how powerful their words are. The words we speak actually create what we experience in life. Powerhouse CEO, serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and author May McCarthy can attest to that. In the past 32 years, May has grown six highly profitable companies to as large as 250 employees. She credits her success, financial abundance and happiness to seven steps she practices every morning. One of those steps involves setting goals and resolutions with statements that are carefully worded to help her achieve more of her goals, dreams, and desires by activating her subconscious and intuition.

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”  Oprah Winfrey

“More often than not, we believe we are setting good New Year’s resolutions with statements like: I want to increase my salary this year; I will get a new job; I want to find the love of my life; I want to lose 20 pounds. According to May McCarthy, you are not likely to meet your goals with statements like those. Because they affirm the idea that you do not yet have what you want, they will actually keep you stuck in the lack you believe you are experiencing. Modify those statements, however, with specifics and in gratitude for your goals as though they are already complete, and the world you want is more likely to be yours,” says May, an Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Investor .

If you were to say, “I want to increase my salary,” you will forever be wanting, because you are declaring that you don’t have enough and you are not specific enough about your goal. If, on the other hand, you decided exactly how much you would like to net, you could rephrase your goal to something like, “I’m so grateful that I have overflowing amounts of abundance in my life with a minimum of $x that I use for all of my living, giving and entertainment expenses and more.  I am fully supported and provided for at all times in all ways.”

If you were to say, “I don’t like my job. I want to find another one,” you’ll probably be wishing it for quite a while. On the other hand, the assertion, “I am so grateful that I am now using my skills and talents in remarkable, fun, and satisfying ways to support my company’s efforts towards success.  I feel appreciated by my company and easily earn a minimum of $x. I enjoy all of my co-workers and customers and feel that they value me as well,” will more likely land you that plum job, whatever it may be.

Change “I want to find the love of my life,” to “I am so grateful that I am now experiencing a wonderful relationship with my perfect and loving partner, who is also my best friend. We have fun together and have similar values.  All of my friends and family adore him/her and his/her family appreciates me. We build a wonderful life together as we support and love each other fully,” and watch the magic happen.

Choosing the right words to declare your intention is just one of seven steps May suggests for attaining abundance.  To be most effective in activating your subconscious and intuition to help you see more opportunities to achieve your goals, the seven steps should be practiced daily. You can begin this New Year’s by phrasing your resolutions to describe the good you want to have so that you can realize it sooner.

May McCarthy has spent 32 years uncovering the mystery of how to rely on intuition to experience great levels of success, financial abundance, and freedom. She is a successful serial entrepreneur, CEO, angel investor, philanthropist, speaker, and author who has grown six highly profitable companies to as large as 250 employees. She serves on business, philanthropic, arts and university boards and is the author of the best-selling book THE PATH TO WEALTH: Seven Spiritual Steps for Financial Abundance (Hierphant Publishing 2015).




February is for Lovers

According to’s relationship expert and author Wendy Newman, two days this month ignite relationship dynamics: February 14th and 29th. Valentine’s Day on the 14th can be a fun, yet tension filled and stressful time. Often the day is used to evaluate the status of a relationship, and expectations can be exceedingly high. This holiday can set people up for failure, so beware. But later in the month, February 29th is a rare opportunity for an unconventional expression of love. February 29 marks Leap Year, traditionally a day where women take the lead in proposing marriage. To keep an even keel during these upcoming days, Newman suggests not to take anything too seriously, and to follow these suggestions:

On Valentine’s Day/Feb. 14:

  • Do Something Special For Yourself.
  • Be generous — Send a secret admirer card to a friend (or to all your friends).
  • Make a list of 5 things you’re grateful for in your life.
  • Write a letter to someone you love, but never told. Hold onto it.
  • Watch your favorite funny movie. Romantic comedies can be dangerous territory, watch at your own risk.

Wendy Newman is the author of “121 First Dates: How to Succeed at Online Dating, Fall in Love, and Live Happily Ever After (Really!) published by Beyond Words/Simon & Schuster.

On Leap Day/Feb. 29:

This February also features the return of Leap Year on February 29th. Every four years, in order to keep calendars accurate, an extra “leap day” is added. In 1288 the Irish enacted a law that allowed women to propose marriage to men once every four years. The day has special significance and Newman gives women the following advice on proposing marriage to your man.

  • Plan out a special day and time for the big proposal.
  • Be confident he’ll say “YES.”
  • Go back to the place of your first date or some other location that is significant to both of you.
  • Share from your heart how you feel for him, and how you’d like to share your life with him.
  • Buy rings for the both of you, or a piece of jewelry both of you can share.

About NSI Holdings, Ltd.
The owner of, NSI Holdings, an expert in online dating, offers a complete suite of B2C services. “Our rich, extensive capabilities, across multiple platforms including web, mobile and app allow users to quickly and easily discover, meet and date people who share their interests and lifestyle. itself becomes a choice of the heart for millions of singles who are looking for love. This is the online spot where people can find romantic connections and turn them into lasting and meaningful relationships.

Everything we do is inspired by our customers. We are working hard to better understand social and dating interests of our members. This allows us to focus on specific users’ needs and provide them with advanced online dating technologies based on industry best practices.

About Wendy Newman:

Wendy Newman is an author, and a dating, sex and relationship expert who’s led hundreds of workshops to thousands of people internationally.

She’s the author of 121 First Dates: How to Succeed at Online Dating, Fall in Love and Live Happily Ever After (Really!) Part juicy tell-all, part dating guide.

Paul Zunckel writes

VHP Author Paul Zunckel

About Paul Zunckel:

Paul Zunckel was born in 1957 in Zimbabwe, then known as Rhodesia. His family moved to South Africa in 1966, where he completed his schooling at Kingsway Senior High School in Amanzimtoti.

He did his two years National Service in the South African Defence Force as an Ops Medic, wanting to follow his heart and study medicine, but life got in the way.

Paul was employed in Air Traffic Control for twenty years, and has been involved in Management positions for over twenty-five years. He has a Human Resource Management Diploma, and is an accredited Facilitator.

He started to write full time in August 2014, about something that is close to his heart… Africa. The mysteries, the superstitions, and all the beauty and treachery of the land. He holds his wife responsible for the road he is now traveling, as she was the driving force behind him in his Debut novel, Blood Moon over Africa. Since then, the stories line up to be told.

Paul loves to write as it takes him into another world, and he enjoys the reaction that he receives from readers.

Apart from writing novels, he also plays the guitar and writes his own material, although he is unable to read music. Music forms a big part of his life, and he can lay claim to having cut one CD, although he does say, “I’m too old to be an idol.”

He has two children from a previous marriage, and has been married to Lucie, the love of his life, for the last fourteen years. Paul and his family live in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, along with man’s best friend, a cross Alsatian/Lab who answers to the name “Pooch” and is at his feet every time he sits down to write and will not move until “his human” is finished and types The End.

Step into the darkness of Africa with me…
Don’t be afraid… after all, it is just my imagination…
or is it

Blood Moon over Africa.

A growl shatters the stillness around them, and into the moonlight walks a creature that only nightmares are made off, Veronica stiffens as she sees what has invaded the yard, she feels Pastor Steve jerk next to her, and from Peggy comes a gasp of utter disbelief, that carries across the space between them and the creature, Philip buries his head in his hands at the sight of it.

Standing in the moon light, looking directly at the chicken houses, seeming to look right at them is a man, a man with the head of a hyena, it growls low in its throat, and slowly starts to make its way across the yard towards the chicken houses, its eyes glowing and it snarls, exposing wicked fangs.  The breeze picks up, and the creature halts, lifts its head to the night air, looks again in the direction of the chicken houses, turns in the direction of the mule, and shatters the night with a howl, before making off into the bush in the direction of the terror stricken cry that fills the night.


Blood Spoor in the Dark

The figure starts to claw at Lam’s face like a leopard, but rather than claws raking the body, Piet catches the glint of steel claws in the moonlight.  The killer had returned to complete the cult ritual of sacrifice.

Piet, clutching his .38 moves out from the cover of the forest and advances towards the Leopard Man.  All his anger at the atrocities that have been committed by these things against innocent people starts to boil over.

“Hey you sick fuck, I’ve got something here for you.”

The Leopard Man looks up at Piet, from his crouched position over Lam’s body, and snarls at Piet as if he were truly a big cat, then he springs towards Piet, his steel claws seeking the big man’s throat.

Piet side steps the man’s charge, and as the Leopard Man’s momentum carries him past Piet, Piet’s size 10 boots catches the man in the small of the back, sending him crashing to the ground.  Snarling and spitting like the leopard.

Piet looks down at the man, and places a heavy foot behind his neck, pinning him to the ground.

The Leopard Man squirms beneath the weight of Piet’s foot, and growls out a warning.

“You whites are fools, you cannot kill us for our magic is too strong, you do not realise our power.”

Piet drops onto the back of the struggling man.  Pinning him down with his full weight, the barrel of his .38 pressed against the back of the man’s head.

“It’s all mind over matter you sick fuck, I don’t mind, and you don’t matter.”

The report from the .38 in Piet’s hand echoes over the forest, and the face of the Leopard Man disintegrates from the force of the bullet.

“Ja, now go tell the people your fucking muti works.”


Blood Demon-Revenge

The interior of the warehouse is gloomy, with only the lunar light from the moon breaking through the skylight windows and the scattering of black candles that burn at intervals along the path leading up towards the front of the building where a crude altar has been erected.

Around the warehouse are people huddled together waiting for the arrival of the Lion Man, and to worship the demons of the dark in an orgy of blood.

The frightened whimpers of a young boy carry across the silence as they wait for their master to arrive.  The parents of the child have bound his hands and feet, for has not great glory been bestowed upon them by his being chosen by the great master as the one to feel the power of the claws.  His innocent blood is to be spilt to enable the master to speak to the ones from the dark side.

Movement from the front of the warehouse brings silence down on all that are gathered, and then before them, held by a chain appears a lioness.  The chain is padlocked to a steel bolt in the floor and the handlers move off to join those already waiting.

The low growls from the big cat fill the area, and then she lies down to wait, for she has been here before, and knows that before tonight is over, she will feed.

A figure appears before the assembled crowd, and a murmur ripples through them.  The Lion Man now stands before them.

Amos, now naked except for the skin of a lion, draped over his body, the head of the beast placed over his head looks out at the people below him.  The steel claws attached to his hands glint in the light from the candles.

His voice reverberates across the silent warehouse.

“Who brings the chosen sacrifice; stand so that I may see you.”

The couple stands with their bound son between them.

“Bring the boy forward so that we may please the elders, and they will open the doorway to the underworld.”


The Devil in Eden.

The village is made up of thatch and mud huts.  Half naked children run around in the dirt playing, while chickens scatter in front of them.  The women busy themselves around the cooking fires, while the men folk sit under the great tree smoking, and drinking homemade beer.

On the horizon, the massive storm clouds gather, the wind whipping the corn fields into frenzy and sending up dust devils into the darkening sky.  The villagers hurry to the shelter of their huts, and huddle together to wait for the storm to pass.

The night is dark as the thunder rolls across the sky, flashes of lightning turn night to day and the heavy rain pelts down through the canopy of trees as the killer moves silently towards the village.

No-one will hear the screams tonight as the thunder drums out across the sky, and the killer moves steadily through the forest in the direction of the sleeping village.  He pauses as he breaks through the thick foliage that surrounds the village.

Slowly he surveys the area, his eye moves over the mud huts, he smells the wood fires that burn inside, and hears the sound of people sleeping as he steadily moves across the muddy open area towards a hut closest to the edge of the forest.

He pauses at the door to the hut, his sense of smell tells him that the people inside are sickly and weak.  He tries the door, but it is wedged shut firmly from the inside, so he moves around to the back of the hut, and standing, tests the mud walls.

He applies his weight, and the wall starts to crumble.  Terrified voices ring out from within, that the Devil is here, and the sound of their fear drives him on, and with a lunge the killer enters the dark interior of the hut.


If those teasers caught your attention, and you would like to sit back and enjoy a journey into the darkness, you can find them all on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and other online retailers.

Find Paul Online:

Twitter: @zuncks
Facebook: Facebook profile

Anti-Inflammation Recipes

3 Anti-Inflammation Recipes To Help Restore Your Health
Nutrition Icon Offers Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Options

The link between chronic disease and inflammation based on a poor diet and sedentary lifestyle has been made clear by now, as outlined in an article from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The article explores how humankind uncovered the tools to overcome infectious disease with germ theory, posited in the 19th Century. More than a century later, as we’ve encountered the wrath of chronic disease – including heart disease, cancer, stroke, rheumatoid arthritis, and many others – research has identified a modern-day equivalent, this time caused by inflammation. 

“The best medicine to ease the massive suffering endured by so many in our population today is an active lifestyle and an anti-inflammatory diet; food should be nourishing and  pleasurable,” says nutritionist and juicing pioneer Cherie Calbom, MS. (“The Juice Lady”). Her latest book, “The Juice Lady’s Anti-Inflammation Diet,” (, outlines the causes of inflammation and offers solutions with healthy meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as robust juicing recipes.

“Whether you’re on a vegetarian, vegan, low-carb, no-carb, Mediterranean, Neanderthal or any other kind of diet, there are delicious recipes available to anyone who wants to up their anti-inflammation efforts.” 

Calbom lists just three of her many recipes, with some ingredients that may already be found in your pantry, she says.

•  Breakfast: Spanish frittata and simple salad with maple orange vinaigrette (serves 4-6). Frittata: 12 large organic eggs; ½ cup coconut milk; ½ tsp. sea salt, or more to taste; 2 tbsp. coconut oil or extra-virgin olive oil; 1 small red onion, small chop; ½ cup sautéed mushrooms or your favorite vegetable; 1 cup spinach or arugula.

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Whisk the eggs and coconut milk with 2 pinches of salt. Set aside. Prepare pan with coconut oil and medium-high heat and sauté onions until translucent, about 3 min. Add mushroom or favorite vegetable and sauté until soft. Toss in spinach and fold into veggie mixture just until wilted. Remove vegetables from pan; set aside. Turn down the heat to low, adding a little more coconut oil if needed. Using the same skillet, add the eggs, shaking to distribute the mixture evenly. Cook over medium-low heat for 5 min. using a spatula to spread the eggs from the edges to the center until the edges are no longer runny. Arrange the vegetable mixture over the top evenly.

Transfer to a 375-dgree oven and cook for 5 minutes until set and slightly browned. Remove from oven. Be very aware of the hot handle! To finish, slide partially cooked frittata onto a large plate; wearing oven mitts, place a plate over the pan and, holding the two together, invert them so the frittata drops onto the plate. Slide the frittata back into the pan so partially cooked side is up. Place back in oven to cook 3-4 min. more.

“The simple salad with maple orange vinaigrette is something I dreamed up for a ‘breakfast for dinner’ themed night – a nice complement to the main dish,” she says. 

•  Lunch: tropical quinoa salad with cashews with carrot fries (serves 4).Quinoa: 1 cup dried quinoa, rinsed well; ½ red onion, finely chopped; 1 cup apple or carrot, finely chopped; juice of 1 lime, 2 tbsp. honey or agave; 1 tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil; 1 large mango, chopped (not overly ripe); ¼ cup mint, finely chopped; 1 tsp. seal salt, to taste; freshly ground black pepper, to taste; ½-inch-piece ginger, finely chopped; 1 avocado, chopped or thinly sliced; 1 cup cashews, coarsely chopped; 3 cups Romaine lettuce (or greens of choice), roughly chopped. 

Cook the quinoa: Bring 2 cups of water to a boil in a medium saucepan; add the quinoa and simmer, covered 15-20 min. Set aside and let cool (spread out for best results). In a large bowl toss the chopped red onion and apple/carrot. Whisk together the lime juice, honey and olive oil. Add to the bowl. Add the cooked, cooled quinoa and mango to the bowl and toss well. Mix in mint, cilantro, ginger and salt and pepper, to taste. Garnish with sliced avocado and cashews. Scoop mixture over greens and serve chilled or at room temperature.
“Who doesn’t like French fries? – Carrot fries are a healthy alternative!” Calbom says.

•  Dinner: grilled salmon and asparagus with stone fruit and lavender chutney (serves 4-6). Chutney: 2 lb. stone fruit, small dice; 1 large onion, finely chopped; zest of 1 lemon or lime; 2 tbsp. garlic, minced; ¼ tsp. chili flakes (optional); 1/3 cup red wine vinegar; ¾ cup raw honey or agave; ¾ tsp. sea salt; 2 tbsp. fresh lavender (or use basil or mint; use 1 tsp. dried lavender if you cannot find it fresh).

In a saucepan combine all prepared ingredients except the herbs. Bring to a boil. Continue cooking at a rolling boil, 15 min. Stir occasionally. Mix in fresh herbs and/or lavender at the end.

“This chutney will get you excited for salmon all over again,” she says. “Of course, buy wild salmon, which is significantly healthier and environmentally friendly.”

•  Snack: Cherry Chocolate Shake (serves 1). 1 Tbsp. unsweetened, unprocessed cocoa powder; ½ cup frozen dark cherries, pitted; 1 cup coconut; almond or flax milk; ½ tsp. pure vanilla extract; several drops of liquid stevia (suggest Sweet Leaf Vanilla Creme); ice cubes as desired

Place all ingredients in a blender and process until smooth.

Cherie Calbom, M.S.

Cherie CalbomCherie Calbom holds a Master of Science degree in whole foods nutrition from Bastyr University. She is author of 26 books including The Juice Lady’s Anti-Inflammation Diet, (, The Juice Lady’s Big Book of Juices and Green Smoothies, The Juice Lady’s Turbo Diet, Juicing, Fasting, and Detoxing for Life, The Juice Lady’s Living Foods Revolution, The Complete Cancer Cleanse, and Juicing for Life with over 2 million books sold in the US and published in 23 countries. She has worked as a celebrity nutritionist with George Foreman and Richard Simmons, and has appeared on numerous radio and TV shows and in scores of magazine articles. She appeared on QVC for over 13 years with the George Foreman grill. Known as “The Juice Lady” for her work with juicing and health, her juice therapy and cleansing programs have been popular for more than a decade.

The Juice Lady website

Cherie Calbom’s books on Amazon

Cherie Calbom’s books on Barnes & Noble

Expanding Your Sphere of Acquaintances

3 Reasons It’s Wise To Spend Time With Those
Who Are Different From Us

Americans may be living in an echo chamber.

Several studies have revealed that – given the choice – many people prefer the company of those who share their political or religious leanings, and are downright antagonist toward those who are the most different from them.

As recently as 2014, a Pew Research Center study showed that 63 percent of consistent conservatives and 49 percent of consistent liberals say their close friends share their political views. That same study revealed half of conservatives and 35 percent of liberals say it’s important to live where people share their political views.

Another Pew survey indicated that evangelicals and atheists have an especially chilly attitude toward each other.

“We don’t seem willing to get outside our comfort zones when it comes to making friends,” says Kevin Moody, a conservative Christian and author of “The Battle of Fort Rock” (, a novel that explores that theme using a real-life controversy that happened during the 20th anniversary of the Kent State shootings.

“That unwillingness to listen to opposing ideas can cause us to carry around pre-conceived notions about each other. We might find that we have more in common than we realize if we would open up to each other and listen.

“For example, you might ask, ‘Should a good Christian hang around with hippies, punk rockers and millennials?’ My answer would be, ‘Absolutely.’ ”He includes millennials in that equation mostly because he thinks older generations are too quick to discount the views of the young.

“We have every right to maintain our values, but remaining in our bubble of judgment is good for no one,” he says.

Moody offers three reasons why expanding our sphere of acquaintances is worthwhile:

• It helps us better understand others. Everyone has heard the old saying about not judging someone until you walk a mile in their shoes. “We may not get a chance to experience exactly what they experienced,” Moody says. “But we can still reach out to them and try to understand them.”

• It challenges what we believe. Often people become locked into their views and don’t even think about why they believe what they believe any more. “Maybe what we believe made sense at one time, but now it may no longer be relevant,” Moody says. “Maybe we were right then and still are today. Or maybe we were wrong all along.”

• It broadens our perspective. “We don’t grow intellectually if we aren’t prepared to have our assumptions challenged,” Moody says. “The world’s a complex place with a lot of fascinating people. What they have to say can be worth listening to.”

Moody began to realize the drawbacks of associating only with like-minded people when he was a graduate student at Kent State University in 1990.

The college was marking the 20th anniversary of what has come to be known as the Kent State massacre, when Ohio National Guard troops shot and killed four young people during an anti-war protest on May 4, 1970.

Construction of a memorial on campus became controversial because it was scaled back from original plans and was more of a mini-memorial.

Moody initially thought those who were upset – people with different political and religious views than him – were overreacting. But as he got to know these counter-cultural people he viewed as hippies, he began to see their point of view.

“I was able to broaden my perspective,” Moody says, “but only because I was willing to spend time with and listen to people who didn’t see things my way.”

The Battle of Fort Rock by Kevin L Moody

About Kevin Moody

Kevin Moody earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in physics and math from Indiana University and a Master of Science degree in physics from Ball State University. While studying physics as a graduate student at Kent State University, Moody had a transformational experience on May 4, 1990, when the university drastically scaled back a ceremony memorializing the Kent State tragedy 20 years earlier. An atheist-turned-conservative-Christian, Moody experienced a profound bond with people unlike him – counter-cultural hippies – during protests at the university. His book, “The Battle of Fort Rock” (, details his spiritual journey. 

Meeting Author Angela Kay Austin

Welcoming Author Angela Kay Austin to The Potpourri Parlor

angelakayaustin vhpAngela Kay Austin has always loved expressing herself creatively. An infatuation with music led to years playing several instruments, some better than others. A love for acting put her in front of a camera or two for her thirty seconds on camera before giving way to a degree and career in communications. After completing a second degree in marketing, Angela found herself combining her love for all things creative and worked in promotions and events for many years.

I met the multi-published Angela Kay Austin through Vanilla Heart Publishing, just one of several publishers that produces her terrific books. Angela’s latest offering is Run For Freedom (The American Civil War Series book 1)

Run For Freedom (The American Civil War Series Book 1) by Angela Kay AustinThe choice was to run for freedom or die never having been valued as a human — as a woman. The penalty was the same — death!

Freedom and her brother, Triumph, would fight for their lives and the lives of the ones whom they loved no matter the cost. Escaping bondage meant they must RUN! Run to Moses. Run to the Promised Land.

Watson Brown knew all too well the struggle to survive. The fight to live. He had been given a second chance to do what he had failed to do in life — as a human. What he and his father could not do before the Harpers Ferry Raid.

The runaway slave and her brother were a distraction.

He could afford no interferences with his mission. He nor his family could risk exposure.

The Interview

Angela dedicated this book to her mom who always supported her the whole way going to seminars and more with her.  Her mother used to check out books for Angela before she had her own Memphis Library card.
Angela explained, “So, there was nothing I could do, but dedicate it to her 🙂 Wish she was here to see it happen…” (Angela’s mom passed away earlier this year.)

Q: Please tell us a brief blurb about Run For Freedom.
Angela: RFF is a composite of many different things that interest me: history, love, and unlimited possibilities. I’ve never written historical, paranormal, or new adult. Without really attempting to I ended up crossing genres because of my interest in just following the possibilities.

Q: What kind of research did you do in order to write this tale?
Angela: I read a ton of history books on the American Civil War, weapons, slavery. I listened to a lot of recordings of freed slaves, as well as read some transcripts of freed slaves. I attended seminars on the American Civil War, too. It was all so amazing to learn.

Q: Please tell us a little bit more about your mom. Was she a writer?
Angela: My mother didn’t write, but when I was young she read different magazines and left them lying around. I picked them up. She encouraged me to never stop doing what I enjoyed and she told everyone she knew that her daughter was a writer 🙂 She even attended conferences with me and in my place, if I had conflicts. My mother was an absolutely amazingly selfless and giving woman.

Q: Most school children were raised with “history” lessons about this time in America, what piqued your interest in the subject you wrote about in Run For Freedom?
Angela: I’m from the south. I’ve seen remnants of the hate and segregation that divided my country, and I’ve always wanted to have the opportunity to be a part of the story of change.

Q: Is this your regular genre?
Angela: This is all new to me, and I like it. It crosses many lines: history, paranormal, interracial and new adult.

Q: I notice that this is listed as the first book of a series – do you have ideas about the rest of the series? Anything you want to share?
Angela: I am currently working on the second book, and I have the idea for the third book taking root.  The final book in the series is what I’m developing. Right now I see it as Triumph’s story. (BTW, Triumph was my great-grandfather’s name.)

Q: Is there anything you want to say about Fiona Jayde (Illustrator) and Leonore Elliot (editor)?
Angela: These two have been my right hands with this piece 🙂

Q: Thank you so much for taking the time to join us here today. Is there anything you would like to add?
Angela: I hope that people will check out Run For Freedom. When I received the cover art, the first thing I wanted to do was share it with my mother. I think sharing it with readers around the globe, she will see it and smile!

Book Promo: Norseman’s Revenge by Gianna Simone

Norseman’s Revenge

(The Norsemen Sagas Book 1)

available for Pre-Order

Norseman's Revenge (The Norsemen Sagas Book 1) by Gianna Simone

This eBook will be available    on September 23, 2015

Kidnapped by a Viking raider on her wedding night might turn out to be a blessing from the gods.

Geira Sorensdotter awaits her new husband, but she’s filled with doubts about the man and the marriage. Those doubts are forgotten when the village is attacked, her husband is struck down and she is tied up and carried off amidst the raid.

Kori Thorfinnson has waited years to take revenge against the man who murdered his wife. But he soon finds the innocent young woman he’s taken as his personal slave is not his enemy, despite her marriage to his foe. Her courage in defying him, her caring heart, and the fiery passion she shares stirs feelings Kori hasn’t known since his wife died. Afraid to lose Geira, he binds her to him in many ways – not only with rope, but with his body, his collar and his mark.

Geira quickly learns just how despicable her husband was, and despite her difficult circumstances, grows to care deeply for Kori, her captor. Still, dreams of freedom linger. But once she finds herself with child, she must plan her escape, to save herself and her baby.

However, Kori has plans of his own.

Available for Pre-Order

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About Gianna Simone:

Author Gianna Simone

The stories of Gianna Simone are erotic, graphic, sometimes raw, and often very kinky. They take place in the darkly seductive bayous of Louisiana, distant worlds in a far-away galaxy, or simply long before the Americas were still undiscovered, when England was the greatest power in the world.

The characters in these tales are larger than life in many ways – whether they possess magic, can shape-shift, or simply destroy entire cities by controlling the energy around and in themselves. Even the “mere mortals” are larger and stronger than the people surrounding them. The men don’t take no for an answer, and the women accept them, flaws and all, even if they might disagree.

Of course, since magic is such a big part of many of the characters, the activities are enhanced, making the play a little more interesting.

Gianna Simone’s blog

About Tim I. Gurung

One Man’s Legacy: Writing To Help The Poor,
The Weak And The Needy Around The World

It’s refreshing to hear an author describe himself as ‘a writer of conscience and righteousness.’ Tim I. Gurung has six published books to date, two currently in the editing phase, and working on the ninth. His compelling stories are thought-provoking, knowledgeable, exciting and persuasive, and draw much-needed attention to important global social issues. While vastly different, they share a common goal: To make a positive impact on people.

Tim Gurung’s life journey is a remarkable story in itself.  Born and raised in Nepal, at age 17 he became a Gurkha soldier with the British Army, stationed in Hong Kong. After retiring from the army, he remained in Hong Kong to work and raise a family.  While he enjoyed his job he wanted his life to mean more than just an income, so Tim made a promise to himself that for the second half of his life he would follow his heart. True to his word, Tim’s passion for writing has resulted in several highly successful books, and today he is able to donate the proceeds from these books to his family’s non-profit foundation, ISSLCARE, that makes it possible for needy families in Nepal to send their children to school.

Five Steps is Tim Gurung’s first published book. It is about a man who loses his family in a freak accident. As he investigates clues found at the scene, he gets caught up in a whirlwind journey that takes him across the globe ─ a journey that changes him and those he meets in positive ways as he learns to see life from different viewpoints.

Missionary or Mercenary is the story of a middle-aged man returning home after years abroad helping his countrymen in need. Using profits from his business to build a children’s home, he unwittingly attracts unwanted attention from a political party trying to align itself with his noble work ─ which wreaks havoc on him, his family, and business.

A Tree Called Tenalpa, a story of migration and discrimination, is a profoundly tender tale of six different color birds that live peacefully together in a huge tree until their world is turned upside by a storm. Through exquisite storytelling, we learn how the birds adjust to a new living arrangement and cope with their respective problems and survive.

Afterlife. We’re all curious about the afterlife and what happens after death. Where do we go and what’s it like in heaven and hell? While Afterlife is an intriguing story that takes readers into some strange and frightening places, it also takes them on a beautiful otherworldly journey that has them wondering if these mysterious places might just be real…

The Cursed Nation is an inspiring story about overcoming obstacles on the path to a better life. When a young man moves to the city, he gets a job where he’s in contact with many powerful and influential people – like his boss, who becomes prime minister of the nation. But when the corrupt political games get to be too much for him, the young man decides to move to a poor suburb in the city and help the struggling residents. It’s while he’s helping these people that his own life starts to change in many positive ways.

A Nation for Refugees is a satisfying and inspiring read of love, trials and triumph. After college, a young man joins an internationally-known company where he works for several years, but when problems surface in the hierarchy he is forced to give up the job he loves. To make ends meet he opens a makeshift café in a tent outside his home, and barely ekes out a living. All that changes when Sarah, his first real love, reenters his life. As the café becomes popular, their newfound wealth allows them to contribute vast amounts toward helping refugees.

Tim Gurung’s humble beginnings did not allow him the opportunity to attend college, but this was never an obstacle for him. He learned from real-life experiences and is living his dream today ─ a respected author, devoted to helping those less fortunate through his family’s charity. For more information on this great humanitarian or any of his books, please visit:

All books are available at:

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