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Cup-Tied: Kingsbury Town Football Club Romance Series Book 3

Cup-Tied: Kingsbury Town Football Club Romance Series Book 3 by [Marina Reznor]

Dylan Rhea’s life is a mess, and it just keeps getting worse. He retired from Kingsbury Town Football Club in disgrace, his girlfriend threw him out, and now he’s running his father’s non-league football club into the ground. He’s a miserable failure and it doesn’t seem that things will ever turn around.

Until Penny Adams arrives on his doorstep with a strange request.

Penny doesn’t want to be in north London with a pick-axe in her duffle bag and only enough money to last four days. But she has a job to do, and she wants to get it over with as soon as possible. Because then she can go back to Indiana and get her life back on track.

By a miracle, Dylan lets her dig. And as Penny keeps digging, remarkable things begin happening. Dylan’s team starts winning, and against all odds, keeps winning. Is this the invisible hand of a long-dead queen, or just a series of extraordinary coincidences?

But there are powerful forces who don’t want Dylan to keep winning, and they want Penny out of the way as well.

How long will Dylan and Penny’s luck hold out?

About the Author

Marina Reznor lives with her rugby-player husband and their two Labradors in Birmingham, Alabama. She became interested in English Premier League football (or soccer as she occasionally slips up saying) when American television began broadcasting matches and she realized there were almost no commercials.

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An Amazon Review  ~ 5 Stars!!!!!

I immediately fell in love with Penny Adams, a fun, smart, tough as nails heroine who hears a voice telling her to find the dead queen Boudica. Traveling to England, she convinces washed up footballer and now manager of a failing football team, Dylan Rhea, to allow her to dig up his parking lot. And then mysterious things happen: she finds bits of pottery and the team begins to win! Throw in some hilarious side characters (Biscuit, a kid who has a Rain Man ability to spout accurate football facts, the opera loving Scott and Jeff who run the local Kebob shop, and the so-called “experts” who try to defame Penny on “Fraud Wars) and I guarantee you will laugh out loud. But it also hits on some socially relevant issues, such as addiction and mental illness, specifically, schizophrenia. The amount of research that went into this book is fantastic. The author knows her history and makes it fun! Having always been interested in archaeology , I found her explanation of how a dig is done fascinating. This is Book 3 but can be read as a stand alone… but I invite you to read the others which are equally as good! I’m now officially in a book slump looking for something as unique as this book. (and be sure to read the Author’s notes at the end for a look at her inspiration for this one of a kind book!)


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