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by Dorothy Conigliaro

Ms. Conigliaro explains, “I come from an Italian-American family; more specifically, from a Sicilian-American family. During times of such hardship as the pandemic we are now living through, one is prompted to look back on better days, or at least days that had more meaning to them. Now we rarely see our old friends and neighbors but it prompts me to revisit them, knowing that there was a better time, and hoping that we can enjoy the normality of the lives we lived before.”

About The Author
Dorothy Conigliaro is a published author and freelance writer who has worked in educational advancement and, for many years, as magazine editor for a prestigious private school in Riverdale. In her checkered career, she has taught school at a Yeshiva, at a Catholic school in Riverdale, and in the Ardsley Public Schools.

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5 Stars
~ ~ Review by THOURIA

I enjoyed reading this book! This is the heartwarming story of an immigrant, going through the cycle of life, with different milestones that marked her journey. All of this in a New York backdrop, with beautiful period stamps, in pictures. Being an immigrant, it brought back memories of the enriching difficulties that come with starting your life from scratch.

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