Book Promo: Measure Twice, Cut Once

Measure Twice, Cut Once:
Navigating Negativity in Toxic Relationships


Are you are tired of taking the blame for OPP (other people’s problems)? Are you are always the responsible party, always doing more than you should? Do you feel used, unloved, unheard, or unwanted? Are you are weary of feeling like a doormat or being dumped on? Are your relationships leaving you feeling exhausted, angry, or hurt? Are you always there to support and help others but left wondering where everyone is when you need the same?

There is an insidious and destructive force in each of our lives that we rarely investigate. Oftentimes we accept it because it comes with people, situations and circumstances that are familiar. It’s what we’ve become accustomed to and accept as the status quo. It is a blueprint that brings pain, often unbearable at times; along with self-defeating patterns that over time can become difficult to recognize or acknowledge. It strips us of our internal balance and peace of mind, devastating the mind, body, and spirit. It’s the thing that goes bump in the night, that keeps us awake as we ruminate over events, words, and actions. It’s the boogey man in our bed, in the meeting, in the marriage, in the friendship, in the family. It is something ONLY YOU have the power to change, yet many times you choose to stay in its grip, almost seeking it out, even as it causes great damage to your personhood. It is a self-made, self-destructive affliction, created by your own willingness to stay locked into the lure of it, even as it works against your health and well-being. It is TOXIC relationships!

Allison Kelly Jones’ passion is people and she opens up her life to help others gain clarity and focus of the behaviors we all exhibit with openness and honesty. Delivering a dual punch to the reality of how we are both co-creators of toxic behavior as well as targets of such behavior, she provides a no nonsense approach to dealing with situations, environments and relationships that require further examination to live authentically and boldly. Asking the hard questions is the key to a more rewarding and fulfilling life and those questions need to be asked and answered if you are not being true to yourself and need to find clarity and closure in relationships. Measure Twice, Cut Once, Navigating Negativity in Toxic Relationships is a quick, powerful and easy read that helps identify toxic behaviors and how to self-correct while teaching others how you want to be treated.


Allison Jones is a Military Veteran, HR Exec, Relationship Expert, and Author. She is a southside Chicago native who joined the military after high school and traveled the country as a federal contractor and subject matter expert in human resources, business development, and federal personnel programs. She was the on-air talent for her eponymous business show on CBS AM, “The Big Talker” in Washington D.C. Allison spent a vast amount of her career mentoring and coaching many people to personal and business success and has been sought after to deliver powerful and contemporary lectures on topics that engage, empower and inspire people to live their most genuine and happy lives.

Her book, “Measure Twice, Cut Once” is a quick simple guide to nurturing friendships, romantic relationships, and work relationships, which is much needed in the context of our time.

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“In a world where technology has increased global connectivity the world is increasingly disconnected. Measure Twice, Cut Once: Navigating Negativity in Toxic Relationships helps readers understand the dynamics of the relationships closest to them at work and home and how those relationships thrive or perish based on co-behaviors. Measure Twice, Cut Once: Navigating Negativity in Toxic Relationships is a great, easy read that helps us see ourselves and see ourselves in others.”
– Rachel Morrison, Sr. Business Analyst, American Airlines

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